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50 showstopping bedroom feature wall ideas

Who doesn’t love a feature wall? If you’re looking to level up your bedroom, check out these 50 bedroom feature wall ideas to get started.

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Feature walls are a great way to add depth and interest to a bedroom. But they’re not just there to look pretty. They can also help you to give different areas of your room their own identity, and to pull focus to all the right places!

To give you some much-needed inspiration, we’ll share 50 showstopping bedroom feature wall ideas. There’s something on here for everyone!

1. Floral bedroom feature wall ideas

feature walls bedroom

If you’re after something big, bold and beautiful, you’ll love this floral wallpaper that fits perfectly with the recent bloomcore interior design trend. It’s a feminine look with an understated colour pallet that just screams sophistication. Who wouldn’t want to sleep amongst a bed of roses?

You can find many more wallpaper ideas in our dedicated blog. Or, if you’re chomping at the bit to get started, check out our guide to wallpapering costs.

2. Mural painted feature wall ideas

Mural painted feature wall ideas

There’s a lot you can do with paint (and we’ll cover a few ideas in this selection of bedroom feature wall ideas). But one of the most show-stopping ideas has to be a wall mural. This child’s bedroom features a colourful scene of snow-capped mountains – perfect for a little adventurer!

Have a read of our guide to mural painting costs if you’re considering commissioning one.

3. Panelling ideas for bedroom walls

feature wall bedroom

If you’re keen to get the impact of a feature wall but you live in a period property, panelling is the way to go. It’s full of character and you can make it as traditional or modern as you want. Here, the homeowner has opted for simple board and batten at half height, painted a deep sea green – a modern twist on a traditional style.

Sold on panelling? Browse our selection of MDF panelling ideas and check out our guides to the typical wall panelling and ceiling panelling costs. Or, if you’re still umming and ahhing, why not have a read about other interior design ideas?

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4. Wooden feature walls

wall decor ideas for bedroom

While we’re on the subject of panelling, look at the beautiful wood panels in this Japandi-style apartment. Having a whole wall of natural wood in this urban setting brings in much-needed warmth and calmness while still being slick and modern.

If you’re interested in Japandi design, you’ll love our selection of Japandi interior design ideas. Scandinavian and Japanese-inspired minimalist designs are likely to continue to be popular long into the future – read up on what AI has to say about the future of home improvement and interior trends for more. Plus, have a look through our selection of small living room ideas to learn more about Scandinavian style.

5. Starry sky wallpaper feature wall

Starry sky wallpaper feature wall

What could be more appropriate than sleeping beneath a canopy of stars? This wallpaper feature wall ensures that the occupant can do that every night (without the discomfort of sleeping outside!). We love how they’ve run with the colour of the night sky in the bench seat and blinds too.

To achieve a similar look, have a read of our guide to furniture reupholstery and curtain fitting costs. You’ll also need to know how to hang wallpaper – or, simply find a painter and decorator to do the job for you.

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6. Personal feature wall for a bedroom

ideas for bedroom walls

Your home is your castle, so why not make it uniquely yours? This homeowner is clearly a fan of standup paddleboarding (SUP). From the feature wall decked in printed clear water to the standup paddleboard that’s been made to look like it’s floating on top, this is a stylish space that’s also incredibly personal.

If you’re not confident designing a bedroom with this much personality, an interior designer will be able to help – take a peek at our guide to interior designer costs.

7. Gallery wall art ideas for a bedroom

wall art ideas for bedroom

Of course, feature walls don’t have to be decked in paint, wallpaper or panelling – instead, if you’re a fan of art, why not make an impact with a gallery wall? One of the reasons this gallery wall is so effective is thanks to its clear botanical theme. The black and green tones of the frames and prints are also echoed throughout the soft furnishings.

If you want to go big with a gallery wall, you’ll first need to know how to hang a picture frame. Or, of course, you can get a handyperson to help – our guide to the cost of professional picture hanging has the full lowdown.

8. Wall art ideas for a bedroom

Wall art idea for bedroom

Even smaller pieces of art can have a big impact in a bedroom. Here, there are two works of art positioned above the headboard of the bed. The gold frames match the gold side lamps, while the red and peach shades in the pictures are picked up in the headboard, cushions and throw – in this way, the wall as a whole makes a big impact, without the need for one big dominant feature.

