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Cheap outdoor flooring options

If you’re looking to transform your garden from a mundane space into a little slice of paradise, read on for some of our favourite cheap outdoor flooring options.
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The Checkatrade guarantee

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Stunning outdoor flooring doesn’t need to cost an arm and a leg. There are so many cheap outdoor flooring options out there waiting for you.

A patio should be a place to escape from the stresses of everyday life. It’s important that it looks as good as how it can make you feel when you’re sat outside enjoying your morning coffee.

With that in mind, read on for some of our best budget-friendly outdoor flooring ideas.

Inexpensive outdoor flooring ideas

1. Terracotta tiles

Terracotta tiles on steps in front of a wooden door

Terracotta tiles are timeless, especially if you’re looking to create a slice of the Mediterranean in your back garden. Not only do they look classic, but they’re also built to last and are slightly cheaper than their ceramic counterparts.

The natural earthy tone of terracotta provides the perfect backdrop to complement any plants you have in your garden, creating a contrast between the warm oranges and cool greens.

Added to this, you can get matching accessories such as terracotta pots to tie it all together.

If tiling isn’t your thing, we’d recommend getting a professional in – it may cost more upfront than doing it yourself, but hey, it’s better to pay once than to pay twice to have your mistakes corrected!

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2. Stamped concrete

Stamped concrete that looks like terracotta tiles - cheap terracotta outdoor flooring idea

If terracotta tiles seem like the right choice for your patio, but you don’t want to spend the time and money in tiling it, we have a simple alternative.

Stamped concrete can give you the same look but in less time and for less money.

Whilst you might assume that a concrete surface would look ugly, the truth is, once coloured and stamped, it can look indistinguishable from real terracotta tiles. And, it can last for years.

This makes it one of the best cheap patio flooring options available.

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3. Textured stamped concrete patio flooring

Stamped concrete patio flooring with different textures and colours

The best part about stamped concrete is that you can get different patterns, textures and colours for your outdoor space without having to buy different materials or hire different specialists.

You’ll just need to find a concrete surfacing specialist who can give you as many different looks as you want. It all comes down to a simple different blend of colours and stamping stencils. So if you’re feeling creative and want to create an arty feel to your garden, this is a great cheap patio flooring option.

4. Artificial grass flooring

Artificial grass flooring for your outdoor space

Do you like the idea of a lawn but can’t be bothered with the expensive upkeep? Or, do you live in a flat where you can’t have a lawn, as much as you’d want one?

One outdoor flooring option over boring concrete is to install artificial grass.

It’s easy and not very expensive to install. Plus, it’ll create the illusion of a lush, neatly mowed lawn, with barely any maintenance required!

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5. Artificial grass and stone paving blocks

Artificial grass, stone paving blocks, and stone for outdoor flooring

So, we’ve already discussed how artificial grass can be a cheap outdoor flooring option. But, what if you don’t want the little outdoor space that you do have to be completely green?

Well, we have a solution for that as well.

Combine artificial grass with paving stones to create a blend of textures and break up the areas. This will give the illusion of a bigger area.

You could even create borders using gravel for a stunning blend of colours and patterns to create an inexpensive and interesting outdoor flooring idea.

6. Paving stones, paving slabs and green growth

Paving stones, paving slabs, and green growth for outdoor flooring

Here’s an inexpensive outdoor flooring idea, especially if you don’t want to spend money on preparing the ground for pouring concrete or laying tiles.

Paving stones and blocks laid out in the soil can create a rustic country garden vibe whilst providing a stable ground to walk on (provided it’s levelled).

You can plant grass between the gaps to create a little bit of green poking through.

Alternatively, you could fill the spaces with low-growing herbs. Not only will they hold the soil with their roots, but you’ll also get their fragrance when you walk over them.

7. Reclaimed floor tiles

reclaimed outdoor tiles

An inexpensive option for cheap outdoor flooring would be to hunt down some reclaimed garden floor tiles that you love the design of.

Because they’re secondhand they will be cheaper than buying brand new and will have bundles of character. Search your local reclamation yard or antique shop to find some designs that would suit your outdoor space.

8. Wood patio flooring

wood patio flooring

Wood outdoor flooring such as decking is a popular option for affordable garden flooring. Try and source some wood that’s unwanted or secondhand to make it cheaper. Make sure to protect your wood properly from the weather conditions so it doesn’t rot and is durable.

If you feel confident enough, try laying it yourself. If not, hire a professional to help you.

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9. Outdoor carpet

outdoor rug on patio

Don’t have the budget to change your current garden flooring? Cover an unsightly patio with an outdoor carpet or rug.

Outdoor rugs are fantastic for adding colour and pattern to your garden as well as cosying up the floor. They are available in local DIY stores or online rug retailers and you can choose a design that suits your garden and the rest of your interiors.

Design a stylish seating area and use an outdoor rug as your starting point. Decorate with a cosy corner dining set, a coffee table and lots of potted plants.

10. Brick outdoor flooring

brick patio flooring

You can’t go wrong with traditional brick outdoor flooring. Make it an affordable option by hunting down secondhand bricks.

If you’ve recently completed a renovation, you may well have bricks leftover – use these to create your garden floor and enjoy knowing that you’ve salvaged a bit of your home’s history!

Lay your bricks in a herringbone pattern to bring this flooring design option up to date.

Find a professional to install cheap outdoor flooring options

Ready to turn your favourite cheap outdoor flooring options into reality? Simply find a trusted landscaper near you to help.

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Like what you see? We have plenty more where this came from. Check out Checkatrade’s blog for more home inspiration, how-tos and project ideas.

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