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How much value does a downstairs toilet add?

Are you wondering how much value a downstairs toilet add to your property? If you’re considering adding one in, here’s what you need to know.

If you’re considering installing a toilet downstairs, you might be wondering how much value a downstairs toilet can add to your property. More importantly, does it even add value? The good news is, an extra toilet downstairs not only makes your property that much more desirable but also makes your life easier!

Find out more about how much value a downstairs toilet adds to your property and the things you need to keep in mind for it.

How much does a downstairs toilet add to the value of your property?

A downstairs toilet can add up to 5% to the value of your property. Properties however with only a downstairs bathroom actually go down in value.

On the other hand, if you already have a bathroom on the first floor and are planning to add a toilet downstairs, it’s a great way to boost the value of your property.

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How important is a downstairs toilet?

A small toilet with white fittings - does a downstairs toilet add value

The importance of having a downstairs toilet is completely up to you and your family. Having one does make your life easier, in the sense you don’t need to run upstairs everytime you need the loo.

These are the main benefits of fitting a cloakroom.

More toilet options

If you have multiple people living in a household, there may be times when a single loo just isn’t enough. At such times, you might find it handy to have another toilet option.


How many times have you had guests over and they’ve had to go upstairs to use the loo? It’s not only inconvenient for them but also for you. A downstairs toilet can help fix that situation.


Most people spend the day downstairs in the living room. If you’re one of them, you’d have to go upstairs every time you need to use the loo. With a downstairs toilet, you won’t have to go up at all!


A downstairs toilet is a great option for you if you or anyone in your family has difficulty moving around. This could be anyone elderly or disabled. A toilet downstairs means they can go to the toilet without a long and potentially painful trip to the upstairs loo.

How much would a downstairs toilet cost?

The average cost to fit a cloakroom is £650 for materials and £600 for labour. Please note, groundworks may add a cost of around £300 and you should allow £100 for soil removal also.Does a downstairs toilet add value

Other factors that will influence the cost of your downstairs loo include:

  • Size of the bathroom
  • Quality of fixtures
  • Flooring
  • Tiles & paint
  • Ventilation
  • Ease of access

For more on the cost to install a downstairs toilet, read our cost guide.

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What are the things to consider when installing a downstairs toilet?

While it’s exciting to take on a renovation, it’s important not to rush ahead without considering the following:

  • Building regulations: You must always comply with building regulations. In particular, by adding ventilation, the safe installation of lighting and obtaining an electrical safety certificate for any electrics.
  • Additional costs: Don’t forget there are always extra costs when embarking on a home project such as the cost of flooring, storage and mirrors.
  • Wheelchair accessibility: If a disabled person will be using your new bathroom, it is crucial the space is accessible. Doors must be wide enough to accommodate wheelchairs and there must be space to manoeuvre. In some areas of the country, it is compulsory that bathrooms are made to be accessible.
  • Space: You may think you do not have space for a downstairs bathroom but even the smallest areas such as utility closets or an under stairs space can be converted into basic bathrooms.
  • Drainage: Always ensure your builder or architect knows drainage levels and can get adequate flow from the new location to existing drains.
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Do you need planning permission to install a downstairs toilet?

Unless you live in a conservation area or in a listed building, you probably don’t need planning permission for an indoor toilet installation. However, if you are planning an outside extension for the loo, you might need one.

Where to put a downstairs toilet?

Some of the best places to add a downstairs toilet are the storage space under your stairs, a section of a corridor, or the corner of a large living room. You can also create an extension outside but you might need planning permission for it.

Is a downstairs toilet classed as a bathroom for insurance?

Yes, your downstairs toilet will be classed as a bathroom for insurance. Insurance quotes consider all en-suites, toilets, and wet rooms in your property as bathrooms.

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