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Microwave repair costs

If your microwave is on the blink, we’ve put together this guide featuring the average microwave repair cost in the UK. We’ll also look at the factors that will affect the cost to fix a microwave.

Whether your microwave’s turntable has stopped turning, it’s not heating food, or the keypad isn’t working properly, keep reading to find out how much it might cost to fix your microwave.

How much does microwave repair cost?

When looking at microwave repair costs, it’s helpful to understand that the total price will typically include the following:

  • A call-out fee for the engineer to come out to your home
  • The cost of any replacement parts that might be needed
  • Labour costs for the engineer carrying out the work
Type of repairAverage cost
Callout fee£45
Replacement parts£60 - £100
Microwave magnetron replacement£60 - £70
Microwave door switch repair£30

Our costs are ballpark averages – get a local tradesperson to quote now

The average cost for a microwave repair callout is around £45, which often includes the initial diagnostics to determine what the issue is. You’ll then be charged for any parts and additional labour on top of that.

As a guide, you can expect the total microwave repair cost (including replacement parts) to be somewhere in the region of £60 - £100.

Before hiring a microwave repair engineer, it’s important to understand how each company or contract charges for the repair work. Some will charge a flat callout fee plus parts, but others will charge for labour at an increasing rate the longer it takes to repair the microwave.

Make sure you get a clear quote with a breakdown of the potential costs so that you can make an informed decision about who to hire for the job.

Microwave PCB repair cost

The PCB (printed control board) of a microwave, also known as the control board, connects the various electronic components together, and a PCB fault is a common issue with microwaves.

The cost of microwave PCB repair will depend on the make and model of your microwave, and whether it needs to be completely replaced or not – which it often does. To get exact microwave PCB repair costs, contact your local microwave repair experts.

Microwave touch panel repair cost

One common reason that homeowners need to repair their microwave is a technical issue with the touch panel, where you program and adjust the settings of the microwave.

Issues with the touch panel can be a sign that there’s actually a problem with another part of the microwave, such as the control panel or main control board.

The price of microwave touch panel repair can vary and will depend on what the actual issue is, so it’s best to speak to a microwave repair engineer to get accurate quotes for the repair cost.

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Microwave magnetron replacement cost

Another common fault in microwaves is the magnetron, which is the part of a microwave that generates and radiates heat into the main compartment to heat your food. If your microwave is no longer heating food properly, it could well be the magnetron that needs repairing or replacing.

The average microwave magnetron replacement cost is around £60 - £70.

Microwave door replacement cost

As one of the parts that gets used the most, microwave doors can cause issues and stop your microwave from working. In many cases, you don’t actually need to replace the microwave door altogether – repairing the door switches often fixes the problem and will cost about £30.

Replacing the microwave door altogether will be more expensive and will depend on the make and model of your microwave.

Wondering about the cost to repair other household appliances? Check these handy guides:

Cost to fix a microwave

Factors affecting the cost to fix microwave

As with any household repair or maintenance job, the exact cost to fix a microwave will vary depending on a number of factors, including:

  • Type of issue or damage that needs to be repaired
  • The complexity of the repair work
  • Make and model of microwave
  • Age and condition of the microwave
  • Whether the microwave is built-in or freestanding
  • Quantity and quality of any replacement parts needed
  • Where you live in the country

To get an accurate cost of fixing your microwave, we recommend speaking to experienced local microwave repair specialists in your area.


Does my warranty cover the cost of microwave repairs?

If you have a valid manufacturer’s warranty, it’s possible that the cost of repairs could be covered by that warranty. That said, there are often some conditions or exemptions (such as user negligence), so it’s best to contact the manufacturer directly to discuss what is and isn’t covered by their warranty.

And, if you do have a valid warranty that covers the repair work, it’s usually best to organise the repairs through the manufacturer so that they cover the cost directly.

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