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How to build trust with customers

Trust forms the foundation of the relationship between your business and your customers. It equals credibility, more work, and more recommendations. So how do you build trust with your customers?

How do you become a trusted tradesperson? You might say by doing a great job, and you’re not wrong.

But there are quicker ways to help homeowners trust you straight away. Read on to see how to build trust with customers and get where you want to be. Some simple changes could save your business years of work and money.

Why is it important to build trust with customers?

Adobe’s Future of Marketing research, conducted in August 2021, reinforces the importance of knowing how to build trust with clients. Instilling trust should be a cornerstone of all your business activity.

A large proportion of those surveyed (70%) said they’d stop using a company altogether if their trust was broken. However, the data also showed the rewards a company can reap if they get it right.

The research showed that when a customer trusts a brand they:

  • Make more purchases (67%)
  • Recommend to friends (63%)
  • Join a loyalty programme (42%)
  • Post positive reviews or comments on social media (34%).

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Where might you need to build trust with clients?

Rogue trades affect everyone. They damage trust by carrying out sub-par work. Research carried out by Checkatrade in 2023 shows where in the UK people are more likely to be affected.

For example, in Newcastle, over 30% of people in the study claimed they had fallen foul of a rogue trade. The list of hotspots shows that in some places, you may need to work even harder to instil trust.

Building or rebuilding trust in these areas will be more of a challenge. You will need to show through your customer service, marketing or Checkatrade approval that your business can be trusted.

Places where customers have been more affected:

  1. Newcastle – 31%
  2. Belfast – 23%
  3. London – 23%
  4. Coventry – 19%
  5. Portsmouth 18%
  6. Chelmsford – 17%
  7. Liverpool – 17%
  8. Southampton – 17%
  9. Brighton and Hove – 16%
  10. Norwich – 16%
  11. Cardiff – 15%
  12. Glasgow – 11%

How to build trust with clients

how to build trust with customers

1. Be consistent with your marketing messaging

In Chapter 2 of our free eBook Accelerate, we underscore why branding matters. Branding is the first sign of what your business is. It tells people whether you are premium or low-cost, cutting-edge or traditional.

People make decisions fast and first impressions count, so ensure your branding conveys the message you want it to.

Providing a consistent message across marketing is how to build customer trust. So make sure all your marketing materials are branded and carry the same message.

This reassures customers they’ve found the business they were looking for, their expectations will be met, and trust is instilled.

  • The language you use should be similar, both in terms of your tone – how you speak to clients, and the words you choose to describe your services.
  • Your branding should be consistent – the imagery you use, the colours, your logo, and the font.
  • Any offers advertised should be the same across any platform that a customer could find you, whether it’s on your Checkatrade profile, your social media, website or local magazine.

Save time and money building your brand's trust

2. Share customer reviews and testimonials

Social proofing is also key for building trust with customers. It forms the basis of many consumer decisions today.

Essentially, if a group is doing something, it provides reassurance and encourages others to act in the same way.

Therefore, when potential clients see positive reviews of your company, it makes them more likely to want to hire you. This is why it is crucial to include customer reviews online.

You can do this through testimonials on your website, on your Checkatrade profile, and on your social media channels.

Don’t be shy about using customer reviews across any of your advertising avenues. You’ve worked hard to earn them, so use them to your advantage!

Read our top tips for getting customer reviews for your trade business.

Get customer reviews through Checkatrade

3. Take photos and share videos of your work

Be sure to share before and after pictures of your previous projects. This way, prospective clients can get a clear idea of what result to expect.

A website is a great place to do this. When thinking about how to build trust with customers before they’ve met you, a website is a strong place to start.

Top tip: If you join us, make sure to add the fact that you’re a Checkatrade member to your website. It’s a real relief for homeowners to see the Checkatrade tick.

Increase profits with more work coming your way

Checkatrade regularly receives leads from homeowners

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4. Be easily contactable

Why is it important to build trust with customers? Because unfortunately, tradespeople are sometimes hard to contact.

Customers want to know they’re valued. Radio silence instantly kills any trust you’ve built.

Keep customers happy either through your business number, an office line or via email and text. Some customers may even prefer to stay in touch with you via WhatsApp.

how to build customer trust and loyalty

5. Join Checkatrade

Associating with a credible brand or association increases the trust that people have in your business. While that could be through dedicated trade associations, it could also be through Checkatrade.

We believe that learning how to build trust with clients starts with a Checkatrade membership.

Take advantage of the trust we’ve worked so hard to build in the last 25 years.

The facts are:

  • 8 out of 10 people would choose a trade endorsed by Checkatrade compared to one that isn’t endorsed**.
  • Checkatrade is the most well-known sign of quality in the trade industry***.
  • To join Checkatrade, tradespeople must pass our rigorous checks. This provides additional proof to homeowners that your service is legitimate and trustworthy.

Whether you’re starting up, looking to expand your business, scaling nationally, or growing in your area, we can help.

Get the tick that people trust

8 out of 10 people would choose a tradesperson we've checked over one we haven't*

Start our checks now

How can Checkatrade help with building customer trust?

Checkatrade benefits:

  1. We save you time building up your trade endorsements by offering you credibility through association. The trust we’ve built over our 25 years is yours too (as soon as you set up your Checkatrade profile).
  2. Our tick of approval lets homeowners know our members’ reviews are real, which gives them greater peace of mind when booking their services.
  3. Our digital marketing strategy helps us get seen on sites like Google for really popular searches. As a member, you’ll benefit from our digital marketing strategy. Our website is looked at by tens of thousands daily – millions yearly!
  4. You’re more likely to be found if you sign up to Checkatrade, saving you the headache of trying to get noticed on your website or social media.
  5. You have access to over 16 million users who access our site to find a tradesperson they can trust.

Don’t be afraid to talk about the Checkatrade guarantee with your customers. It’s yet another benefit for your customers, and you’ll be sure to win more work with our guarantee.

Trusted tradespeople from Checkatrade

Quick summary

  • Trust and loyalty go hand-in-hand. Tradespeople who work hard to earn the trust of their customers are rewarded with customer loyalty.
  • Branding consistency and communication are key.
  • Keep a profile updated with your latest projects and photos and ask customers to review your work.
  • Businesses that fail to build trust with their customers risk losing their customers forever. This also increases the possibility of receiving negative feedback online and via word-of-mouth.
  • Checkatrade can help you bypass a lot of early challenges with marketing and help you build customer trust from the get-go.

Increase profits with more work coming your way

Checkatrade regularly receives leads from homeowners

Find out more


How can I join Checkatrade?

If you’re thinking about starting your Checkatrade journey, it couldn’t be easier to get started.

Our new business team is on hand to guide you through setting up your profile to achieve the best results.

Get started in 3-easy steps!

What have other tradespeople like me achieved having been on Checkatrade?

Let our members do the talking by reading their testimonials.

  • “Checkatrade gave us an excellent platform to market and showcase our business” – M Simmonds Decorating Contractors
  • “The volume of enquiries I get are great! Although our books are full until December, people are willing to wait because they can read positive feedback” – Alex, Roofer
  • “Great opportunity for small businesses to get their name out there and build a good reputation. Checkatrade has helped us become a highly recommended successful company.” – Roberts Roofing.

Get the tick that people trust

8 out of 10 people would choose a tradesperson we've checked over one we haven't*

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Content disclaimer: This content has been created for general information purposes and should not be taken as formal advice. Read our full disclaimer here.

* Deep Blue Thinking 2021 Trade Perception Survey
**Deep Blue Thinking 2021 Trade Perception Survey
*** Deep Blue Thinking 2021 Trade Perception Survey

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