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New Door Cost Guide

Your front door provides that all-important first impression of your home to guests and passers-by. The right front door can truly make a statement and choosing the right front door can be a difficult task, as homeowners will want to make sure that they get it the right first time.

There is a wide range of options available, from colours and designs through to materials and additional accessories. If you are struggling to know what design to choose, then knowing your budget is certainly key. It can be quite easy to become swept up in all of those available options, but knowing how much money you have to play with will allow you not to get too carried away. 

Therefore, knowing the cost of a new front door is an absolutely essential factor in helping you make your decision. 

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So, what is the cost of a new front door?

Front DoorsDoor TypeGlass / No Glass
Wooden DoorBasic Spec/ Flush ply£450
Composite DoorNo Glass Basic Spec£1000
Composite DoorGlass Panel£1100 - £1300
uPVC DoorNo Glass£600 - £850
uPVC DoorGlass Panel£800 - £950
To some degree, this is a difficult question to answer. For example, a standard solid composite door with no glass, standard locks and a normal handle will cost a very different amount to a tailored door with a large patterned glass insert and all of the high-security extras.

Our door installation expert Andrew Finn of Gray’s Locksmiths Ltd highlights that you must consider that specifications of doors vary massively. You should carefully consider the quality of the door itself and more importantly what fire rating the door requires, see Fire Door Ratings. Every additional door option can add to final cost and this can be significant when you consider all the different types of lock, door furniture and finish.   However, we have put together this guide to provide you with a baseline to work from when choosing to have a new front door installed.

The materials

Front doors, or in fact any external doors, were traditionally made from timber. However, in recent years this has changed. Along came uPVC doors, a strong plastic material which comes in a wide range of styles. Even more recently has the rise of Composite doors occurred, a mixed material. The type of material you opt for can make a massive difference to the price of your door. However, there are other factors other than price which must be considered.

uPVC doors are made entirely from a plastic material and, although they are very strong, there is no denying that composite doors offer significantly more security; something which must never be compromised on. The reason for this is that composite doors are crafted from a variety of different materials, which are pressed and glued together under very extreme pressure conditions. They are chosen to counteract one another’s flaws, with a solid timber core and a combination of PVC, insulating foam and more to create what is a reliable and robust door.

The accessoriesFront door cost

What accessories come with a door, you might ask? Well, what kind of handle are you looking for – what colours and materials will that be made from? What style of letterbox do you require? Do you require any additional security bolts? Any of these decisions can alter the price that you will pay and therefore, must be considered.

The mechanisms

The locking mechanism itself may alter the price that you pay. As standard, most modern doors from reputable suppliers will come with a secure locking system that meets the latest regulations. However, additional security measures can be added, including alternative locking systems. Although these may come at an additional cost, for anybody in a high-risk area or who is merely looking to be more cautious around their home security, this could be an essential investment.

The style

The style of the door must also be taken into account, as there are a wide variety of options available. A well-designed door can seriously enhance the aesthetic appeal of your property and so ensuring that you choose the right one is essential.

A panelled door may be suitable to provide you with the most privacy, but a windowed door can allow plenty of light into a dark hallway. Choosing the right design which complements the other elements of your home is a decision which shouldn’t be taken lightly.

Thinew front door costngs to consider when installing your new front door.

When it comes to installing your new front door, there are several things which you must take into consideration.

Accurate measurements

You must ensure that you have measured up for your door accurately, to ensure that the door fits well within the desired location and is not too small so that it leaves a draught. Make sure to double, if not triple, check all of your measurements before having the door made.

Work in pairs

You shouldn’t attempt to hang your front door alone. They are heavy and must be hung accurately, to avoid anything going on wonky. Utilise the use of another set of hands and work together to get the job done.

Find a professional door fitter near you

A little unsure? Hire a professional.

To make sure that the job is done right the first time, we would recommend hiring a professional to fit your door for you. They will have not only the right tools for the job but also the experience to make sure that the final finish is spot on. They’ll ensure that any seals meet, that hinges are put on accurately and that everything meets all of the necessary requirements.

By hiring a professional through Checkatrade, you can guarantee that you will find a tradesperson who is qualified and reliable, adhering to the Checkatrade standards. Make things simple and find a local tradesperson near you today.


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