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How to start a pest control business

Starting your own pest control business takes confidence and planning, but it can be a lucrative and rewarding profession. Pests will always be an issue, which means there’s a steady demand for pest management. But how do you start a pest control business?

Join us as we delve deeper into the intriguing world of pest control. We’ll be covering everything you need to know to start a pest control business from necessary qualifications to important financial considerations.

Who can start a pest control business?

Unfortunately, pests will always be an issue in the UK, ranging from rats to insects and even birds. This means a consistent flow of work for anyone choosing to work in pest control.

Wondering who can start a pest control business? Well, if you’re already working in this sector, you’ll likely have the necessary qualifications but for those just starting out, you’ll need:

  • Proper training in this sector through an apprenticeship or a foundation course in pest management.
  • A good level of experience. This will be a huge advantage when beginning your pest control company. You’ll know the industry inside out and be able to take on more challenging, lucrative jobs.
  • At least a level 2 pest management qualification.

It’s also worth noting that there are other courses in areas like practical vertebrate trapping and using rodenticides safely. In addition, the British Pest Control Association is a great source of support when starting a pest control business

start a pest control business

Is pest control a good business to start?

Simply put, pests aren’t going anywhere. Bad news for homeowners – but great news for anyone considering founding a pest control company.

In fact, it’s likely that pests such as rats are already making a home in the walls and attics of thousands of homes, with the British Pest Control Association identifying a rise in rat infestations post-COVID.

That means that pest control is a good business to start due to the high levels of demand. It’s a flexible job – you can work standard weekday hours if you want, though working weekends may be more profitable.

Plus, with such a wide range of different pests, your workday will be varied, making for great job satisfaction.

However, it’s important to also remember that you’ll need to work with dangerous chemicals, and this job can be physically taxing. It’s vital you follow proper safety protocols to ensure you stay fit and healthy.

How to start a pest control business

What do you need to start a pest control business?

Feeling sure that this is the right career path for you? Then you’ll need to know what you need to start a pest control business.

There are a few different considerations for getting started in this sector, including:

Training and experience

Having training and experience in pest control is important. It’s essential to know the industry you’re working in and have hands-on experience if you want to successfully branch out on your own.

Tools and equipment

If you’re starting your pest control business from scratch, you’ll need to invest in the right tools and equipment, from protective clothing to night vision tools. Check out our guide to the essential pest control tools to get all the detail you need.

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Business plan

Creating a business plan is important when you start your own pest control business. From your company name to how you’ll attract and retain new customers, a business plan will set you up for success.

You should also look for ways to stand out and attract customers. Joining Checkatrade can help to increase your visibility and give your new business credibility.

Financials and insurance

Signing up for insurance will help to protect your fledgling company legally and financially (more on this later). You’ll also need funding for your initial start-up costs (more on this later too).

How to start a pest control business: what you need to know

Okay – you’re ready to learn how to start a pest control business. Remember, every business is different and will face unique challenges. To help you navigate them, consider the below tips:

  • Funding: Always ensure you have sufficient start-up funds before leaving your current job. You can choose to save the money yourself or speak to a financial institute about taking out a loan. It’s also vital you’re fully informed when it comes to repayments and interest rates.
  • Type of company: Decide whether to be a sole trader or a limited company. Both have their benefits, so it’s worth taking the time to do a little research. To make things easier, read our sole trader vs limited company guide.
  • Company name: If you are creating a Limited company, you have to choose a company name and register your new business with Companies House.
  • Business plan: Create a business plan including the logistics of your business. This may include where you’ll be based, what services you’ll offer and whether you’ll hire any employees.
  • Goals: Set a few initial goals for your company. These can help to keep you focused and always moving forward, and can include financial goals, customer goals and training goals.
  • Insurance: Ensure you have the right insurance in place. For more information skip ahead to our ‘what insurance do I need for pest control’ section.
  • Finances: Consider your company’s finances, including how you’ll pay for tools, a van and insurance. You also need to ensure you fairly and competitively price your services so you make a profit while not overcharging your customers.
  • Marketing: Marketing is essential to finding new customers, this can be done in a number of ways. If you’re low on funds you can use social media or word of mouth for free. Alternatively, you could pay to advertise in your local papers or using direct mail.
  • Join Checkatrade: Becoming a Checkatrade member is a fantastic way to grow your new business and reach customers as we receive over 3 million homeowner searches each month. We’ll even provide you with free marketing materials!

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Pest control cost

Do you need a license for pest control in the UK?

Wondering “do you need a license for pest control in the UK?” The answer is yes. If you’re using pesticides, you’ll need a Specified Certificate in the Use of Pesticides. These are available from the National Proficiency Tests Council.

The BPCA also recommend that every pest controller has a Level 2 Award in Pest Management qualification.

It’s important to remember that pest control can be hazardous and unless you follow the proper procedures and safety guidance, you’re putting yourself and others at risk.

How much does it cost to start your own pest control business?

Starting any business venture will require a certain amount of funding which is unfortunately unavoidable. Luckily, there are a wide range of lenders who can help to support your new company with a loan.

So, how much does it cost to start your own pest control business? Well, you’ll need to budget for equipment, a van, any necessary training, insurance and marketing.

Your business plan will help you decide where the bulk of your start-up costs should be allocated.

One of the best reasons for becoming a Checkatrade member is that you’ll have access to our buyer’s club. This can help you save thousands on start-up cost for essentials like tools, equipment and insurance.

It’s also worth noting that once your business is up and running, you’ll quickly recoup any funds you paid out.

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Is a pest control business profitable?

As pests will always be an issue, it’s unsurprising that the pest control business is profitable. This means you can rest easy knowing your hard work will be rewarded with a fair and decent wage.

In fact, the average daily charge for pest control is £175, although you’ll need to budget for any overheads. Check out our guide on average pest controller salary for more details and information.

If you want to increase the profitability of your pest control company, you’ll generally earn more if you offer services that are different from your competition.

That could mean offering services like specialist bee removal as well as dealing with rats and mice.

Plus, joining Checkatrade means you’ll have a unique profile page where you can display customer reviews and testimonials to help attract future customers and increase your business’ profitability.

For more information about pest control prices, hourly rates and considerations, why not check out our pest control cost guide?

What insurance do I need for pest control?

Insurance is crucial to protect your new business from legal and financial issues if anything goes wrong. While you’ll have to pay for this monthly, it’s a worthy investment to stop mistakes or accidents from affecting your livelihood.

Unsure what insurance you need for pest control? We would recommend the following:

Useful checklist to start a pest control business

  • Have relevant experience and proper training is the best way to ensure your pest control business will be successful.
  • Always stay on top of your finances, or consider hiring an accountant.
  • Don’t forget to get business insurance
  • Apply for the right license when you start a pest control business.
  • Find new customers through marketing such as advertising and social media

Save money and save time with Checkatrade

Hopefully, our guide has given you some helpful initial tips on how to start a pest control business. But the help we can offer doesn’t end there.

From helping you find customers to offering free marketing materials, you can save time and money with Checkatrade. Speak with our team today to learn more about becoming a member, as well as the other services we offer.

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Get support and a range of money-saving discounts to help get your business off the ground

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