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Landlord garden responsibilities explained

Our top tips to avoid unnecessary disputes over garden maintenance in a rental property.

Understanding landlord garden responsibilities, and outlining this with tenants from the offset, will help to avoid any unnecessary disputes further down the line.

For this reason, the expectations for landlord garden maintenance are usually set out in the tenancy agreement.

What are a landlord’s garden responsibilities?

In general, a landlord is responsible for making necessary repairs to the rental property, and a tenant is responsible for maintaining it. The garden is no different.

Landlord garden responsibilities will normally require the landlord to maintain the areas of the garden that would be unreasonable for the tenant to do themselves. For example, performing tasks that require specialist skills, such as tree trimming.

Gardening jobs typically classed as the landlord’s responsibility include: Man pruning a hedge with secateurs

  • Hedge trimming
  • Tree maintenance
  • Pruning shrubs

Tenants are often expected to maintain the appearance of the property’s garden. Consider garden maintenance as those jobs that need to be done regularly. A tenant’s garden responsibilities therefore often include:

The landlord should outline to the tenant how they’re expected to maintain the garden or outdoor space. This will be part of the condition of the tenancy.

What is covered by landlord garden maintenance? Man mowing the lawn

As with the property itself, the garden should be maintained so it’s in the same condition at the end of the rental period as it was at the start.

It’s unreasonable for a landlord to expect a tenant to carry out improvements to a garden if it was in a mess from the start.

Some garden responsibilities will fall to the landlord, as outlined above (trees, hedges, shrubs, etc.), but general upkeep (sweeping, cleaning, and lawn mowing) will be down to the tenant.

If a tree has fallen in the rental property garden, it’s the landlord’s responsibility to have it removed, as long as the damage was not caused by the tenant.

Where a landlord has included specific garden maintenance jobs for the tenant in the tenancy agreement, they should provide the necessary tools or equipment for this. The landlord should also make sure an RCD-protected electrical supply (an electrical supply with a circuit breaker to prevent electrocution) is in place, and provide safety gloves.

In some cases, a landlord will employ a gardener to maintain the garden on a regular basis. Again, dependent on the terms of the tenancy agreement, a landlord may pay the lion’s share of this cost, or they may include this cost in the monthly rent (if previously agreed).

Disputing landlord or tenant garden maintenance

These are our top tips to help avoid disputes over landlord or tenant garden maintenance:

  • Clearly outline the expectations for garden maintenance in the tenancy agreement.
  • Take photos of the garden during the property inventory check at the start of the rental. Date these photos for future comparison.
  • Take a sensible deposit from the tenant at the start of the tenancy to cover any costs that might occur due to damage or neglect by the tenant.
  • Ensure regular landlord checks to make sure the garden is being maintained as per the tenancy agreement.
  • As a landlord, make sure adequate buildings insurance is in place to cover any accidental and malicious damage by tenants and their guests.

A longer-term rental often works out better if the property has a garden, as the tenant is more likely to have a vested interest in maintaining the outdoor space for their own enjoyment.

For peace of mind that the garden in your rental property is being well-maintained, search for a local gardener who can take on this responsibility for you.

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Does a landlord have to provide gardening tools?

If the tenancy agreement outlines certain gardening responsibilities for the tenant, the landlord should provide the gardening tools or equipment in order for the tenant to complete these jobs. For example, if it’s the tenant’s responsibility to mow the lawn, the landlord should provide mowing equipment.

Do tenants have to pay for garden maintenance?

If a gardener is employed by the landlord to maintain their rental property, the cost can be applied to a tenant’s rent if they’ve previously agreed to this.

Can a landlord claim for gardening?

Around 16% of Tenancy Deposit Scheme Insured disputes are centred around gardens and their maintenance. If the responsibilities for garden maintenance, as set out in the tenancy agreement, aren’t met, it’s possible for the landlord to impose fines. Without a tenancy agreement garden maintenance clause written, a landlord is unable to make a claim for garden maintenance should an issue arise.

Can you garden in a rental?

A tenant is not allowed to alter or change the landscaping of a rental property without the landlord’s permission. It’s a legal requirement for the tenant to gain the landlord’s approval before changing the garden in any way, even to make improvements. Failure to do so could allow the landlord to charge the tenant the cost of returning the garden to its original state.

Can my landlord tell me to cut the grass?

If the tenant has signed a tenancy agreement that stipulates the tenant is responsible for garden maintenance, a landlord can tell a tenant to cut the grass. A landlord should provide the mowing equipment in order to do this, but mowing the lawn is considered a garden maintenance job, the responsibility for which sits with the tenant.

What does garden maintenance include?

Garden maintenance generally refers to the appearance of the garden and refers to tasks that should be done regularly. Typically, this includes cleaning, lawn mowing, weeding, and sweeping surfaces.

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