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Most popular driveway gate ideas of 2024

Whether your home needs extra privacy or security, adding driveway gates can increase your home’s curb appeal. But which of the most popular driveway gates is right for you? We’ve compiled a list of people's favourite driveway gate ideas to inspire you in choosing your driveway gate!

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Adding a driveway gate is often high on a homeowner’s renovation list. But, there is so much availability online in style, functionality, and finish. It can be hard to find the most suitable driveway gate idea for you.

For example, would you prefer an elaborate, ornamental iron gate? Or is a fuss-free, industrial-looking slatted metal gate more your thing?

Or would your country farm driveway suit a timber gate? Would a remote-controlled gate be more convenient?

Before beginning any renovation work, be sure to have your end goal in mind. It’s also a good idea to obtain the professional advice of a local builder.

We’ve compiled a list of the UK’s favourite driveway gate ideas to get you started.

Small driveway gate ideas

Choosing from a list of small driveway gate ideas is an easy way to boost the curb appeal of any home, no matter the size.

To maximise every square inch of space, we recommend;

  • Contacting reputable tradespeople who can advise on planning, design, materials and cost
  • Choosing from many popular sliding driveway gate ideas or folding driveway gate ideas that are perfect for short drives
  • Opting for sliding driveway gates as they don’t swing inwards or outwards, allowing you to drive straight up to them
  • Considering sliding gates that glide around corners on curved tracks
  • Bi-fold swing gates are also a great choice

driveway gate ideas

Modern driveway gate ideas

Homeowners often prefer to choose from a host of modern driveway gate ideas when their home is a new-build or newly renovated. The addition of matching modern driveway gates can potentially add value to contemporary homes.

Some of our top hacks for creating a matching modern aesthetic include:

  • Create a striking look by combining steel details with tall timber gates
  • Clean-looking railing panels or metal frame gates are popular modern driveway gate choices
  • Combining high brick walls with solid timber gates provides additional privacy without being imposing
  • If you’re unsure which driveway gate would match your modern aesthetic, knowledgeable tradespeople can aid in the design process

Modern driveway gate ideas

Automatic driveway gate ideas

With the development of technology comes the awesome development of automatic driveway gates. Remote-controlled or intercom access can be especially beneficial if you have a long driveway.

Some of the reasons that electric driveway gate ideas are so popular are:

  • Electric gates are not only more convenient, but they are also more like to keep intruders out and pets and children in
  • They usually come in both swing or slide gates
  • You can automate the side pedestrian gate for more convenient access; which is perfect when you have arms full of shopping

Of course, installing an automatic driveway gate can come with additional costs, but it also provides extra security, convenience, and curb appeal.

Automatic driveway gate

Simple driveway gate ideas

Sometimes, less is more. Simple driveway gates still provide extra security and style, no matter how basic.

If the exterior of your home is sleek and simple in design, you might want to choose a matching aesthetic from our simple driveway gates ideas below:

  • Match your driveway gates with your surrounding fence to create a seamless flow and attract potential buyers
  • A matching gate and fence will also weed out any possible weak points which intruders can utilise
  • Try vertical tongue and groove panels for a matching garden fence and driveway gate
  • Ditch the ornate, wrought iron gates and opt for a stainless-steel frame with a basic sliding wooden gate
  • Add a flare of colour like these simple but impressive blue gates, where the colour matches the style of the house perfectly

simple driveway gate ideas

Farm driveway gate ideas

When completing renovations, you won’t want to stand out for the wrong reasons. Instead, choosing driveway gates that match your local aesthetic is one of the easiest ways to fit in.

Like the countryside, those living in rural locations often choose from a host of traditional farm driveway gate ideas. For example, raised helve entrance gates are famous for farm driveway gates.

Because privacy is usually not an issue in the countryside, farm gates are most often made up of chunky timber bars with the sole purpose of separating boundaries. Privacy is not usually the top concern.

Rustic timber gates, like those below, are perfect for farm driveways.

farm driveway gate ideas

Country driveway gate ideas

If you live in the countryside but aren’t feeling the farm driveway ideas mentioned above, why not try out some of our favourite country driveway gate ideas instead?

  • Go for a picturesque vibe like the photo below
  • A white picket fence with intricate black detailing is a top choice
  • Adding a lantern to either side is another standout choice for that classic country vibe
  • Create a timeless driveway which never goes out of style with a traditional, arch-top wooden gate design

Country driveway gate ideas

Iron driveway gate ideas

In contrast, those wanting a grander, more ornate style of driveway gate may opt for wrought iron gates, which are far more elaborate than other metal gates.

Some things to consider when deciding between the many iron driveway gate ideas include the following:

  • Be careful of wrought iron imitations
  • Choose tall, ornate iron gates (sometimes called ‘estate gates’) to create a sense of style and grandeur
  • Combining iron gates with decorative finials on your gate posts for a greater feeling of extravagance

Iron driveway gate ideas

DIY driveway gate ideas

Although it’s a task not to be taken lightly, some people prefer adding value and security to their homes by installing their own driveway gates.

Installing an electric gate is not a DIY job

You will not be able to install your own electric gate. It’s important that you always work with professionals who hold the legal standards of electric gate installation.

If an electric gate is not installed correctly or to the legal standards, it can lead to the death of people using it. This is why all contractors must adhere to the standards. Failure to do so could result in the charge of Corporate Manslaughter for both the contractor and the end-user in the event of a death.

So, should you wish to move forward with installing an electric gate, any contractor you approach should be able to show their compliance with current standards listed on the HSE website.

If you’re considering going down the DIY route with a gate that isn’t electric, here are a few points to remember.

  • Make sure you choose a suitable material for your project, considering the pros and cons of each
  • For example, aluminium is anti-rust, corrosion-free, waterproof, durable, and lightweight
  • Timber is a more common choice as it provides a softer look, is easily painted and offers more privacy and security in solid designs. But, timber driveway gates require more maintenance due to weather damage
  • Iron driveway gates look stylish but provide little privacy

If planning, choosing and installing your driveway gates feels a little daunting, we can help you find a tradespeople to install the right one. Our gate installers are only a few clicks/taps away.

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When planning your driveway gate renovation, consider some essential factors. Contacting a builder or fencing/gate specialist for the whole process is helpful.

Before you have that initial conversation, it’s always helpful to consider the following:

  • What are essential needs; is privacy or intruder prevention your main goal?
  • How much budget and available space do you have?
  • How durable do you need the material to be?
  • Would the cost of an electric gate be worth the convenience and extra security it provides?

We hope this article has helped you choose from the vast array of driveway gates ideas in the UK for 2023.  If you want to know what it might cost you, check out our article on driveway gate costs.

If you’re ready to dive in, a professional can help get you the finish you want. A trusted, local builder is only a few clicks away.

Search your postcode to find your local trade

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