To increase your confidence in styling your own bedroom, why not check out what AI recommends for making your home more stylish? Our aesthetic room ideas are also a great source of inspiration – and if you’re a fan of this colour scheme, you’re sure to love our royalty-worthy red bedroom ideas too!

9. Natural feature wall in bedroom

feature wall ideas

Could there be a better focal point than the great outdoors? Here, the full-width bifold doors do the job of a feature wall by pulling all the focus to the gorgeous garden. The wooden bed and wicker lampshades echo the natural tones outside, working to tie together the indoors and outdoors seamlessly.

Our guide to the cost of bifold doors is a good place to start if you want to recreate this look. Or, if your bedroom isn’t on the ground floor, browse our guide to the cost of floor to ceiling windows to get a similar effect. Of course, this feature wall idea is only successful because the garden is such a green oasis – check out our garden styling ideas to get yours looking just as good.

10. Shelving bedroom feature wall ideas

Shelving feature wall

Open shelving isn’t just a useful bedroom storage idea – it’s also a great way to show off your personality and add depth to your bedroom by displaying aesthetic items and trinkets. Open shelving works particularly well as a feature wall idea when positioned above a bed, as it frames the sleeping area. Here, the homeowner has opted for a neutral colour pallet, choosing to display calming items like vases, jars, picture frames and sprigs of greenery.

Shelving costs vary hugely depending on whether you decide to go for custom built-in shelves or to simply put up shelves that you’ve pre-bought. A carpenter near you will be able to help if you decide to go bespoke. Have a look at the typical carpenter prices in our dedicated guide, or peruse our selection of shelving ideas for inspiration.

11. Themed wall decor ideas for bedroom

Themed wall decor ideas for bedroom

A theme is a great way to tie a room together – and this children’s bedroom is a fitting example. The gold map makes the perfect feature wall for a budding young traveller, and it pops beautifully against the charcoal paint. The travel theme is continued throughout the room (as is the charcoal and gold colour scheme) with a model aeroplane suspended from the ceiling and even an old steam train positioned on the window sill!

Our nursery ideas, kids’ bedroom ideas and teen bedroom ideas have got all the inspiration you need to keep your little one happy no matter what stage they’re at. And of course, it might seem far off now, but the time will eventually come when they fly the nest and you need some ideas for your new spare room!

12. Arched bedroom feature wall ideas

Arched bedroom feature wall

The Romans were a big fan of arches and we can see why – they make your walls look taller and soften the harsh, straight lines that usually make up our homes. Here, the homeowner has created a stunning feature wall and unique headboard by setting an arch back and painting it in a slightly darker colour than the wall in front. In this way, they’ve created a cosy nook that’s ideal for bedtime.

Arches are making a real comeback, so check out our interior arch design ideas for more curvaceous inspiration. Lucky enough to already have an arch in your home? Then learn how to repair a brick arch to make the most of this stunning feature.

13. Contrasting feature wall paint ideas

feature wall paint ideas

Block colours can be extremely effective for feature walls, especially when they create a strong contrast with the walls around them. Here, the homeowner has opted for dusty pink, which really stands out against the surrounding dark green walls. Both colours are picked up in the soft furnishings, to tie the look together beautifully.

Peruse our bedroom colour ideas to create the perfect look for your space. Then, learn how to paint a wall or discover the typical painter and decorator prices to get started.

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14. Colour-blocking feature wall paint ideas

feature walls paint ideas

While we’re on the topic of paint, colour blocking walls is a great way to have some fun and brighten up your bedroom at the same time. Here, the homeowner has painted their feature wall half yellow and half white. This makes for a quirky, asymmetric look that’s right up our street.

Using paint can help you to lower your overall accent wall cost. Our guide to choosing the perfect paint colours will walk you through picking the ideal tones for your bedroom.

15. Exposed brick wall decor ideas for bedrooms

Exposed brick wall decor ideas for bedroom

An exposed brick wall can add depth and texture to your bedroom. The brick wall here has been paired with exposed lightbulbs, metal shades and an upturned crate for a bedside table. In this way, the homeowner has given the room a modern, industrial edge, while adding cosy throws and a rug to soften the look.

If you’re keen to achieve a similar effect, learn how to expose a brick wall or find out the cost to expose a brick wall when carried out by a professional. Depending on the condition of your brickwork once exposed, you may also need to repair cracks in your brick wall or invest in repointing costs. Alternatively, why not simply install brick slips?

