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Last updated on March 31st, 2022

LVT flooring cost guide

Considering having LVT flooring in your property? Then be sure to read our in-depth LVT flooring cost guide to find out all you need to know.

Luxury vinyl tiles (LVT) look similar to real stone or wood and you can have numerous designs printed on them. The key difference is that they provide a whole raft of benefits over real stone or wood.

Produced in shapes of planks or tiles, LVT flooring is still a fairly new product – one of the fastest growing in the flooring market. Many people choose to install it in areas where water is present, such as kitchens or bathrooms. It’s often known as “luxury vinyl tiles” or “click vinyl”.

Want to know the costs of installing this durable, natural-looking flooring in your home? Here’s all you need to know when it comes to LVT flooring costs.

Cost provided itemUnitRange - LowRange - HighAverage cost
LVT flooring fitting costPer square metre£10£60£45
LVT flooring prices (low-end quality)Per square metre£15£25£20
Luxury vinyl prices (mid-end quality)Per square metre£25£40£35
Herringbone patternPer square metre (preparation)£5£7£10
Herringbone patternPer square metre (supply)£50£70£60
Herringbone patternPer square metre (installation)£50£70£60
LVT flooring prices (high-end)Per square metre£40£60£50
Cost of luxury vinyl flooring installedPreparing the floor surface (per square metre)£2£13£10
Cost to install LVT flooringPer day£180£300£250
UnderlayPer square metre£3£8£7
Flooring and waste removal£100£150£120
Flooring and waste removal Skip hire£120£240£200

Our costs are ballpark averages – get a local tradesperson to quote now

How much does LVT flooring cost in the UK?

The cost of LVT flooring is around £45 per metre square. However, LVT flooring prices depend on the kind bought, material required for preparation, and labour. It’s more than possible to fit the flooring yourself, but most people opt for an experienced contractor so the task’s done properly and fast. When considering the average cost of luxury vinyl flooring, you’ll need to think about both.

Several installers will include the removal of your existing flooring in the price and will also throw in the cost of taking this away when discarding the old flooring. That said, this isn’t always the case, so double-check the quote they’ve provided includes the disposal and removal of the old flooring.

If not, you can normally pay an additional fee to have the flooring disposed of, which is around £120.

Alternatively, you could hire a skip, which will cost around £165 – £425 (depending on the size of the skip and your location).

How much does LVT flooring cost to install in the UK?

You can expect to pay from £180 to £300 per day to have luxury vinyl flooring installed. However, this depends on a couple of things.

Firstly, you’ll probably get a reduced rate if you ask your local flooring installer to work on a few jobs, thus, giving them more work. Aside from this, the cost of flooring installation specialists varies, depending on where you live.

Installation costs consist of getting the surface prepared, so expect to pay between £2 – £13 per square metre plus the cost of underlay, which is roughly £3 – £7 per square metre. Labour prices range considerably depending on which kind of vinyl flooring you opt for and which type of surface the vinyl will be laid on.

You can expect to pay a professional floor installer an average of £200 per day, while the price of preparing the surface will hinge on what floor type you have.

If you’re looking at having a herringbone pattern installed, this is more complex. For example, you’re looking at roughly £60 per metre square for the fitting, a further £60 per metre square for supplying high-end flooring, and £10 per metre square for preparation. This gives a total cost of £130 per metre square for herringbone installation. You may not mind paying the installation premium because it does look good!

With the price of herringbone in mind, a room of, say, 18 metres square would cost £2,340, half of which would be labour, so approximately £1,200. The cost of £1,200 equates to a tradesperson for four days, assuming their rate is £300 per day.

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lvt flooring cost uk

Cost of luxury vinyl flooring installed vs standard vinyl flooring

When it comes to the LVT fitting cost, it’s best to choose a local flooring specialist through Checkatrade. You can trust our recommendations, as the reviews are from your neighbours. And we check the reviews to make sure they’re genuine.

Standard kitchen vinyl costs vary, with the average cost of installing vinyl flooring in a kitchen being £530 – based on a floor area of 18.5 square metres.

You’ll also have to bear in mind £200 – £400 for the materials and installation needed for standard vinyl flooring in a medium-sized kitchen, for example.


What’s the average cost of luxury vinyl flooring?

The average cost for luxury vinyl flooring is between £25 – £40 per square metre if you opt for mid-end quality LVT. You’ll then pay for the surface preparation which is roughly £10 per metre square plus about £7 for the underlay. Finally, you’ll need to account for the installation, which is approximately £200.

Next, there’s a fee to have your old flooring removed, so expect to pay about £120 for this.

You can request that your installer buys the materials for you, however, most people purchase the supplies themselves.

cost of LVT flooring

What kinds of LVT flooring is available?

Luxury vinyl tiles come in three kinds, including:

  • Stick down – stuck straight to the subfloor.
  • Locking system – the boards lock into each other on top of the underlay and is otherwise known as a “floating floor”.
  • Loose lay – laid over most subfloors with zero preparation and zero underlay.

All three are crafted from PVC, meaning they’re incredibly hard-wearing. With durable surfaces and totally waterproof, too, they’re ideal for fitting in any room you like!

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