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Fixing a leaking gutter joint

Learn why it’s important not to ignore a leaking gutter joint and how to fix it.

A leaking gutter joint is not to be ignored. It’s one of those jobs where the quicker you take action, the better.

Why? Because the main role of guttering is to collect rainwater that runs off the roof, direct it to the downpipe, and away into a drainage system.

Without effective guttering, the rainwater will run down the side of your property, pooling at the base. This can cause soil erosion and flooding of basements and other areas of your home. Worse case, it could even threaten the structural foundations.

Guttering installed in the last 10 years should have a lifespan of up to 30 years. If it breaks and is fixable, then it’ll be more economical and environmentally friendly to get it repaired rather than having to replace a leaking gutter joint.
water damage on brickwork caused by a leaking gutter joint

What causes a leaking gutter joint?

Common reasons for a leaking gutter joint include:

  • Natural wear and tear. Over time, your gutter joints will deteriorate, meaning that the seal between the two sections of guttering (the gutter union) is less effective, causing a leak.
  • Blockages. As well as rainwater, your gutters will collect leaves and debris. If your gutters aren’t cleared out regularly, the debris will create a blockage, causing rainwater to overflow. This can also damage the gutter due to the excess weight upon it.
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How to fix a leaking gutter joint

You will need:

  • An extension ladder
  • A bucket, sponge, and warm soapy water
  • A dry cloth
  • Heavy-duty gloves

You may also need a replacement gutter union. A gutter union is used to join two sections of guttering together. It has a clip and rubber gaskets (seals) that create a watertight join.

Remember, working at height can be extremely dangerous. Please make sure you take all necessary safety precautions.

If in any doubt, please contact a specialist who’s experienced in how to repair gutters safely and professionally.

Step 1

black gutter joint

Carefully position your ladder at a safe angle for accessing the section of guttering you’ll be working with. Modern ladders will often have a safety mark on the side to demonstrate this.

  • Never overstretch to reach the guttering.
  • Never stand on the top two steps of the ladder.
  • Make sure you always have three points of contact with the ladder at all times.

Step 2

Carefully scrape out and remove any dirt and debris from the gutter.

Step 3

Gently unclip the gutter union and clean it with warm soapy water and a sponge at ground level.

Make sure the gaskets (seals) are completely free of dirt or debris.

Dry the union and set aside.

Step 4

Take a clean cloth and remove any silicone from the ends of the two sections of exposed guttering.

Step 5

Replace the gutter union by clipping it back in place, fitting it back up to the expansion line.

Step 6

You can test whether this has fixed the leak by running some water down into the guttering with a hose.

If the gutter joint is still leaking, you will need to buy and install a replacement gutter union.

Top tip: If you’re at all unsure, then we highly recommend hiring a professional to come and do the repairs.

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How to fix guttering that’s come loose

If your guttering becomes loose from the fascia, it will sag, causing water to pool and then overflow. The weight of the pooling water can also cause the gutter to crack.

To fix this, simply check the gutter support brackets are firmly screwed into the fascia. Make sure your guttering is angled to fall away towards the downpipe so that rainwater can travel along the gutter efficiently.

How to fix gutters that leak at the end

If you notice water leaking from the end of the guttering, the stop end (the piece at the end of the guttering) is likely to be either damaged or missing.

To fix this, inspect the stop end as per the instructions for gutter joint repair (above). If the stop end is damaged or missing, you can install a new stop end so the water is diverted to the downpipe. Make sure the level of the gutter falls away from the stop end, i.e. towards the downpipe.

How to fix gutters that overflow

If your gutters overflow, it’s likely due to a blockage preventing the rainwater from draining away as it should.

To fix this, follow our advice above to position your ladder safely, and remove the dirt and debris from the guttering. To help reduce future blockages, install a leaf guard or a leaf brush.

How much does sealing gutter joints cost?

The best way to repair a leaking gutter joint is to call in a professional, who has the necessary equipment and training to work safely at height, and seal the gutter joints to a high standard.

Leaking gutter joint repair costs are normally in the region of £60 – £90.

You can fill in our request a quote form to get quotes from experts in your area.

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