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Charming Victorian bathroom ideas

Take inspiration from these Victorian bathroom ideas to create a timeless, elegant scheme that you'll love.

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Victorian bathroom ideas

Victorian bathroom ideas exude elegance and charm with timeless appeal.

In this post, interiors expert, Deirdre Mc Gettrick (founder of furniture search and comparison engine and co-host of The DnA of Home Interiors podcast), explains the key design elements of a Victorian bathroom and showcases their versatility to suit your own personal style.

Deirdre says: Bathroom design has changed significantly over the decades so you can now opt for varying styles of a traditional bathroom suite and combine it with contemporary finishing touches.”

  • First, we’ll look at the key design components of a Victorian bathroom from flooring and tiles to sanitaryware, colours, and lighting
  • We’ll then explore how to play with these aspects, mixing and matching Victorian bathroom ideas with other styles to create an inspiring gallery of design ideas
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The key elements of Victorian bathroom design

The wonderful thing about Victorian bathroom design ideas is the ability to take the classic components and blend them any way you like to create your ideal sanctuary.

So if you love clawfoot baths, but find the vintage look a bit OTT, just take your freestanding bath and build your preferred scheme to suit.

If you adore the rich, forest green tones often seen in a Victorian bathroom but feel it’s too overpowering for your taste, take it down a notch by pairing it with the light, limewash tones of Scandi design.

Here, we’ll showcase these ideas and more, highlighting the ‘building blocks’ of Victorian bathroom design so you can pick and mix the elements you’re drawn to.

Victorian bathroom tiles

Monochrome Victorian bathroom decor

Black and white bathroom tiles are a classic characteristic of Victorian style and work perfectly if you want to recreate an authentic period feel.

However, the Victorians were bursting with creative flair, and there’s no better way to express this in your bathroom than in your tiles.

Victorian bathroom with eclectic tiles

Notice how this concept uses two equally bold tile choices to create something eye-catching and unique.

Wood flooring

Victorian bathroom with wood floor

While this dark wood flooring is rich and alluring, the distinctive shaped roll-top slipper bath is the crowning glory in this Victorian-inspired bathroom.

Rich colours

Victorian inspired bathroom. Green walls. Black and white floor tiles

Victorian decor was awash with rich, bold colours including deep purples, blues, greens, and reds.

Victorian inspired bathroom with purple walls and wood panelling

If you prefer more muted shades, just slide up the colour chart to find a lighter tone.

Discover the ideal hue for your bathroom with our guide to choosing the perfect paint colour.

Wall panelling

Victorian bathroom with panelled walls

It wouldn’t be uncommon to see wall panelling in a Victorian home, which would extend into the bathroom and kitchen too.

Nowadays, panelling comes in all shapes, sizes, and designs, so you can be sure to find a style to suit your taste.

The panelling in this bathroom creates a cosy cottage feel. Note how the Victorian-inspired freestanding bath and mixer taps blend effortlessly in this scheme.

Traditional taps

Antique mixer taps in a bathroom

Brass, chrome, or gold; metallic taps with a vintage cross-head finish are synonymous with Victorian bathroom style.

For a more traditional look, opt for metallic taps with ceramic handles and levers.

Pedestal sink

Traditional Victorian pedestal sink

A thick, square-angled pedestal sink is another hallmark of Victorian bathroom design.

It’s hard not to find joy in this style concept, enveloping so many Victorian-inspired design features.

Freestanding baths

Freestanding bath in a Victorian bathroom

The key component of a Victorian bathroom is an opulent freestanding bath.

This concept is delivered beautifully, with an ornate, clawfoot, roll-top bath, antique mixer taps, pedestal sink and expertly matched Victorian-inspired tiles.

Victorian shower room ideas

Victorian shower room ideas

To create a modern shower room with classic Victorian touches, choose a traditional shower fitting with exposed metallic elements and riser rail.

The sleek, streamlined shower surround marries the period and contemporary elements of this bathroom with ease.

Period light fittings

Victorian style bathroom ideas

To create a practical yet atmospheric ambience in your bathroom, fit a layered lighting system that you can tailor to your needs.

