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Cost of building a raised garden bed

Thinking of adding a veg patch to your garden? Raised beds are an easy and relatively cost-effective way to get started. They can also create the right conditions for your plants to thrive. But what is the cost of building a raised garden bed?

To help you budget for this project, we’ve put together a practical price guide including tips and tricks for the best garden beds.

What is the cost of building a raised garden bed?

Raised garden beds are versatile, easy to manage and create the perfect environment for your veg to flourish. They are also great for dividing a garden or adding a more landscaped aesthetic. Even better, they can be constructed on a budget.

Ultimately, the cost to build raised garden beds will depend on the material you choose for construction, the size of the bed and how many you want to install. A simple wooden box will be cheap to build, while a more complex project that requires garden landscaping will inevitably cost a bit more.

Wooden raised garden bed installation costs

Type of raised bedType of workAverage cost
Cedar wood raised bedLabour & materials£200-£300
Brick raised garden bedLabour & materials£300-£500
Limestone raised garden bedLabour & materials£500-£600

Wooden garden beds are the cheapest to build, the most common type of wood used being cedar. For a cost of around £150, you can install a 4 x 4ft raised wooden bed. You’ll be able to find lower prices for smaller boxes, too. However, for the time it will take you to install the build, it’s often worth hiring a professional to get your garden looking perfect.

If you’re looking to get the jump on springtime, you can call in a carpenter. Quotes will vary, but will usually charge £250 to cover the cost of building raised beds. This accounts for materials and labour costs for installation.

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Brick raised garden bed installation costs

Raised garden beds can also be constructed using brick. This material will frame your veg patch and add an element of formal design to your garden. It’s also extremely resilient and versatile as a material. Since it will require more skill to build, brick garden beds are a job best left to professionals.

As such, the cost of building a raised garden bed from brick will usually be pricier than wood, at around £300 – £500 on average. Of course, this will depend on the complexity of the project and the size of the area. Brick can be used to create a retaining wall and section off one portion of your garden for raised beds. The price for this will naturally skew higher than a simple wooden raised bed.

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cost of building raised bedsWhat kind of wood should be used for raised beds?

Cedar tends to be the most resistant to rot, but we recommend painting them every three to five years to keep them looking their best. Western red cedar is the most popular, but Vermont white cedar, yellow cedar and Juniper can also complement your garden’s aesthetic.

What do I put on the bottom of a raised garden bed?

The base layer of your flower or vegetable bed can make all the difference to the success of the project. The good news? You can use simple garden waste products like grass trimmings, dry leaves or leaf mould to fill the bottom of your bed. These will build up the soil’s organic content and give your plants the perfect foundation from which to grow.

When should you build a raised bed?

While the weather may not be the most appealing for an outdoor project, raised garden beds are a project best left to the winter months.

We recommend constructing your raised beds and sowing a cover crop in the cold months. When the sun starts to shine in the springtime, you can cut the cover crops and add them to the compost. From here, you’re ready to start planting and nurturing your plants.

Can I install a raised garden bed myself?

Installing flower beds can be a time-consuming project that requires certain skills. You will need to plan for size, shape and think ahead about the types of plants you want to grow before building it. Professionals are well-versed in this area; they can recommend materials and dimensions to turn a veg patch into a design feature where your plants can thrive. It’s worth investing the extra money for their expertise.

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