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Business insurance for cleaners made clear and simple

Business insurance for cleaners can seem complicated at first glance. But it doesn’t have to be. In this post, we'll guide you through everything you need to know about cleaners’ insurance to ensure you’re fully protected.

Business insurance for cleaners is there to protect you from the scenarios you hope will never happen. It is a safety net that not only shields businesses from potential financial setbacks but ensures continued growth.

In this guide, we’ll outline the key covers within a cleaners’ insurance policy. Why do you need them? Which ones are you legally obliged to have? How do you secure the best rates on your cleaners’ insurance policy?

Is insurance for cleaners necessary?

Working as a cleaner carries more hazards than you might think.

The combination of equipment and chemicals, teamed with other peoples’ belongings, makes it a prime setting for accidents to happen. So, yes, insurance for cleaners is necessary.

The cleaning industry, like any other business sector, faces various risks and uncertainties that can lead to financial losses. Cleaners’ insurance serves as a safety net, providing protection against unforeseen events.

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Business insurance for cleaners can offer peace of mind for all aspects of your business:

  • Could you afford to replace a customer’s carpet if you accidentally spilled bleach on it?
  • How would it financially impact your business if you had to replace a client’s electronic device you accidentally knocked onto the floor and broke while cleaning an office?
  • Could you pay compensation and medical bills if someone tripped over your vacuum cable and sued you for damages?
  • How would you pay your bills if you were injured at work and unable to make a living?

You are exposed to a multitude of risks in your line of work as a cleaner. The good news is these risks can be mitigated with the right cleaners’ insurance.

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What cleaners’ insurance is needed by law?

The specific cleaners’ insurance needed may vary depending on the nature of the cleaning services provided. However, there are common types of insurance coverage that cleaners often need to comply with legal regulations.

Checkatrade cleaner

Why you need employers’ liability insurance for cleaners

If you run a cleaning business and employ other people, you are legally obliged to have employers’ liability insurance.

  • Everyday you’re not properly insured leaves you open to a fine of up to £2,500
  • Failing to display your employers’ liability certificate could result in a further £1,000 fine

Being responsible for others means you’ll also need to ensure you’re up to date with current health and safety rules. Failing to do so could risk invalidating your policy. That is, it wouldn’t pay out if you made a claim.

Why you need public liability insurance for cleaners

No matter the type of cleaning business, public liability insurance for cleaners is paramount. Whether for self-employed individuals or a larger commercial operation, it’s one of the most important parts of your policy.

It’s not a legal requirement to have this type of cover. If you don’t, however, you leave your business open to costly risks and  potentially limit the scope of your contracts.

  • Cleaners’ public liability insurance is mandatory for all Checkatrade members
  • It’s required by many trade associations
  • If you want to take on contracts, either privately or for a local authority, you’ll be asked for proof of your insurance documents

How much is public liability insurance for a cleaner?

The cost of your cleaning business insurance will depend on a number of factors:

  • Whether you need to insure employees
  • The type of cover you need
  • The type of cleaning work you do
  • Your level of excess

And as a Checkatrade member, you’ll get 20% off public liability insurance trade cover. Log in to our Member’s Area to see our offers.

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Is your cleaner DBS checked?

What other cleaning business insurance should you have?

So far, we’ve outlined the need for employers’ liability insurance and public liability insurance. But business insurance for cleaners is typically made up of a number of different covers.

Other covers you can add to your policy to insure all facets of your cleaning business include:

  • Tools insurance: if you run a commercial cleaning business, you might have portable tools that need to be covered
  • Personal accident insurance: this will help cover your losses if you have a workplace accident that puts you out of action
  • Business vehicle insurance: this will ensure you’re covered if your vehicle is damaged or stolen
  • Commercial property and content insurance: if you have work premises, these will protect the building and its contents
  • Business equipment insurance: this will cover you in the event your mobile phone, computer, or other business assets are damaged or stolen

If you’re looking to start your own business, go get some inspiration with our list of cleaning business name ideas.

Want the best rates on your cleaners' insurance?

Save 20% on specialist trade cover as a Checkatrade member

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Save money on insurance for cleaners as a Checkatrade member

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  • You also have the flexibility to add optional extra covers too, giving you complete peace of mind

Hiring a house cleaner

Why pay more than you need to for your business insurance?

To take advantage of competitive rates on your cleaners’ insurance, become a Checkatrade member and start saving.

Save on your business insurance and enjoy a range of other benefits too

Checkatrade members have saved on average, £470 a year on business essentials*

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The range of risks faced by cleaning businesses means that business insurance for cleaners is a must-have.

Whether it’s public liability insurance to shield against third-party claims or property insurance for safeguarding assets.

*Year runs from April 21’ to March 22’. Spend based on 12,505 members. Discounts differ depending on the partner. Products range from low value items to high value items. Total amount spent on Selco is estimated at £42,380,838 by 7,298 members and based on average savings per member from 2020/21. 10% discount. Some exclusions will apply on products.

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