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What are the best workwear brands?

In need of new work clothes? We’ve researched the UK’s best workwear brands for those in the trades industry. Easily pick out high-quality, durable work clothes that look great with our top tips.

It goes without saying that work clothes need to be comfortable, durable, and practical. Ideally, they should look professional too.

So, if you need new work clothes, you’re probably wondering, “What are the best workwear brands in the UK?” Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered.

Check out our selection of the UK’s best workwear brands below.

Then you can travel between jobs in comfort, knowing you’re getting the best from your work clothes long into the future.

What should a builder wear?

What are the best workwear brands in the UK?

There’s a huge range of brands offering work clothes for trades. And they all have their pros and cons.

Some offer high-quality clothing but don’t have much choice available. Others have a huge amount of choice, but their ranges aren’t as durable. Or perhaps you’ve found the perfect workwear brand, but it’s a little too pricey for your liking!

When you’re looking for the best workwear brands, you’ll want to consider:

  • Price
  • Variety on offer
  • Delivery fees (if ordering online)
  • Durability
  • What the clothes look like
  • Who the clothes cater for
  • What you’ll be using the clothes for

It’s also worth noting that the best women’s workwear brands differ from the best men’s workwear brands. Many workwear brands that are excellent for men don’t have much (if any) choice for women.

Here, we’ll look at some of the UK’s best workwear brands for trades:

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DeWalt Workwear

DeWalt is known primarily as a brand offering construction solutions and power tools. But did you know that DeWalt also offers work clothes?

DeWalt Workwear sells a range of work clothes from trousers and shorts to jackets and t-shirts. They also sell footwear, with a variety of quality safety boots, waterproof boots, and lightweight options to choose from.

There’s a limited choice, but what they do sell is good quality, good-looking, and made to last. There’s a reason their motto is ‘guaranteed tough!’


If you’re looking for comfy workwear that’s designed to make your life easier, you’ll love Scruffs. It offers a decent range of workwear and safety footwear that’s practical, comfortable, and looks the part.

The company has been supplying proper work gear since 2003. And unlike DeWalt, this is their specialism. That means they have a bit more choice available and a wider range of items. This includes accessories like belts, gloves, laces, and neck warmers.

There’s also a range of women’s workwear available. While it’s small, it’s good-quality stuff that looks great too.

Waterproof workwear for tradespeople


Mascot is a go-to brand if you’re after lots of choice. They have a large range of workwear and most items come in lots of different colours.

They can even be customised with your branding, which is ideal if you’re looking to increase brand awareness!

You’ll also find a lot of choice when it comes to hi vis workwear. And this extends to women’s workwear too. With tons of items available from work trousers to winter jackets, fleeces, and much more. It’s one of the best women’s workwear brands in our books!

Mascot is a Danish company with a Scandinavian mindset. Focused on delivering not the cheapest workwear, but the best quality.


Caterpillar is the world’s leading manufacturer of construction equipment. In fact, most of us probably dreamed of driving those big yellow Caterpillar diggers and bulldozers as children!

Caterpillar has also been designing quality workwear for almost 20 years. Its workwear lives up to its hard-working reputation, with a decent range of durable work clothes available for every climate and terrain.

Plus, it definitely looks the part – who doesn’t love the iconic ‘CAT’ logo?!

As a partner of ours, Caterpillar also offers 30% off for Checkatrade members all year round. In other words, you can get your hands on workwear that functions and looks good for even less. Get in!

Workwear Giant

Workwear Giant is the UK’s no. 1 supplier of smart and affordable customised trade clothing across the UK.

It has a huge range of workwear available for both men and women, including PPE and workwear trousers with stretch.

It also stocks a range of excellent trade brands, including Uneek, Henbury, and Front Row.

And it’s all fully customisable, whether you’re looking for printed or embroidered workwear to show off your branding.

Better still, Workwear Giant is a partner of Checkatrade. That means Checkatrade members get a juicy 50% off customised workwear! Now that’s a discount you can’t say no to.

Save money on workwear with Checkatrade

Checkatrade members get exclusive discounts with all of our partner brands

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Workwear FAQs

What should a builder wear?

A builder should wear comfortable, functional clothing that helps keep them safe. Builders often wear hi-vis clothing and PPE, as the environments they work in often have low lighting and moving machinery.

Can I claim workwear as a business expense?

Yes. You can claim for clothing that you use at work. For example, uniforms or overalls. To find out more, read our guide on business expense claims.

What should I wear as a plumber?

With every trade type, there are different clothes required. With a profession such as plumbing, there are waterproof clothes and PPE that you may want to invest in.

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