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Last updated on February 21st, 2024

How much does storage cost in the UK?

If you’ve got furniture or belongings that you’re not using but don’t want to throw away, storage is a great option. In this guide, we look at what storage costs are in the UK.

Fast Facts

  • It costs roughly £22 to hire a storage unit of 50 square feet for a week
  • Your total storage costs will vary based on your location, the size of the unit and the duration of hire
  • Make sure to prioritise the security of your belongings rather than simply looking for cheap storage

Moving house and need somewhere temporary to store your belongings? Not got enough space for all your belongings at home?

Read on to discover the typical cost of storage units and self-storage in the UK, so you can keep your possessions safe and secure.

How much does self-storage cost?

A storage container of 50 square feet will cost about £22 for a week.  Alternatively, if you’re looking to pay for a whole year of storage, the same container will cost around £1,155.

Size of storageCost for 1 weekCost fo 1 monthCost for 1 year
50 sq ft£22£95£1,155
100 sq ft£44£190£2,310
150 sq ft£66£285£3,465
200 sq ft£88£380£4,620

Our costs are ballpark averages – get a local tradesperson to quote now

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How much is a storage unit per month?

Many homeowners look for a monthly cost for storage, to tide them over between house moves.

When it comes to the cost of storage per month, you’re looking at roughly:

  • £95 for a storage unit of 50 square feet
  • £190 for a storage unit of 100 square feet
  • £285 for a storage unit of 150 square feet
  • £380 for a storage unit of 200 square feet

Storage costs for a 3-bedroom house

Trying to work out how much storage costs will be for the contents of a 3-bedroom house?

To accommodate general furniture, a small sofa, garden furniture, bikes and sports equipment, you’ll typically need a storage unit of around 100 square feet.

Based on that size, storage costs will likely be around £44 for a week, £190 for a month, or around £2,310 for a whole year.

Cost of self storage

Storage costs for a 4-bedroom house

To store the contents of an average 4-bedroom house, you’ll need roughly 200 square feet of storage space.

This would fit the contents of your home including a fridge freezer, washing machine, large sofa set, dining table and chairs, and garden equipment.

The average storage costs for 200 square feet are about £88 for a week, £380 for a month, and £4,620 for a year.

However, every home is different. So, it’s worth discussing your storage needs with your local facility to make sure you hire the right amount of storage space for your needs.

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Calculating the cost of a storage unit

When you’re calculating the cost of self-storage, there are a number of factors you’ll need to take into account. Here are the main ones.


Storage costs vary massively in different areas of the country. For example, self-storage in London generally costs quite a bit more than in the North of England.

Always speak to self-storage facilities near you to find out how much storage units cost in your area.


The bigger the unit you need, the higher your costs will be. However, bigger units typically come with a lower price per square foot.

Not sure how much space you’re going to need in your storage container? Here’s a rough guide.

25 square feet

The size of a small garden shed, this size of storage unit will be ideal for holding a few household items that will fit into several boxes.

Alternatively, it could hold a single mattress, an armchair, a dresser, or sports equipment.

It’s perfect for items you use only occasionally that clutter up your home.

50 square feet

A 50-square-foot storage unit is about half the size of a standard single domestic garage.

It’s roughly big enough to accommodate the contents of a 1-bedroom flat. You could fit a queen-sized bed, dresser, large TV, large appliances and/or a bike.

100 square feet

The size of a standard single domestic garage, this will typically fit the contents of a 2-bedroom flat or house.

These units are usually high so that you can stack contents inside them. This also makes them suitable for large items like sofa sets, garden furniture or other large furniture items.

200 square feet

Equivalent to a double garage, this size unit can usually accommodate the contents of a large 4 or 5-bedroom house.

It will easily fit sofa sets, garden furniture, office furniture, multiple beds and large equipment. These units are also commonly used as warehouses for businesses to store stock, merchandise and pallets of goods.

Storage unit cost


Of course, the longer you need storage for, the higher your costs will be.

However, it’s worth noting that many storage units will have discounts available depending on how long you hire your unit for.

For instance, companies may have introductory offers to tempt you to choose them – such as your first 8 weeks half price. Or, they might have offers on long-term storage plans.

Get quotes from a range of storage units near you to find the best deal for your needs.


Not all storage facilities are made equal. As well as looking at storage unit costs, it’s worth considering other factors when you’re shopping around for storage options.

Most storage units will come with:

  • CCTV
  • Bright lighting
  • 24/7 access to your belongings
  • Free parking
  • Staff to help with deliveries
  • Covered loading bays
  • Trolleys for you to use
  • Forklifts

However, some facilities may include these in your overall storage price, while others will charge you extra for add-ons. So, always make sure you understand what’s included in your quote before choosing.

The standard of storage facilities and the level of security offered will also vary between companies.

Ultimately, bear in mind that, when it comes to your prized possessions, cheap storage shouldn’t be the main goal. Instead, visit storage units near you and talk to the staff to get a feel for the place before making your final decision.

Replacement value

Usually, you’ll have to take out insurance for your belongings while they’re in storage. Your storage company may arrange this for you, or they might ask you to sort out your own.

As you’d expect, the more valuable your items are, the costlier your insurance will be. This is because of the replacement value of your items.

You may also have the option to decide what level of insurance you would like. So, consider whether you’re happy to pay extra for full peace of mind.

Get bespoke storage unit prices

Looking for accurate storage unit prices that take into account your unique situation? Most self-storage facilities will be happy to provide you with a no-obligation quote for storage costs, based on your individual needs.

Type your postcode into the search box below to find a selection of recommended self-storage facilities in your area.

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How much are storage units for furniture?

Like any other item you want to store, furniture storage costs will vary based on the size of your container and how long you need it for.

However, when it comes to furniture, you may also want to consider whether you’d like to give it some extra protection by investing in climate-protected storage.

Most furniture is designed to live in your home rather than in storage, which could be damp and cold or hot and stuffy. Climate-controlled storage can help to protect your furniture by keeping it in the perfect conditions.

That said, climate-controlled storage units tend to come with an added cost and they’re not always necessary.

When deciding whether to pay the extra cost, consider:

  • The value of your furniture – valuable furniture may need more protection
  • The season – extreme hot or cold weather could cause your furniture to split or crack
  • Indoors vs outdoors – an indoor storage unit will usually be less prone to climate-related issues

For more information about the cost of furniture storage, head over to our dedicated guide.

Useful self-storage checklist

  • When researching storage units near you, be sure to consider the facilities and level of security available as well as your storage unit cost
  • Get at least three quotes for self-storage near you to ensure you pay a fair and accurate price
  • Always use reputable storage companies with a proven track record of providing reliable, secure storage
  • Ideally choose a storage company that is a member of the Self-Storage Association UK, or similar.
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