16. Bunting feature wall idea

painted feature wall ideas

If you’re looking to create a feature wall on a tight budget, why not use decorative items to pull focus to it? You can use posters, pictures or, in this case, bunting! This children’s bedroom essentially has two feature walls – one strewn with bunting and one painted dark orange – creating a cosy corner to house the bed.

For more inspiration, browse our selection of affordable decorating ideas. Our uni bedroom ideas are also jam-packed with tips and tricks for little changes that make a big impact.

17. Oversized headboard bedroom wall idea

Oversized headboard bedroom wall idea

This probably isn’t what would immediately spring to mind when you say the words ‘feature wall.’ The homeowner here has created a velvety accent wall by extending the bed’s headboard out to cover almost the whole width of the room. It’s a bit like wall panelling that happens to serve the purpose of a comfy headboard too – just far more cosy and sumptuous!

Our guest bedroom ideas have more tips on creating a luxurious bedroom that anyone would want to stay in. Oh, and if you like this navy colour scheme, you must check out our navy bedroom ideas as well!

18. Seagrass wall decor ideas for bedroom

Seagrass wall decor ideas for bedroom

Looking for a cool alternative to hanging pictures above the bed? This terracotta-coloured feature wall is decked with seagrass plates in a range of sizes. Not only does this give the room a bohemian, natural feel, but the homeowner has taken the theme and run with it – investing in a circular seagrass rug and a seagrass plant pot to boot!

If you want to achieve a look that’s just as consistent and pulled together, it helps to first create a mood board.

For inspiration, check out our master bedroom design ideas.

19. Macrame wall decor ideas for bedroom

Another way to bring depth and texture to a feature wall is by adding a wall hanging like this macrame one. Here, the homeowner has opted to paint the wall behind the bed emerald green. The addition of the macrame wall hanging gives the wall a clear focal point, as its natural tones pop perfectly against the green background.

The first step to achieving this kind of look is to paint your room. Brush up on common paint problems and solutions to get a flawless finish, or find a painter and decorator near you to save you a job.

20. Feature wall lighting ideas

Feature wall lighting ideas

One common bedroom design mistake is neglecting to plan the lighting. If you’re looking for feature wall lighting ideas, check out this studio apartment. The homeowner has draped indoor festoon lights across the feature wall, helping to pick out the various tones of the concrete wallpaper, and complementing the apartment’s overall industrial look.

Need help planning your lighting? Head on over to our lighting design cost guide. Or, if you already know what you want, discover the typical electrician’s hourly rate to turn your lighting ideas into reality.

21. Houseplants bedroom feature wall ideas

Houseplants feature wall ideas

Houseplants have been shown to help reduce stress, boost productivity and help you sleep. So, why not plan your feature wall around them by filling it with as many plants as possible? This feature wall is filled with shelves for houseplants so that the homeowner can sleep in a green oasis.

To create an oasis of your own, take a look at these indoor garden ideas. Or, better yet, why not create a living wall? Our guide to living wall costs can help you decide if this is a route you want to take.

22. Wallpaper mural feature wall for a bedroom

Mural feature wall bedroom

Making your bedroom into a calm and relaxing space is key to a good night’s sleep. This wallpaper mural transports the occupant to the shore of a crystal clear lake, surrounded by magnificent mountains. We can’t think of a more peaceful place to drift off into dreamland!

If the idea of a mural is right up your street, wallpapering can be a cost-effective alternative to commissioning a bespoke painted mural. To achieve a similar look to this bedroom, you’ll also want to budget for carpet fitting costs. Our bedroom carpet ideas have got you covered.

23. Decorative plaster feature wall idea

White feature wall bedroom ideas

Didn’t think it was possible to have a white feature wall? Well, think again! In this bedroom, all the focus is drawn towards a white textured feature wall, reminiscent of sand dunes or ripples of water.

Hoping to create a look similar to this one? You’ll need to find a good plasterer to help. Look for a plasterer near you who has experience in fibrous plastering.

24. Corner feature wall paint idea

Feature walls paint idea

If you want to create a cosy nook for your bed, this child’s bedroom should serve as valuable inspiration. Rather than just creating a blue painted feature wall and having done with it, the homeowner has used stars and artwork to link the feature wall to the white wall next to it. In this way, they’ve drawn focus to the spot where the two walls meet rather than to the feature wall on its own.

