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Smart locks cost guide

If you’re looking for a way to keep your home safe using the latest technology, a smart lock system could be the answer. Smart lock installation will transform your home security by swapping traditional keys for keyless entry. In this smart locks cost guide, we’ll look at the average cost of keyless entry systems for your home.

All smart lock prices featured in this article are meant to serve as a guide. For accurate keyless entry installation costs, we recommend speaking to your local lock specialists for their professional advice and a breakdown of specific prices.

ItemLower rangeHigher rangeAverage cost
Smart door lock installed (Yale)£110£294£202
Smart basic door keypad lock (no labour)£63
Smart Keypad (Nest X Yale lock with Nest Connect)£185
Smart RFID door lock£89£100£94.50
Smart Bluetooth door lock£98£155£126.50
Smart WIFI door lock£185
Smart Biometric door lock£159£259£209
Smart Z Wave door lock£210£249£229.50

What is a smart lock system?

A smart lock system is a security setup that involves using electromechanical locks to control entry to your home. Most smart locks will connect to your home’s WiFi to operate and are usually operated using a touchscreen with pin code entry, a mobile app, or an electronic key fob.

As well as being easier and more sophisticated to control than key locks, smart locks can also monitor activity and send you notifications when locks in your home are activated.

How much does it cost to install a smart lock?

The average cost to install a smart lock is around £202. The price you pay for your smart lock installation will depend on a number of factors, including the sophistication of the lock itself, the number of locks, and the complexity of the physical installation. If your old locks need removing there may be additional work required including the services of a carpenter.

Although it’s run on technology, you will still need to have a smart lock installed. And to ensure the security of your home isn’t compromised, we would always recommend hiring a professional smart lock specialist to carry out the work.

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What are the main types of smart locks?

There are a variety of different smart keyless entry systems available, the main ones include:

  • Keypad
  • Wifi
  • RFID
  • Bluetooth
  • Biometric
  • Z-Wave

Keypad cost

Smart lock with phone

Commonly, there are two types of keypad smart locks – a touchscreen or a mechanical keypad. A touchscreen smart lock allows you to enter your code on a screen, often using the lock manufacturer’s smartphone app. You can purchase a reputable unit for around £185, plus the additional installation cost. The best touchscreen smart locks are fingerprint-resistant to keep criminals from guessing your code using a keypad with worn numbers that could be your code. Some touchscreen keypads also include biometric fingerprint entry to open your door using your finger.

The mechanical smart lock keypads use a button-press system to enter your code to lock and unlock your door. This type of system may have vulnerabilities as numbers can easily become worn over time – a tell-tale sign to potential intruders. That said, most mechanical keypad locks tend to include a traditional keyhole to unlock and lock your door (though that potentially contradicts the idea of installing a new smart lock system). A quality mechanical lock unit can be purchased for about £63, plus the cost of installation.

There are also affordable units that just have a keypad and no wifi capabilities. With that type of lock system, you simply enter a code to gain access with no smart connection.

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RFID lock system price

The RFID lock system, also known as an IC card lock system, operates using electromagnetic waves to transmit signals between the lock and an assigned ID card. These systems work in a similar way to ID cards used in offices to gain access or to make contactless payments. Some RFID locks are contactless, though others require physical contact between the ID card and the lock’s pad.

It’s a great option for convenient home security, whether you use a card with a microchip or a key fob style access card. Prices for an RFID lock start at around £89, plus the cost of installation on top.

Wifi door lock

With the ability to connect to your wifi, these door locks enable you to remotely change access codes or check if someone has entered your home. This type of lock is also compatible with your existing smart home system, such as Google Home, Amazon Alexa or Apple’s Siri. The typical cost of a wifi smart lock with no need for an additional hub or adapter starts at about £185 per lock, excluding labour costs.

Bluetooth door lock

With many of the same features as wifi smart locks, Bluetooth door locks enable you to set codes and unlock doors remotely, as well as set auto locks and unlocks. These units cost around £98 for a basic unit, not including installation fees.

Biometric door lock price

Using a touchscreen, these smart locks recognise your fingerprint to gain access. There are usually backup methods to operate the lock for when a registered fingerprint isn’t available, such as a keypad, RFID or smartphone access. The cost of these units is around £159 for lock only, with any installation costs being additional.

Z-Wave door lock

Z-Wave technology allows for an ultimate smart home setup, including smart locks. It uses radiofrequency to integrate with your main control system. The unit itself is affordable and programmable via your smartphone. To take advantage of the more advanced features, such as automatic door locking and enhanced security, a hub and Alexa device are often needed. The average cost for a unit with Z-wave capability is in the region of £210.

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Checklist for your smart lock installation

Smart locks offer a convenient and powerful way to manage your home security, but you still need to be vigilant to ensure you keep your home safe and sound. Here are a few tips for life with a smart lock system:

  • Make sure your door closes properly. That might sound obvious but lots of doors (especially old doors) have problems with misalignment so you need to get any alignment issues fixed before installing a smart lock.
  • Ensure you have space for the lock. Smart locks tend to have large thumbturn plates that are bigger than many traditional locks, so make sure a smart lock will fit where it’s going to be needed.
  • Use the same brand of lock throughout your home. Different manufacturers use different style pins in their locks, which means you’d need a separate key card or entry mechanism for each – save yourself the hassle and use one brand for all your home’s locks.
  • Combine your new system with your existing deadbolt. If you have a traditional deadbolt, no need to throw it away. Buy a smart lock conversion kit and turn your deadbolt into a smart lock.

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FAQs for smart lock installation

Do smart locks need power?

Yes. It’s potentially one of the downsides to a keyless entry system – once installed it will need power to work. Some smart locks will have a traditional key option as a backup, but for the smart lock itself, you’ll need to make sure it’s powered up. Many smart locks use AA or AAA batteries, or rechargeable battery packs.

Do locksmiths install smart locks?

It is possible to install a smart lock yourself, but we would always recommend using a professional locksmith to carry out the work. Checkatrade locksmiths are experienced and well-trained to help you with your smart lock installation – they’ll know exactly how to install them with minimal fuss.

How much does it cost to get locks changed?

You can find out more about the cost of changing your locks in our guide to locksmith prices.

Do smart locks need WiFi?

That depends on the exact model of smart lock that you choose. By definition, smart locks will need to be connected to some kind of network at the time of installation. That could be WiFi, Bluetooth or Z-Wave. For the smart lock to work it will need to have constant communication with your phone and/or the rest of your smart home system.

Can smart locks be hacked?

As with any digital technology system, there is a possibility of it being hacked. That said, smart locks are generally considered a very secure and convenient option for home security. To add an additional layer of security, you could consider installing a camera system to your locks, such as Ring, so you can see whoever is using the doors to your home.

For more information about Ring installation prices, check out our doorbell installation cost guide.

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