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Inspiring conservatory ideas

When it comes to conservatory ideas, it’s all about the ambience and elegance. How they look and feel is what makes them so popular. Not only are they cheaper than extensions, but they also add value to your home and connect you to your garden (even when the UK weather is being its notorious self!).

With the wide range of conservatories available, choosing the right one for your home can feel overwhelming. However, despite what the internet will have you believe, it requires only a few considerations.

Questions to ask yourself include:

  • What square footage am I working with?
  • Which conservatory design will fit in with the style of my house?
  • How do I want to use my conservatory? (i.e. For dining, sunbathing, botany or reading etc.)

Once you’ve answered these questions, it’s just a matter of choosing your design and deciding how best to decorate it.

conservatory ideasModern conservatory ideas

There are infinite possibilities when it comes to modernising your conservatory. Due to their adaptable nature, most people choose bespoke options that suit their style and taste. Differences can include the type of glass that’s used, the kind of windows installed, the preferred panelling and, of course, the shape and material of the roof.

Glass extensions are a sleek and effortless way to upgrade your conservatory. Not only do they invite lots of light and warmth into your home, but they also work with almost any brickwork or cladding design. Double glazing and integrated doors offer a seamless transition into your garden while landscaping your outdoor space gives you something beautiful to look at on a rainy day.



Orangery costModern conservatory design ideas

A warm and welcoming aesthetic is ideal for any modern conservatory. Bringing nature indoors with tall parlour palms and hanging baskets full of mandevilla (rocktrumpet) is ideal. Better yet, if you’re opting for an orangery, the world is your botanical oyster.

For a fragrant oasis, attach bougainvillea and jasminum azoricum to trellises; decorate tables with pots filled with stephanotis floribunda, and place giant phoenix palms in lonely corners.

Succulent popularity is spiking in the world of interior design. If you’re less green-fingered than the average gardener, having a selection of cacti displayed in terrariums, vases and/or refined concrete pots is a (literally) effortless way of modernising your space.


conservatory patio slider doorsModern conservatory interior ideas

A stunning addition to any conservatory, wooden parquet floors are contemporary, stylish and intricate. Whether you choose a walnut, oak, aged or chevron design, these floors will transform your conservatory into a tranquil retreat fit for royalty.






Modern conservatory colour ideasModern conservatory colour ideas

Teal is a multifaceted colour available in a spectrum of shades – from pale celeste and aquamarine to rich evergreen and ocean blue. Choosing the right shade for your conservatory is just a matter of light. The brighter the room, the darker you can get away with. That said, to maintain balance, we suggest you stick to the middle of the palette.






Conservatory ideas diningModern garden dining idea

A great way to utilise your modern conservatory is to turn it into a garden dining room. Think quintessential picnics with jute decor and polished brass place settings. Place a low hanging lantern above a traditional wooden bench for a rustic feel, then decorate the bench with table runners, plumped patterned cushions and wildflowers.





Small conservatory ideasSmall conservatory ideas

When it comes to decorating a small conservatory, maximising your space and working with the light is essential. Stackable rattan furniture is perfect for keeping things neat and compact, while natural colours like sand, cream, white, lilac, and grey are gentle colour combinations for an airy and peaceful atmosphere.

Bring nature inside with jute rugs, woven Scandinavian baskets and a hanging chair or two. They take up less space than sofas or tables and are great for unwinding after a long day.




cost of conservatoryConservatory ideas for small spaces

Turning your small conservatory into a natural sanctuary is a great use of space. Neutral woods and potted plants work well together, leaving you to inject colour with accessories like accent chairs, floor lamps and cottage-style cushions. Perfect for enjoying a Sunday afternoon reading or taking a restorative nap while rain patters on the rooftop.






Space saving conservatory ideasSpace saving conservatory ideas

Whether you turn your small conservatory into a kitchen, dining room, reading nook, home-garden or zen retreat, there are several space-saving designs that can help make the most of your space. Think stackable coffee tables, fitted pantry shelves, L-shaped window benches and foldaway furniture. Finish the look with decorative cushions, throws and plants.

Built-in storage and corner shelves keep your conservatory floor clutter-free and roomy. Pick a rug for the perfect finish and get ready to enjoy a minimalist environment.




Lean to conservatory ideasLean to conservatory ideas

Also known as sunrooms, lean-to conservatories are rectangular-shaped structures attached to the wall of your house. Perfect for growing herbs or filling with air-purifying plants, lean-tos can house workbenches, banquet tables or swing benches that look out into your lovingly landscaped garden.






conservatory-add-value-homeDressing your lean to conservatory

Keep it simple and elegant with wicker furniture and bright decor. Light grey floor tiles work well in sunrooms with lots of light, as do anti-bleach furniture choices like rattan sets or twisted metal love seats.

Consider floor cushions and recliner chairs for your lean-to conservatory, and surround yourself with sun-loving plants for a lung-friendly and green-fingered oasis.




large conservatoryBungalow conservatory ideas

Bungalow conservatories are versatile spaces that come in various designs. Think about turning yours into a second living room or dining space. Include modern decors such as industrial swing lamps, white tiled floors, a large area rug and a big corner sofa set.