These alcove ideas are packed with more tips and tricks. You’ll find them particularly useful if you’re dealing with a box room.

25. Paired bedroom feature walls

Bright bedroom feature wall ideas

Whoever said that you have to create just one bedroom feature wall? By playing with contrasting patterns that use the same colour pallet, you can create a dynamic yet coherent look across two walls rather than one. In this kids’ room, a pink feature wall with pastel hexagon shelves ties in perfectly with the bright pastel rainbow painted on the adjacent wall.

This bedroom is also a great example of how to divide a room and zone areas that have different uses. In fact, the table and chairs make for an ideal homeschooling setup if that’s your cup of tea!

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26. Modern feature walls in bedroom

Modern feature wall ideas

If you love modern design, you’re sure to be a fan of this bedroom feature wall. Made up of square wood-look panels, it’s slick and stylish. Better yet, it also serves to hide the walk-in wardrobe behind it!

Check out the average cost of a fitted bedroom or drool at our walk-in wardrobe and built-in wardrobe ideas.

27. Wallpaper art ideas for bedroom

Wallpaper art ideas for bedroom

Some wallpaper is so beautiful that you could mistake it for art. This bedroom is a fantastic example – the homeowner has framed this delicate floral wallpaper to give the impression that it’s a giant piece of artwork. They’ve also employed a restricted colour pallet of warm greys, so that the blue of the wallpaper grabs attention immediately.

Aside from the feature wall, we can’t help but admire the sophisticated lighting in this relaxing bedroom. Take a peek at our guide on the cost to hang a chandelier to take a leaf out of their book.

28. Monochrome ideas for bedroom walls

Monochrome ideas for bedroom walls

Black and white is a classic colour combination that works in both traditional and modern houses. This bedroom’s monochrome feature wall is particularly effective as the homeowner has chosen to extend the monochrome pallet to the rest of the room – from the radiator to the blinds, the headboard to the cosy throw. The only elements that don’t comply are the natural wood bedside tables and mirror, which help to soften the look and add warmth to the room.

If you’re a fan of black and white, why not use it elsewhere in the home too? Check out our classic black and white kitchen ideas or our black and white bathroom ideas to get your brain whirring.

29. Stripped-back bedroom feature wall ideas

Stripped-back bedroom feature wall

This bedroom feature wall is made of bare pine boards, giving it a raw, stripped-back look. Together with the pallet bed and the books and picture frames adorning the floor, the overall impression is that of an artist’s pad.

Is this look calling to you? Then make sure to check out our rustic bedroom ideas and loft bedroom ideas too. Oh, and if you also have more books than you know what to do with, we bet you’d benefit from our reading corner ideas as well.

30. Striped bedroom feature wall ideas

Striped bedroom wall ideas

You can’t get much more classic than stripes. This feature wall boasts rich terracotta stripes and a terracotta skirting board to match. But that’s not all – the homeowner has then gone a step further and made sure that everything in the bedroom is either a gorgeous terracotta tone or natural wood, creating the most inviting haven.

Want to get the look? Learn how to fit skirting boards or check out the typical skirting board fitting cost when carried out by a professional. Our fitted wardrobe cost guide will be handy to have up your sleeve too.

31. Subtle feature wall in bedroom

Subtle feature wall ideas

If you live in a period home – or you like classic decor – you’ll love this bedroom feature wall idea. The homeowner has used wallpaper with a white background and a pale feathered pattern. It’s a subtle addition that adds texture while maintaining a calm and understated environment.

If you’re renovating a period property, our guides on how to plan a house renovation and the cost of renovating a house will be your best friends. And don’t forget to use our house renovation checklist too.

32. Watercolour effect for bedroom walls

Watercolour effect for bedroom walls

We can’t get enough of this bedroom feature wall. By using wallpaper that has a mottled watercolour effect, the homeowner has created a zen space reminiscent of a blue sky. With plenty of natural light and crisp white bedding, it’s enough to make you want to crawl right into this bed.

This is a great example of how a small bedroom can be made to feel light and airy – check our our small bedroom ideas for plenty more.

33. Moody bedroom feature wall ideas

Moody bedroom feature wall ideas

Thinking about opting for a dark colour on your bedroom feature wall? This image is all the proof you need that it can be a great idea! The homeowner has chosen a dark charcoal, and taken the edge off with warm yellow and wicker tones.

