Starting your Checkatrade journey

June 5, 2019

Checkatrade New Business Advisor Daniel Wearn

All journeys have to start somewhere.

For the Checkatrade journey, it all begins with our New Business team. They’re the department in charge with helping tradespeople at the earliest stages of setting up their profiles. We spoke with Daniel Wearn, a New Business Advisor, about his role and how he’s helping make it far easier to find reputable tradespeople online.

What is your position at Checkatrade?

I’m a New Business Advisor, so I look to connect with tradespeople who aren’t currently members and explain to them why they’d benefit from signing up to Checkatrade. It’s a job that I really enjoy as I honestly believe every tradesperson could benefit from using our service.

Why should tradespeople join Checkatrade?

Checkatrade is making it easier for reputable tradespeople to find work and take on more projects. Last year alone, over 16 million people used the site to source a tradesperson highlighting how popular the service has become with British homeowners. By offering a transparent, verified review system, Checkatrade members can compete for projects on grounds of quality and needn’t worry about being undercut by rogue traders looking to make some quick money at a homeowner’s expense.

How do tradespeople apply for Checkatrade membership?

It’s a really straightforward application process and I’m here to help every step of the way. To sign up you need to complete a form, which takes about 20 minutes, but some tradespeople finish it far quicker. Once the form is completed, I’ll arrange for a Membership Consultant to go out to the tradesperson’s registered address and meet them in person.

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What questions will I need to answer?

We need to get to know your business a bit better, developing an understanding of whether Checkatrade is a good fit for you. We will ask about the services you offer and the types of jobs you have previous experience with. During this process, we will also explain how Checkatrade will deliver for you and your business. Establishing this partnership model between us and our members at the earliest stage of interaction helps to maintain our exceptional network and service.

Why are site visits so important?

One of the most important things about Checkatrade is that the tradespeople on our site have to be properly vetted. As part of this commitment, we make an appointment to visit tradespeople in person at the address they registered with Checkatrade. This visit allows us to see with our own eyes how their work stacks up. Our Membership Consultants aren’t scared to fail someone if things aren’t up to par, and a lot of tradespeople do fail. It might sound harsh, but it’s important that this happens, otherwise we wouldn’t be able to offer our unrivalled network of premium tradespeople from each sector.

How can I get the most from my Checkatrade membership?

A top tip that I always tell new members is how important pictures are across your profile. This doesn’t just mean uploading pictures of previously completed jobs, but also including a picture of yourself, or maybe your van. To really make your profile stand out from the crowd, also add a banner image, or a company logo. Simple practices like this can make your profile feel more personal and is a quick way to start building trust with a potential customer. Of course, it’s then vital to back this up with high-quality before and after pictures of your work.

Any additional tips to make my membership a success?

Checkatrade is a service that runs on reviews, so it’s essential that you’re giving out the free feedback cards we provide to your customers and encouraging them to use them. Additionally, traders can send customers a link to provide feedback either via text or email, which go directly to their customer’s phone or computer. We want to make our service as competitive as possible, but nothing influences our search engine more than reviews. The best way to underline good workmanship is with a glowing, verified review, so ensure you’re getting as many as possible.

What’s next?

There’s a lot that goes into helping tradespeople start their Checkatrade profiles, but it’s only the first part of the journey. Once my work is complete, I pass the member across to our Membership Consultancy team who will go further in confirming the tradesperson’s skills and capabilities. In next month’s newsletter, we’ll pick up from this stage and detail how the team helps tradespeople continue on their Checkatrade journey.

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