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Raised pond ideas for a stylish garden

If you've always wanted to incorporate a pond into your garden design then we've got some ideas for you.
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Raised ponds look great and they’re easy to install, so it’s no wonder they’re a growing trend. If you’re looking for some raised pond ideas to introduce to your garden, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve got lots of inspiration for you to dive right into!

Oh, and once you have all the inspiration you need, don’t forget to learn about how to maintain your pond and the typical pond cleaning cost. That way, you can make sure that your new pond stays spick and span long into the future.

Benefits of a raised pond

There are lots of benefits to incorporating a raised pond into your garden landscaping. Here are just a few.

  • They’re perfect options for any sized garden
  • Raised pond kits offer easy installation
  • Definitive edges for mesh attachments
  • Their vertical barrier stops children from accidentally falling in
  • They come in various shapes and sizes for every taste and style
  • No digging required

Raised garden pond ideas for your next project

Circular fountain pond

There’s nothing more quintessential than a circular fountain pond in a rural part of England. If you’ve ever frequented a National Trust garden, you’ll have seen such a specimen before.

We adore this brick-edged pond design, with waterlilies and sweet flags decorating the water’s surface. The pond itself is cut into the garden’s gravel path and parallel sharp-edged lawn, framing its shape.

The classic stone fountain finishes the look, making us certain this pond features in various selfies across the internet.

Waterlily fountain pond

The waterlily fountain is the first thing you see when you look at this pond. The water trickles off the petals into the water below, making it stand out in all the right ways.

Next, you notice the shape and curves of the concrete pond, which makes what could be a rather drab material a little more interesting.

Get the look by hiring one of our professional landscapers to install a similar design!

See the tradespeople we've checked and recommend for your job

Raised koi pond ideas

Perennial koi pond

This small concrete pond design houses a small fountain (that doubles up as a filtration system), flamingoes, and koi fish!

Moisture-loving perennials dug into a gravel and mulch plant patch offer some protection and visual interest for the koi.

Also, if you look closely, you can see the oxygenating aquatic plants that keep the water fresh and the koi happy.

Simple but stylish

Hidden by tall perennials, this concrete-edged koi pond evokes the feeling of whimsy. It’s proof that you don’t need a grand design to make an impact.

The lip of this pond is ever-so-slightly raised to mark a clear boundary, while the unassuming waterfall serves a dual purpose: interest and filtration.

Raised fish pond ideas

Mosaic border pond

The simple stone design is elegant and effective. The heron fountain provides a decorative way to keep the water circulating, while the creeping jenny plants offer much-needed oxygenation.

The stone mosaic border is a good example of how to make a simple design pop. Not only does it add texture and interest, but it also protects the koi from land-based predators – including children, dogs and cats!

Waterfall pond

Pond waterfall with foliage

Although this elaborate design might be a little out of budget for most people it gives you a good idea of how natural textures and aquatic plants complement each other.

If you’re looking to add large boulders and a running waterfall, consider including colourful, water-loving plants such as cardinal flowers, pickerel, mosaic, and blue iris, which will help your design pop – especially in the summer.

Raised wooden pond ideas

Circular wooden border pond

Carving a pond into the edge of your raised decking is a great design trick for adding interest and character. This pond can either work as a biodiverse haven or a fish pond. It has all the elements for both.

We love how there’s plenty of space around this pond to sit and soak in the atmosphere. It’s also surrounded by protective shrubbery, which has the added benefit of making it feel like a peaceful oasis, away from prying eyes!

Why not get the look by hiring one of our professional landscapers?

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Minimalist design

The clean lines and contemporary aesthetic here are simply stunning.

Everything about this garden adheres to the rule of symmetry. The wooden decking is cut into four equal sections, with three housing ponds and one housing furniture to sit on while admiring them.

There’s also a stone edging outline that gives a clean finish, while the large paving slabs atop the lawn are a perfect decorative feature.

Stone fish pond ideas

Boulder fish pond

This gorgeous Japanese fish pond design is a koi fish haven. The huge boulders and various water depths give the fish plenty to do and see, while the foliage and aquatic life complement their surroundings perfectly.

One of the wonderful facts about fish is how they remember you and know when you’re coming to feed them. When you house them in such a beautiful habitat as this, you’ll have several orange and white friends for life!

Raised stone fish pond

This rustic stone pond is simple yet striking. We love the yellow iris plants that offer a pop of colour against the grey and brown stones, while the circular design remains classic and elegant.

It’s interesting how the pond intersects with the paving slabs and lawn, which suggests the pond was an original feature the property owners wanted to keep.

Thankfully, they’ve made the most of its design, which matches the curved edging of the perennial patch in the background.

Brick-bordered pond design

There’s something timeless about this classic pond design, with the statue of a child overlooking it.

Brick is an ancient material that’s been used to build ponds, wells and fountains for centuries. It’s robust, safe and effortlessly shabby-chic! And when paired with flowering water lilies, sweet flag, and blue irises, we’d sit out here forever too.

Contemporary raised pond idea

If you’re looking for a modern and contemporary feel, why not incorporate a rectangular marble pond in your garden?

This simple and elegant design intersects with the grey decking and gravel patch for added interest, while the monochrome privacy walls contrast nicely for a slick aesthetic.

Why not hire one of our professionals to help you get the look?

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Stone and wood raised pond

This garden knows how to make the most of its space. Firstly, the raised stone edge is designed to look as if the pond exploded from the earth, while the little river that runs the length of the garden is a miniature version of any Cotswolds’ stream.

We can’t help but love the decorative wooden bridge, which matches a section of the pond’s edging – likely put there to offer easy access and a nice excuse to sit down and enjoy the view!

Like what you see? There’s more where this came from. Check out our blog for more tips, ideas, how-tos, and inspiration.

Raised garden pond FAQs

How deep should a raised garden pond be?

If you’re planning on keeping fish, your garden pond needs to be a minimum of four feet deep. Anything shallower risks the pond freezing during winter and killing off the fish. Some ways to avoid that include installing a pump or waterfall.

However, if you’re just keeping aquatic plants and encouraging some biodiversity into your garden, you can get away with a shallower pond.

Should a garden pond be in sun or shade?

To avoid stagnation, your pond should be in a sunny or part-shaded area. To keep the water fresh and clean, you’ll need to fill your pond with oxygenating plants, which need sunshine to survive.

How much does it cost to build a raised garden pond?

The cost of a pond installation varies on design, size and depth. Check out our garden landscaping cost guide for more information. Or contact our pond installation specialists to ask for some quotes. Alternatively, buy a small ready-made pond online.

If you’re still after more pond inspiration, take a look at some more of our garden pond ideas. And if you’re interested in building a raised pond in your garden, find a local professional below.

See the tradespeople we've checked and recommend for your job

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