Our selection of dark bedroom ideas has more moody bedroom inspo!

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34. Illustrated feature wall bedroom ideas

Black and white wallpaper idea for bedroom

If you’ve ever pictured living in a storybook, this illustrated wallpaper is sure to be your cup of tea. Featuring a black and white forest scene, it’s fun and calming at the same time, making it ideal for children and adults alike. We love how the homeowner here has run with the forest theme by adding a tree trunk-style nightstand and a log for decor.

Black and white is a timeless colour scheme that’s also recommended on our list of bedroom ideas for couples.

35. Living feature wall

Living feature wall ideas

If you’re a fan of the great outdoors, you’re probably wondering how you can bring the outside in. This homeowner has got it nailed – they’ve used the same beige tones for inside and outside, making the two spaces feel like one big bedroom, separated by just a glass screen. In this way, the living wall outdoors is made to feel like a feature wall within the room itself.

Looking for more ways to bring your love of nature into the home? Our biophilic interior design ideas have got you covered. Oh, and don’t forget to read our guide on garden trends too, to maximise that all-important ‘fifth room.’

36. Bare plaster feature wall

Plaster feature wall

Sometimes, the biggest rewards are reaped by those who dare to bare (plaster, of course!). This bedroom boasts a clay plaster feature wall in warm pink tones. Its subtle imperfections give it a unique texture and depth – so much so that the homeowner hasn’t even needed to put up any artwork or wall decor!

We particularly love the look of clay plaster, but you can achieve a stunning feature wall with standard gypsum plaster too. Or, why not opt for eye-catching Venetian plaster, which is becoming more popular for accent walls? Visit our guides on the cost to plaster a room and the typical cost of skimming a room to learn more.

37. Chalkboard bedroom wall

Chalkboard bedroom wall

How much fun would it be if you could draw on your walls without damaging them? Enter this chalkboard bedroom wall. Use it for eye-catching drawings, inspirational quotes, doodles or reminders – just wipe it clean when you get tired of it and draw something new!

Blackboards are also popular playroom ideas. That way, ‘no drawing on the walls’ never needs to pass your lips again!

38. Bold painted feature wall ideas

Block colour painted feature wall idea

Why not make your bedroom all about your favourite colour? This homeowner has taken the colour orange and run with it – using it for the feature wall, bed, cushions and even filling a picture frame with this colour alone! The absence of any pictures or wall decorations makes this a particularly bold statement.

Burnt orange and similar warm tones are becoming more and more popular throughout the home. In fact, orange features in both our kitchen colour ideas and living room decorating ideas too.

39. Patterned ideas for bedroom walls

Patterned idea for bedroom walls

Now for the opposite of a block colour! This children’s room features a white wall that’s covered with colourful confetti-like shapes. It’s a great way of introducing a large colour pallet to a room without overwhelming the space.

We also love this kids’ room as it provides a variety of toy storage ideas to copy – an effective way to maximise your space at home.

40. Bedroom feature wall ideas with texture

Sophisticated feature wall

Look at all the textures in this bedroom! Not only have you got the fluffy pampas grass, the chunky throw, the crinkled bedspread and the hessian cushion cover – but even the feature wall boasts both a seamlessly smooth top half and a panelled bottom half. Tie it all together with a single navy blue colour and you’ve got a sophisticated and rich master bedroom.

If you’re hoping to undertake some home improvements to get your home spick and span like this one, we’ve got your back. Read our guide to the best way to finance and budget for home improvements and find out what a home improvements mortgage is.

41. Wall decal idea for bedroom

Wall decal idea for bedroom

This bedroom feature wall idea is simple yet effective. The homeowner has chosen a wall decal featuring an urban skyline and placed it over the bed. In this way, it does two jobs – it draws attention to this minimalist feature wall and negates the need for a headboard!

Creating a feature wall in this way is an easy DIY project. Have a read of our simple home DIY ideas for more home improvements you can make quickly and cheaply on your own.

42. Green feature wall idea for bedroom

Green feature wall idea

In interior design, green is the new grey. It’s associated with nature and provides serenity. This bedroom not only boasts a rich green feature wall – it’s also got a green bedspread, upholstered bench and tropical floor plant to match.

Browse our selection of green bedroom ideas to embrace the colour of mother nature’s canvas.