For spaces big enough, an indoor firepit such as the fire olive lamp for cold evenings or summer nights is a lovely touch.




Small conservatory ideas

Small conservatories often focus on maximising space. However, filling your sunroom with unique furniture and lots of character is another way to get the most out of your extension. For that reason, turning it into a place you want to spend time in will bring you joy for years to come.

Edwardian roof conservatory designVery small conservatory ideas

When you’re working with a small and narrow space, the trick is to build upwards, not outwards. This lovely Edwardian roofed conservatory is bright and full of light, with french doors and windows that welcome the sun.

A bench runs the entire periphery of the room, maximising space, while the dark wood floor complements the mini-chandelier that hangs from the ceiling. The rest of the static decor remains neutral, with pops of colour injected in replaceable items such as the brightly coloured cushions.

Why not get the look by hiring one of our conservatory professionals today?



Lean-to small conservatory design ideaSmall conservatory furniture

This small lean-to conservatory is a picture-perfect example of how to make the most of your sunroom. Framed hopper windows sit atop single-paned radius windows – adding interest and character, while the wall’s natural ledge is a perfect home for small plants and accessories.

The decor is neutral, with cream and white keeping the space open, while the glass table with its metal leaf design matches the chairs without ‘boxing in’ the room.

Finally, the look is finished with bright plants and succulents. Poppies love the sun, which is why these homeowners have a pot brimming with them on the table.



Flowers in small conservatoryWhat to put in a small conservatory

This classic lean-to conservatory boasts floor to ceiling sliding windows and doors. As this patch of nature sits in a shadier area, maximising light is essential (hence the design choice).

We particularly love the stone floor tiles, which bridge the divide between the outside and inside beautifully. The small table and chairs are in a lovely spot to sit and relax, while the various sun-loving plants are abundant and full of colour.

Finally, the hanging basket full of purple supertunia petunias will attract butterflies, hummingbirds and bees to your garden. They’re also a lovely choice for adding more colour to a smaller space in need of a little character!


Classic small conservatory ideasSmall conservatory decorating ideas

Adding some style and class to your small conservatory design is easy with a few decor tricks. This flat roof conservatory extension is built with comfort and light in mind.

Three brown leather chairs sit around a classic mahogany coffee table, while a matching chandelier hangs down towards the ornamental tree. To avoid the sun bleaching the leather, organza curtains line the floor-to-ceiling sliding windows and doors.

Finished with oak ceilings and floorboards, this room oozes style. Now, where did we leave the brandy?



Small conservatory ideas and decorSmall conservatory ideas

Turn your small conservatory into an extra room for play, relaxation, reading or studying. It’s especially worth doing if you’re a big family and space is hard to come by. Having a den to escape into – away from everyone else – is a great way to keep the peace and ensure harmony reigns in your household!

This lovely conservatory turns the original house wall into a feature by painting it a bluish-grey to match the grey floor. A large dusty blue coach is perfect for relaxing, while modern cuboid furniture keeps this room looking smart and feeling fresh.

Why not get the look by hiring one of our conservatory professionals today?



Succulents and plants in a small conservatoryVery small conservatory garden ideas

For very small conservatories, there’s only one thing for it: a garden! Succulents and cacti are completely at home in sunrooms and greenhouses, and your conservatory is no exception. As long as you are frost-free all year round, there are several plants that will thrive in your conservatory. These include:

  • Air plants
  • Osaka
  • Bog wood
  • Fittonias
  • Aloe vera

And many more! Go on and experiment with your favourite perennials.


Contemporary small conservatory ideasSmall conservatory design

This minimal and contemporary lean-to glass conservatory is a perfect example of how to inject some style and tranquillity into your garden.

The clean, straight lines of this design are in keeping with the contemporary aesthetic. The wooden floors spill out onto the step leading down to the garden, and the white edges seamlessly match the walls of the house. The furniture is elegant and on-trend, while the potted spider plants are a nice way to tie in the outside with the inside.





Do I need planning permission for a conservatory?

Adding a conservatory is considered permitted development provided it stays within various restrictions. But the government advice is always to check if you need approval before you construct or change buildings. And of course, you do not need to get approval yourself if you use someone registered with a competent person scheme.

Can I put a kitchen in a conservatory?

Yes you can, but you’ll need to think about your appliances and their requirements – you’ll need plumbing for a sink and washing machine, dishwasher etc. You’ll also need plenty of power outlets, and potentially mains gas access too.

You’ll also need to make sure the room is properly heated as you’ll be using it daily all year round. None of these are major issues though, and experienced professionals will be able to run them from your main house supply. You’ll obviously need to make sure it’s well-ventilated, of course, and if it’s south-facing you’ll want to invest in excellent conservatory blinds too.

How long will a conservatory last?

It used to be that a new uPVC conservatory would be guaranteed for just ten years – but with experienced fitters, modern installation methods, high-quality materials and proper maintenance, you can expect your new conservatory to last at least 25 years.

How big should I make my conservatory?

This is all down to personal choice. It’s worth measuring out the available space you’ve got and speaking to a tradesperson about your budget and then you can go from there.

A bigger conservatory will undoubtedly need a bigger budget, and potentially planning permission too; but if you’re happier with the result, and have a room you genuinely love, it’s worth considering.

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