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Electrical company name ideas that’ll win you new business

As with starting any trade business on your own, one of the most important things to get right from the start is your electrical company name. In this article, we’ve come up with a list of various types of names for electrical companies that you can put your own spin on.

Think about it – your business name is how you’ll introduce yourselves to customers, how you’ll be known in the industry, and will ultimately play a role in the success of your business.

Just to note, these names may already be used by other businesses and are simply there to provide inspiration.

What to consider when coming up with an electrical company name

When deciding what route to go down when going through electrical company names, there a few other things to consider:

Are you eventually planning on scaling up your electrical company?

If you are looking to grow your electrical business in the future, then you might want to avoid opting for a name that could limit this in the future.

For example, choosing a name based on your location might make it harder to expand your customer base outside of this area. However, if you aren’t, then a location-based name can be a good way to build up local relevance with the community.

Will your electrical company eventually expand to offer other trades or services?

Similar to the above point, it’s important to think about whether your name might be limiting if you wanted to expand later on. This might be to offer other trades or even just other electrical-related services that you don’t have at the start.

Will your electrical company name bring in online traffic and visibility?

It’s worth thinking about whether your name will have any SEO impact. This is because, if it can rank well, your online presence will grow and help bring in organic traffic to your business.

What is your electric company’s selling point and target audience?

Figuring out what sets you apart, whether that’s specialising in a particular service or focusing on a certain part of the industry, can help inform your decision. If you’re specialising in solar or clean energy, then you might want to mention this in your name so that people can immediately recognise this.

Is it too complicated?

Like any industry, there is certain electrical-related terminology which can be hard to pronounce or difficult to spell if you’re not super clued up. That’s why going for a more simplistic name is more likely to resonate with the general consumer and avoid potential confusion.

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Professional electrician company names

There’s nothing wrong with opting for a business name that is more formal than creative, especially as it will stand the test of time. Always a reliable choice, check out these ideas for professional electrician company names:

  1. Energy Flow Electric Company
  2. Precision Electrics
  3. PrimeWire Services
  4. Fuse Electric & Energy Co.
  5. Power Practitioners
  6. The Electrical Network
  7. Bright Spark Services
  8. Lightning Speed Solutions
  9. Charged Up Co.
  10. Simple Circuits
  11. Mega Watt Electric Company
  12. The Electric Works
  13. Circuit Flow Services
  14. Voltage Professionals
  15. Everyday Electrics

Witty electrical company names

One way to make sure that customers will remember your business and stand out is by having a cleverly worded name that they will immediately associate with electricians. Just take a look at these witty electrical company names:

  1. Switch On Electric
  2. Circuit Masters
  3. Sparked & Ready
  4. Bolt & Jolt Electrics
  5. The Circuit Crew
  6. Amped-Up Electrics
  7. Wiring Wizards
  8. Watt’s Up Electric Company
  9. Battery Boss
  10. Electric Socket Specialists

Personal electrical company name ideas

If you’re really invested in your electrical business and see yourself there for the long-term, then you might want the name to be personal to you. Why not insert your own name or location where relevant and see how these electrical company name ideas sound:

  1. [Surname]’s Power & Energy
  2. [Surname] Electrical Experts
  3. [Surname] Powered Services
  4. [Surname] & Co. Electric
  5. [Surname]’s Current Solutions
  6. [Location] Energy & Electrics
  7. [Location] Electrical
  8. [Location] Power Pros
  9. [Location] Precision Electrics
  10. [Location] Expert Electricians

Environmentally conscious electrical company names

As mentioned previously, perhaps your electrical company is going to be focused on solar and clean energy. If this is the case, you might want to showcase this and use these environmentally conscious electrical company names as a place to start:

  1. EcoEnergy & Co
  2. SolarGenius
  3. Pure Green Power
  4. Clean Circuit Solutions
  5. Simply Solar
  6. Sunbeam Electric & Energy
  7. Renew-able Electric Pros
  8. Clean & Conscious Energy
  9. Powered By Green
  10. Pure Electricity Experts

Hopefully this list has made it easier to get an idea of the different types of electrical company names there are to consider. Don’t forget that once you’ve come up with your own original name, it’s important to check if it’s already taken.

For more information on how you can do this and other rules to bear in mind when going through electrician company name ideas, read our blog on how to come up with and check if a business name is taken.

Sorted a name and ready to finish setting up your electrical company?

That’s great! Once you’ve got a name in place, you can start working on all the other bits involved with starting your own electrical business. Such as growing your business and sourcing more electrician work leads.

This also means sorting out electrician insurance and writing a business plan to outline all your plans for the future.

If you need a bit of help getting started, you can sign up to our free business plan template below:


Using our business plan template, you’ll be able to work out finances, identify what makes you stand out, and come up with the right marketing strategy for your electrical business.

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