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Artificial grass cost guide

Artificial grass has become increasingly popular in recent years, thanks to the fact that it is long-lasting and requires very little maintenance, keeping your lawns green and tidy all year round. Our wet British weather means that over the winter months, normal lawns become quickly torn up and unsightly, so opting for artificial grass is often an attractive option.
These modern solutions bear little resemblance to the AstroTurf of the past and are far more than the luminous plastic you’re likely to think of. Modern artificial grass is available in a variety of heights and is much softer these days, with various tones as opposed to one solid colour, offering a more lifelike appearance.

The price of your artificial grass can vary depending on several factors, including the quality you choose. Ultimately, the price of the job, on the whole, will depend on the size of your lawn. Most tradespeople will price this on cost per square metre, then if you require installation it will be based on an hourly rate. For this reason, it is often difficult to provide an overall figure without having somebody measure up the land and offer an individual quote, however, our price guide above can offer you some ballpark figures.

Artificial Grass CostsQualityAverage Costs Per Metre Sq
Type OneBudget£8 - £12
Type TwoMid-Range£17 - £22
Type ThreePremium Range£35 - £45

Most providers of artificial grass offer a range of quality options:

Budget: A budget-range of grass, this entry-level product is functional but does not always offer great aesthetics. They can be a suitable solution for those on a tight budget, but we would usually recommend investing in higher quality material.

Mid-Range: Mid-range artificial grass tends to offer a thicker pile ad will usually have strands of different colours, feel and texture to create a more realistic appearance.

Premium: If it’s a ‘real’ look you’re after, premium quality artificial grass is as close as you will get. With finer lush stems, this product provides an authentic look which enhances the appearance of your lawn.

Find a local artificial grass installer

What are the advantages of having artificial grass?

When compared to traditional, natural grass, artificial grass poses many benefits. These modern designs offer a realistic appearance, which will keep your garden looking neat and tidy all year round.

Little maintenance required

Artificial grass requires very little maintenance, requiring far less upkeep than mowing and tending to a lawn would take. Simply sweep from time to time to remove any leaves and twigs which have gathered there – in fact, you can even use a hoover to pick up any scattered debris. If it’s muddy, then you can use a low setting on a pressure washer or a normal hose and brush to take away the layer of grime.

Simple Installation

Providing that the prep work has been put into place, that the ground has been levelled appropriately and that the conditions are right, actually laying the artificial grass is a fairly straightforward job and it could be cost-efficient to install it yourself. If, however, more preparation is required in order to get your garden ready for the lawn to go down, it may be quicker and easier to employ a local tradesperson to work on the project.

Minimal wear and tear

Whilst your dogs and children could quickly tear up your real grass lawn and turn it into an unsightly muddy mayhem, an artificial lawn will keep its excellent appearance all year round.

Great in those limited light regions

Do you have a heavily shaded garden that receives minimal light? Perhaps you’re looking to add that special touch to a balcony which would be unsuitable for real grass surfaces? In any of these more tricky locations, artificial grass can provide the perfect solution to your needs.

Save Water

Although using artificial grass does mean that you won’t have a micro-habitat growing in your garden for insects and other wildlife, one environmental perk of artificial grass is that it does save water; as well kept natural lawns require regular water to keep them in their excellent condition.

What should you consider when getting artificial grass installed?

You should consider the quality of the grass you require, alongside the budget you have. What condition is the existing land in? How much grass do you even require? Understanding all of these things as a combination will allow you to make your decision. Although you may desire premium grass, it may be that your budget doesn’t allow for it – yet, without doing the prep work and calculations, it’s difficult to determine this.

Make sure to measure your garden correctly, so as to not order far too much or too little. You need the right amount of grass to cover your land in a neat and tidy manner, avoiding any unsightly gaps. What shape is your lawn going to be? Odd shapes can mean costly offcuts are required, which must also be taken into account.

Why choose to work with a qualified tradesperson?

As we mentioned briefly above, the main work involved with having artificial grass installed comes with the preparation work required to ensure the land is ready. It may seem like a mission to carry this out on your own, but hiring the help of a local professional could really help to save time and ensure the job is done right the first time. It won’t take a tradesperson nearly as much time to cut out any existing turf, build a frame, level out the existing land and roll out the grass.

To find a local tradesperson with the skills and experience you require, take a look here.
small artificial lawn
Stunning lawn laid by Lazylawn

Find a local artificial grass installer

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