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Behind The Scenes – Vetting Team

For the latest in our series introducing members of the Checkatrade team, we spoke to Siobhan Clark from our Vetting Team, whose job it is to ensure all of our new members meet our exacting standards.

What is your position at Checkatrade?

I’m a Vetting Advisor for new members. Basically, I’m the person who makes sure that the people signing up to Checkatrade can prove they meet the criteria we set.

What’s a typical day like for you?

I get the application through from our Sales Team and double check everything has been entered correctly. Then I make some more thorough checks – ensuring things like public liability insurance is adequate and up to date, following up references, verifying documents such as ID and proof of trading address; and I run financial checks.

I’ll also carry out a criminal record test, as well as checks for any outstanding County Court Judgements.

Do new members need to send you anything?

Not directly to me, but they will have to send a number of documents to their Membership Consultant and then I’ll check them. One thing that some new members forget to send over is a passport photo of themselves, so I’ll always need to chase them for one. You’d be surprised at how many tradespeople take that as an excuse to send across a selfie though! I’ve seen some amazing poses over the years, but unfortunately, all I need is a bog-standard headshot!

What’s your top three tips for new members?

If you’re looking to get through the vetting process as quick as possible then follow these top tips:

1. Have your paperwork ready

As part of the vetting process, you will have a Membership Consultant appointment. During this appointment, it’s really important to remember all your relevant documents. Forgetting something can delay the process, so double check everything before you leave the house!

2. Prepare for an Established Business Check

This is where we would review any online advertising for your business, business cards, a sign written van or a customer review. We can also accept a reference from your employer if you do not have any customers who can leave you a review.

3. Make good use of the Members Area

We’ve recently updated our Members’ Area and it’s full of important information for new members. If you’re waiting for your account to be approved, then take the time to set up your profile. Once you’re approved, you’re ready to go right away!

What do you enjoy about your role?

It’s just a really great place to work with everyone working towards the same goal. Everybody who joins the team wants to help as much as they can, and they really buy into the company’s ethos.

In next month’s newsletter, we’ll pick up with our Membership Advice Team to learn more about their role.

What does Checkatrade check?

Here are the things we’ll check and what you need:

  1. Identification. Have a photo ID handy, so we can verify who you are
  2. Proof of address. We’ll need to see evidence of your trading address
  3. Qualifications. You’ll need to show us proof of any regulated accreditations
  4. Open-source check. We’ll search for any adverse media on you or your business
  5. Personal CCJ check. We’ll make sure you don’t have any personal county court judgments
  6. Business CCJ check. And we’ll make sure you don’t have any business county court judgments either
  7. Company history. We’ll want to see proof of good trading history
  8. Financial checks. We’ll carry out a bankruptcy and insolvency check
  9. Duplicate check. We’ll make sure you don’t match any previously declined, suspended or expelled trades
  10. PLI. You’ll need to show us that you have valid public liability insurance
  11. Director search. We’ll check your company for previous directorships or disqualifications
  12. Customer experience check. We check your reviews on third-party websites


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