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43. Ombre bedroom feature wall ideas

Calming feature wall

This ombre feature wall boasts a handpainted mural of wistful mountains. Not only is it beautiful, but it really helps to divide the room into distinct spaces. While the area around the mural is atmospheric and low in light, the nook where the bed is located is light and airy with plain white walls. In fact, the sleeping area has definite coastal cowgirl vibes going on!

This kind of zoning of a space is key to open plan living. If you’re interested in achieving a similar effect, our open plan living ideas will have more tips for you to try.

44. Playful ideas for bedroom walls

Fun bedroom feature wall ideas

If you’re after a fun and playful idea for your bedroom feature wall, have a look at some patterned wallpapers. This kids’ bedroom is decked out in wallpaper featuring miniature cacti. The plush cactus toy does a fantastic job of drawing attention to the print!

Feature wallpaper is a home trend that’s been identified for 2023. So, now’s the time to take the plunge if you’re considering it. Contrary to popular belief, it’s also super easy to remove wallpaper if you change your mind – so, no excuses!

45. Dark bedroom feature wall ideas

Dark feature wall ideas

You wouldn’t usually expect to see a child’s room painted dark grey. But this dark grey feature wall with panelling works a treat in this baby girl’s nursery – especially teamed with splashes of pink. Better still, you’d just need to switch out the furniture to make the room work for a teenager or even an adult later down the line.

If you’re a fan of the pink accessories dotted around this bedroom, we bet you’ll love our Barbie-core trend decorating ideas!

46. Fairylights wall decor ideas for bedroom

Fairylights wall decor ideas for bedroom

Whether you’re 8 or 80, you can’t help but love fairylights. So, what better way to put a smile on your face than to deck your feature wall in twinkly lights like this homeowner? It’s guaranteed to create the perfect atmosphere for reading, watching films or just getting ready for bed.

Onboard? Learn more about how much LED lights cost to run or check out the cost of a Christmas light installation (we know, we know, fairylights aren’t just for Christmas!).

47. Blackboard feature wall idea

Blackboard feature wall idea

Another blackboard to grace our list of bedroom feature wall ideas, this one is adorned with a sophisticated floral drawing. We can only imagine that the homeowner isn’t planning on rubbing it off any time soon, as it matches in so well with the rest of the room. The lime green and beige tones in the chalk are picked up in the furniture and decor, while the houseplants continue the botanical theme.

The use of a blackboard is also a practical way to avoid clutter – you can write reminders and to-do lists on it as well as using it for aesthetic purposes. Our selection of space-saving bedroom ideas has more tips for investing in dual-purpose items that are both pretty and practical.

48. Folding screens feature wall

Folding screens feature wall

If you’re a fan of panelling but lack the time or money to install it in your home, we have an idea for you – why not use folding screens instead? The homeowner here has placed folding screens flat against the wall and painted them to blend in. In this way, you still get to add texture and depth to your feature wall, with a fraction of the faff.

Folding screens can also be used to divide a room temporarily, without having to fork out on expensive partition wall costs. As you can see, they can be a super handy tool for home renovators on a budget!

49. Large wall art ideas for a bedroom

Bedroom art idea

Choosing oversized artwork to fill your feature wall can give your bedroom an artsy look that’s personal to you – especially if you paint it yourself! The homeowner here has used unframed canvases to do the job. This makes for a more ‘thrown together’ and organic feel.

If you’re a budding artist, check out our guide to the cost of building an art studio. It might not be as prohibitive as you think!

50. Neon sign bedroom feature wall ideas

Neon sign feature wall

Last but not least, why not deck out your feature wall with a slogan? You can use inspirational quotes, tongue-in-cheek jokes or simply phrases that make you smile. We love this feature wall – not only is the ‘stay in bed and dream’ message perfect for a bedroom, but the pink neon sign brings an upbeat and modern edge to this urban apartment.

We’re also big fans of neon on staircases – check out our staircase lighting ideas to see what we mean.

Key takeaways

  • There are many different ways to create a feature wall – such as paint, wallpaper, artwork and exposed brick.
  • Picking the right bedroom feature wall ideas for you will depend on the style of your home, your personality and the existing features in your bedroom.
  • When choosing where to place your feature wall, think about where you want to draw focus to. This will usually be the wall where the bed is, or the first wall you see as you walk into the bedroom.
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