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Popular house rendering ideas for 2024

Weatherproofing, restoration or a facelift; whatever the reason you’re looking for house rendering ideas, there’s an adaptable external finish to suit every home and budget. We’ve compiled the top choices of render chosen by homeowners to help get you inspired.

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House rendering ideas have come a long way; various exterior cladding materials, finishes, styles and colours are available in 2024.

So, it’s essential to think over what house rendering ideas are best for your style and needs before proceeding with any work. This article will cover some helpful tips for house rendering and show you people’s favourite render ideas for houses.

What is house rendering?

House rendering is a form of exterior cladding. Usually, layers of rendering material are applied to external walls to make them smooth or textured.

House rendering is a coating that goes on top of your home’s outer walls. This external rendering can come in many styles and materials, from traditional pebbledash and cement options to contemporary acrylic house rendering.

Some of the best house rendering ideas combine materials to achieve stunning and contemporary designs, reduce condensation and weather wear, and increase insulation. Rendering your home’s exterior walls can even add value to your property.

Traditional house rendering ideas in the UK

There is a house rendering option for any house of any age or style. But some of the oldest house rendering ideas are still some of the most popular.

Pebble dash house ideas are popular because they are sturdy and straightforward rendering options. This house render is achieved by;

  • Applying a traditional mixture of sand and cement, which is then applied to the exterior wall and trowelled smooth
  • Before the pebbledash dries, small wet pebbles are thrown at the wet render to create a decorative effect
  • The pebble-dashed wall can be left natural or painted over

Lime render is another traditional form of exterior cladding. But, this option is better suited to older properties that need airflow to combat dampness. Lime house render also has a charming, authentic period look, so it’s an excellent choice for restoration projects or period homes.

The lime render also gets bonus points because it is less prone to cracking than hard finishes like cement.

Pebble dash house ideas

Best render ideas for houses

If the traditional render ideas for houses aren’t quite for you, many more modern house rendering options are available today. When you hire experienced tradespeople to aid in such an extensive renovation project, they can help you decide what’s right for you.

Until then, our best render for houses include;

Cement render (scratch coat render)

  • Cement render is a straightforward house render that uses easy-to-access materials (sand and cement)
  • The base layers are scratched in preparation for the final coat, which is applied smoothly and ready for painting
  • However, cement-rendered houses will need some repair or maintenance down the line, mainly because this render tends to crack

Silicone house renders

  • Silicone render contains silicone, which is a rubbery polymer that boasts more excellent resistance to high temperatures
  • Silicone can be one of the best renfer for houses because it is hydrophobic – it’s essentially waterproof, but with a render system that allows for better breathability within the surface
  • Silicone house renders are easily applied and provide a flexible finish that is less prone to cracking, is self-cleaning and requires less maintenance

Stone cladding renders

  • Stone render is one of the most visually impressive house rendering ideas that creates a striking balance between  modern and traditional
  • Dry stack sandstone cladding is a popular option – this house render is applied with strips of sandstone that have been cut to the same height but a random length
  • Natural stone comes in many forms that look stunning on a modern home; these include – granite, limestone, marble, slate and granite

Combining timber and stone cladding is one of the best house rendering ideas for rural houses needing a modern facelift. This cladding effect is becoming more popular as a house rendering ideas in the UK.

Combining render with the timber finish as a supporting factor can balance the overall style of the house and can calm down a busy look.

Timber house rendering ideas

House render colour ideas

Adding a splash of colour can transform boring cladding into a striking home that makes passersby stop and stare.

House render colours usually have the colour mixed in, or they are a through colour, meaning they won’t need to be painted and repainted in years to come. Check out some of the most popular houses render colour ideas;

  • Silicone, acrylic or one-coat monocoque are popular because of their anti-crack formulation, easy application and UV-resistant pigment
  • Acrylic resin is more flexible, water-resistant during mixing and available in various colours that leaves any home with a classic, simple texture
  • Although acrylic house render is one of the less breathable house cladding options, it can ward off damp weather from seeping into the wall and provide greater energy efficiency
  • Silicone house rendering can be applied with exterior insulation in various colours
  • Monocouche rendering comes in a convenient colour and only needs one application, but that does make it more costly

Colour house rendering ideas

House rendering FAQs

How much does it cost to render a house UK?

You should allow £30 - £80/m2 (of facing wall) for a rendered wall (which includes painting). So a typical three-bedroom semi-detached home with around 90m2 of walling might cost in the region of £2,700 - £7,200.

The job might typically take up to two weeks, and you should allow £1,000 for scaffolding costs.

Make sure you read this handy cost guide to learn more about the costs and what to budget for your house render.

Can I render my house myself?

DIY house renders are not a recommendation that many people will make. When you render a wall, you should leave the heavy lifting to the professionals unless you are a professional yourself.

Like plasterers, learning to render a home takes time, patience, and skill. It is a physically intensive and potentially dangerous job.

By employing a trusted tradesperson, you are more likely to get the finish, style and type of render you need for your property. They will likely render your house quicker and safer than a non-qualified builder.

The good news is that we can help you find a trusted builder to give you peace of mind.

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