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9 tips to banish firework noise and calm your scared animal

Fireworks night can be distressing for many pets. Read our top tips on how to calm your scared animal and improve the soundproofing in your home and garden.

As a nation of pet lovers, we’ll do anything to stop our pets from being stressed, and fireworks can be a real cause for concern for pet owners.

Bonfire Night is a time where we worry about loud noises and flashing lights that will scare our animals. Pets cowering, pacing, whining, or having accidents around the home are all telltale signs that they’re overcome with fear. And it’s heartbreaking to watch.

There are steps you can take to help your pets through the fireworks season. To help reduce their unnecessary fear and distress, read on to learn:

  • Some effective ‘quick fixes’ to help calm your pet
  • Longer-term fixes to help soundproof your home
  • How to reduce the impact of garden fireworks
  • Our top tips for calming your pet during fireworks night

How to block out firework noise in your home

Our experts have produced detailed information on soundproofing the various parts of your home (and garden) to help filter out any unwanted surrounding noise. We’ll link to these posts so you can review the costs involved in each project.

Here’s a helpful overview:

Soundproof a room or your home

A professional soundproofing specialist will help to determine what type of noise you’re dealing with, and the best course of action to remedy it. This will ensure you don’t waste money on the wrong solution.

If you can hear your neighbours’ conversations, music or TV, the noise is airborne. However, if you’re disturbed by your neighbours’ footsteps or dining chairs skirting along the floor, the noise is caused by impact vibration.

The good news is, that there are various solutions to help combat these frustrating noises and enjoy a more peaceful home. Take a look at our guide on soundproofing your home to find out more about soundproofing everything from floors to walls, ceilings, and doors.

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Soundproof your windows

Soundproofing your windows will not only banish firework noise, but it’ll significantly reduce air pollution from busy nearby roads.

While it’s not a cheap fix, soundproofing your windows will increase the value of your home and boost the appeal of your home should you ever put it on the market.

The cheapest and simplest way to soundproof your windows is to install secondary glazing. This costs around £500 per window.

Next on the cost scale is installing new, soundproof casement windows. This will set you back between £895 – £1,860 per window – depending on the size of the windows.

If you have traditional sash windows, expect to pay between £1,365 – £4,760 per window to replace them with soundproof sash windows.

For more information, read our soundproof windows cost guide.

A professional window fitter will be able to measure up and give you a quote. Be sure to ask about the sound transmission class (STC) rating to make sure you get the soundproofing you desire.

Soundproof fencing

Your garden should be a place to relax and unwind, so if busy roads or noisy neighbours are ruining your tranquillity, consider installing soundproof fencing.

The cost of soundproof fencing varies depending on the type of fence panel you choose. Wood, concrete, and metal are three of the most popular options. As a general rule, the thicker and denser your fence panel, the higher the cost.

The average cost for a soundproof fence is around £140 – £200 per 6’ x 6’ panel.

A soundproof fence specialist will be able to assess your needs and provide a quote for the job.

How to reduce the impact of garden fireworks

Soundproofing your home and garden is an effective long-term solution to banish unwanted noise from fireworks and more. However, there are plenty of ideas that offer soundproofing qualities alongside other benefits.

Have you considered:

You could even ask your neighbours to use silent fireworks.

silent fireworks alight in a back garden

Quick home hacks to calm your scared animal this fireworks night

With fireworks night just around the corner, here are some quick and simple fixes to help create a calm, reassuring environment for your pet:

Invest in soft furnishings

Sound bounces off hard surfaces. An easy way to soften the acoustics in your home is to lay some warm, thick rugs to reduce sound penetration.

Install curtains or blinds

If your home is lacking in window dressings, now’s the perfect time to get that job off the list. Blackout curtains or blinds are great at reducing light, while heavy fabrics such as velvet do an excellent job reducing light and noise.

Check out our post on the cost of fitting curtains and blinds for everything you need to know.

Make a cosy den

Dogs and cats will appreciate a cosy den or hiding place they can retreat to during fireworks. Place blankets over a side table or their pet crate and fill the space underneath with familiar bedding, blankets and teddies.

Top tips to help calm your scared animals on bonfire night

Dog firework tips

Be prepared:

  • Take your dog for its walk before dark
  • Feed your pooch before the fireworks begin – if your dog becomes stressed by the loud bangs, it could prevent him/her from eating
  • Make sure your house and garden are secure to ensure your dog can’t run away if it’s scared, and close windows and curtains to muffle firework noise.
  • Make a doggy-safe den

During the fireworks:

  • Don’t leave your dog home alone during the fireworks
  • Try to distract your dog by playing games indoors or doing some reward-based training
  • Turn on the TV or radio to help mask the sound of the fireworks
  • Allow your dog to shelter in their safe space – don’t force your dog to come out or venture outside
  • Your dog will pick up on how you’re feeling, so stay calm and offer plenty of comfort and reassurance, both in your actions and your tone of voice

Cat firework tips

  • Keep your cat indoors during fireworks
  • Provide hiding places around your home where your cat can feel more secure. They may choose to settle under furniture, in a cardboard box, or on your lap!

Smaller pet firework tips

  • For smaller pets who live outdoors, you can cover half of their cage, pen, or aviary with a blanket to create one area that’s well soundproofed. Make sure they can see out of the other half.
  • Extra bedding is a good idea to provide an opportunity for your smaller pets to burrow

Firework tips for horses

  • Try to keep your horse, pony or donkey in a familiar environment with their usual companion
  • Check that your horse’s field is secure
  • Make sure hay nets in their stable are well tied up to avoid your horse getting tangled
  • If you stay with your horse during fireworks, remember a startled horse can be very dangerous

Car manufacturer, Ford, has demonstrated its pet-loving credentials by producing a prototype soundproof dog house, using sound-cancelling techniques. While this concept may take a while to hit the mass market, our tradespeople are on hand now to complete any soundproofing jobs you need help with.

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Why are dogs scared of fireworks?

The noise and unpredictability of fireworks triggers your dog’s fight-or-flight response in their nervous system. This is part of their survival mechanism – a way to keep themselves safe from a perceived threat. In other words, running away from these loud noises is a survival instinct.

How to calm a dog from fireworks?

If your dog is distressed by firework noise, stay with it at home and offer plenty of comfort and reassurance. You can create a doggy den to act as a safe space, play some reward-based games to distract them, and put the TV on to muffle outside noise.

What can I do to help my dog with fireworks?

There are lots of last-minute things you can do to help your dog cope with firework noise. Take a look back through this post to learn about creating a doggie den or installing curtains to block out noise and flashing lights.

To invest in a longer-term fix, visit our page on the cost of soundproofing your room or home.

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