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App for keeping track of worker’s hours

Keeping track of your worker’s hours can be tricky. Clocking in is dated, and Excel spreadsheets aren't for everyone. GPS systems can be prone to problems, while some online time trackers also regularly experience connectivity issues. Perhaps the best solution today is a purpose-designed app. Here are some of the best apps you can use.

How do time tracking apps work?

Time tracking apps allow users to record the specific amount of time spent doing a particular task. A user will start a stop clock before they begin working on a specific task and the app will record the time spent down to the second.

Time tracking apps are becoming increasingly common in the digital age. They are used by many companies to improve worker productivity by enabling staff to manage their time better. They can also help teams to work together more efficiently.

Time tracker apps – features and benefits

Time tracking apps come with a wide variety of features and benefits.

Some of the most useful and popular include:

  • Workload awareness
  • Priority projects
  • Improved quotation accuracy
  • Accurate invoicing and payroll
  • Uniform platform for staff and contractors
  • Immediately available information
  • Enhanced scheduling capacity
  • Remote usage
  • Data comparison and report writing
  • Performance review

These are just some standard features and benefits provided by most time tracking apps. To get a better idea of which time tracker app is best for you, it’s a good idea to compare what’s available on the market.

Time tracker apps comparison

My Hours

My Hours is designed to maximise a project’s profitability. It features detailed reporting, custom hourly rates and billable settings, and market price comparison. It can be used as a simple real-time time tracker or to create time sheets.

My Hours is popular for writing detailed reports. It features a central hub where users can organise projects, track time, create reports, draw up invoices, and analyse data. It is available on Web, iOS, and Android.


Harvest is often compared to simple accounting software. It has some excellent billing and accounting features with reminders to submit timesheets and pay invoices. It is often used to integrate teams with staff and freelancers thanks to its simple approach to tracking time.

Harvest does lack the detailed reporting features of other time tracking software. It is, however, an excellent app for creating time and materials invoices. It is available on Web, Mobile (iOS, Android), and Desktop (Mac, Windows).


Clockify features a comprehensive time tracking capacity with integrated customisable reporting and an informative dashboard feature. Time can be tracked both manually and through an automatic stop clock and tasks can be marked as billable or non-billable to assist with invoicing and payroll.

Clockify is sometimes viewed in a negative light as it can monitor employee activity by taking random screenshots. It is available on Web, Mobile (iOS, Android), and Desktop (Mac, Windows).


Timely is a very visual time tracking app. It is an excellent choice for project planning and features a calendar style display that is colour coded for ease of use.

Timely is an AI-powered app. It uses machine learning to understand worker activity and will fill in missing data on timesheets by using previously recorded information. It is available on Web, Mobile (iOS, Android), and Desktop (Mac OS, Windows).

Powered Now

Powered Now is a comprehensive and professional time tracking tool. It supports an all-in-one workflow allowing users to access a wide range of services from one centralised platform.

With Powered Now, users can create forms and certificates, record supplier information, send quotes and invoices, and track worker’s hours. It is available on Web, Mobile (iOS, Android), and Desktop (Mac, Windows) and can also be used offline.

Use the latest tech to help you work smarter

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Why choose Powered Now?

Powered Now is a user friendly and powerful project management tool. For businesses who want to do more than just track workers hours, Powered Now is an excellent choice. It offers users a wide range of features and benefits including:

  • Accounting integration
  • Customisable job sheets, quotes, and invoices
  • Time tracking and staff reporting
  • Fully functioning offline enabled mobile app
  • Construction Industry Scheme (CIS) support
  • Electronic payment compatible
  • Centralised hub for project data
  • Team chat feature
  • Scheduling functionality
  • Customer notification
  • Map integration

Have a browse of the Powered Now website for more detailed information of the features available.

Powered Now for busy tradespeople

Powered Now provides the ability for individuals to log into and out of appointments with time logs being automatically created in the background.

This means that time logging is naturally incorporated into the standard workflow of employees. In addition, individuals can create stand-alone logs of time in case they have forgotten to log in and out of appointments or for any other reason.

A powerful Time Log report is available to make all of this useful. The report is available by user, by project or by customer. Any time period can be reported on, or a variety of time periods like Last Week, Last Month or Last Quarter selected.

The results can be displayed on screen or downloaded in spreadsheet format.

Watch this informational video for a full product demo:

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Powered Now is a popular choice with construction industry professionals because of its wide range of features and compatibility with the CIS and direct connection with HMRC for submitting tax returns.

When you want to attract new customers and get access to a reduced rates on a wide range of trade focussed benefits, join Checkatrade today!

Use the latest tech to help you work smarter

Checkatrade members get 50% off our partner's very useful app, Powered Now

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How can a small business track employee hours?

Time tracking aps are the most popular and accurate way of tracking employee hours. For small businesses you may want to choose a simple app that records hours and helps create reports or you may prefer a more comprehensive accounting tool with a variety of project management features.

How can I track remote workers hours?

Most time tracking apps can track worker hours regardless of location. Some time trackers, such as Powered Now, can even be used offline.

Can time tracking apps help with report writing?

Yes. Many time tracking apps incorporate data capture software to compile information to assist with report writing.

Does time tracking require an element of trust?

Time tracking apps are generally designed to understand and assess how long elements of a project take to complete and to assist with invoicing and pricing. Time tracking apps are activated by the user, so it is important for all workers to understand why time is being tracked. To maximise both employee and company performance there should always be a good level of mutual trust between staff and employers.

Is time tracking good for measuring productivity?

Yes. Time tracking apps can record accurate information about how long specific task take to complete.

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