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Roof cleaning cost guide

Roof cleaning is an important part of property maintenance, for a number of reasons. A moss-covered roof can detract from the appearance of your home but when left untreated, it can also cause other problems such as damage to roof tiles or retention of excess water. In this guide, we’ll look at the average house roof cleaning cost, which includes moss removal and other essential maintenance.

How much does roof cleaning cost?

The cost of roof cleaning can vary depending on the size of the roof and its pitch, as well as how accessible it is for the cleaning crew. Most contractors charge by square footage, but they may also factor in accessibility or other details (such as whether or not the building is listed) when giving you a price.

Roof moss removal cost

TechniqueLow price per sq mHigh price per sq mAverage
Hand-removal and biocide treatment£5£12£9

Pressure washing

Without regular cleaning, you may find that a build-up of organic materials on the roof leads to excess debris. This can clog your gutters and cause other problems.

One of the main elements of roof cleaning is the removal of moss. If neglected, moss and other plants can start to grow out of control. They can weaken roof tiles and widen cracks, as well as acting like a sponge when it comes to water retention.

How much does it cost to clean moss off a roof?

It can cost between £5 and £15 per square metre to remove moss from your roof, depending on the cleaning technique used.

Roof moss removal and house roof cleaning techniques

TechniqueRoof sizeLowHighAverage
Hand-removal and biocide treatment Small£314£546£443
Pressure washingSmall
Hand-removal and biocide treatment Average£393£630£512
Pressure washing

Hand-removal and biocide treatment Large£446£714£580
Pressure washingLarge£714£1,338£1,026

There are two approaches which can be used to effectively remove moss from a roof. These are:

  • Hand-scraping, with or without biocide treatment
  • Pressure washing.

Hand-scraping is the cheapest fix, but without biocide treatment, the process will need to be repeated sooner. Biocide treatment is more expensive, but the results last for longer.

Pressure washing is an alternative to the above combination. It leaves your roof looking cleaner but there is a risk of tile damage. It is cheaper, but without adding biocide treatment into the mix, there’s also a good chance the moss will grow back sooner.

*roof sizes used in calculations are based on the square footage of home multiplied by an assumed roof pitch of 1.05

How long does roof cleaning take?

Just like with the cost, the time it takes to fully clean a roof varies depending on its size, pitch and any access issues. And of course, how much debris and moss is on the roof.  Typically, you should account at least a day for the job.

Small roof (terrace, small semi) = 65 m2
Average roof (semi, small detached) = 75 m2
Large roof (detached) = 85 m2

*Roof sizes used in calculations are based on square footage of home multiplied by an assumed roof pitch of 1.05

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Does moss have roots?

Roof moss removal cost

Roof moss has thin root-like growths, which help anchor the plants to the surface. Known as rhizoids, these growths can loosen roof tiles and other damage.

Does moss have seeds and when will it grow back?

Moss depends on moisture to reproduce, not flowers or seeds, which is why it thrives on top of your roof. Once ripened, moss spores can be blown about, spread and start to grow. Without biocide treatment, you may notice moss starting to grow back in a very short period of time.

Roof moss prevention – how to stop it growing back

Preventing moss from growing back is simply a matter of regular maintenance, arranging for effective roof moss removal with biocide treatment every couple of years.

Will pressure washing my roof damage the tiles?

It depends on the type of roof you have, but there is a chance that pressure washing could cause some damage. Slate roof tiles could potentially be dislodged with the force of the water.

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