For example, dimmable ceiling lights and/or wall sconces can be turned up or down to suit the mood, while task lighting on either side of a mirror is ideal for teeth brushing, makeup application, or shaving.

For added Victorian charm, opt for a chandelier bathroom light that will bring instant decadence to the scheme.

Choose period-style wall lights, like this brushed chrome design from, to add a touch of heritage chic to your space.

Period light fittings

Check out our guide to bathroom lighting ideas and remember to always contact a qualified electrician for installation.

Decorative mirrors

Mirrors in a Victorian bathroom

It may come as little surprise, that when selecting a mirror for your Victorian-inspired bathroom, it’s time to be bold.

If it’s ornate with intricate mouldings, don’t hesitate to incorporate it into your Victorian bathroom.

You can quite literally bathe in the beautiful, decorative finishes in this bathroom while relaxing in the roll-top bath. Rather than outdoing each other, the components of this design complement each other perfectly, creating an opulent and decadent sanctuary.

Victorian radiators

Radiator in a Victorian bathroom

Victorian cast iron radiators with their thick rails and exposed pipes are not just practical but they’re a design feature in their own right.

New Victorian-style radiators are available in a range of different colours, but why not restore a vintage cast iron radiator as part of your bathroom renovation?

Traditional bathroom furniture

Traditional bathroom furniture by

“Accessorising with traditional wooden style bathroom furniture and ornate framed mirrors are guaranteed to bring authenticity to any vintage bathroom design, and add a modern take on the traditional Victorian décor.” – Deirdre Mc Gettrick.

The shutter detail in these freestanding wooden units and cast iron rod handles bring warmth and interest to the cooler tones of this bathroom. Teamed with the cross-head mixer tap and elegant wall panelling, it creates a soothing, relaxing space.

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Blending Victorian bathroom ideas to suit your taste

We’ve already seen a few striking examples of how Victorian-inspired bathroom design can blend effortlessly with other styles to create something quite special. The timeless nature of these classic elements makes them incredibly versatile to work with.

Here, we’ll showcase a series of modern bathroom styles that incorporate the classic elements of Victorian design.

Boho meets Victorian

Victorian bathroom with boho feel

The rich, earthy palette paired with the warm metallic tone of the copper roll-top bath creates a soothing, natural environment to relax in.

The brass bath effect

Copper bath in Victorian bathroom

For contrast, see how different this bathroom design is compared to the previous image.

The same Victorian-inspired bathroom finishes: roll-top bath and antique mixer taps, but switch up the colour palette to achieve a completely different feel.

Cool industrial

Industrial feel Victorian bathroom

Again, it’s the roll-top bath that’s the focal point, but paired with exposed brick and cast iron taps, it works in a more rustic, industrial scheme too.

Rustic charm

Rustic look Victorian bathroom

Eye spy, yep, it’s the classic roll-top bath again. Another bathroom design to prove that Victorian bathroom ideas can suit all manner of tastes and styles.

The combination of wood panelling, wood vanity, rattan storage, and terracotta accessories creates a charming, relaxed feel.

Traditional farmhouse

Farmhouse style Victorian bathroom

They say good design transcends time. And here, the double-ended Victorian-inspired roll-top bath looks right at home in this farmhouse-style bathroom.

Grounding a contemporary version of this vintage-style bath with the natural warmth of the hardwood floor and vanity is a masterclass in design.

A contemporary update

Modern victorian bathroom ideas

And for something that looks more contemporary, opt for an ultra-modern stone or resin freestanding bath with sleek, chrome fixtures.

Feeling inspired to create your own Victorian bathroom ideas? Learn how to secure the right bathroom fitter for your renovation with our handy guide.

Small Victorian bathroom ideas

Small Victorian bathroom ideas

Don’t feel that you can’t incorporate vintage elements if you have a smaller bathroom. Even the most compact bathrooms can be refreshed with old-school Victorian charm.

You might not have room for a freestanding roll top, however, a traditional-style pedestal sink with ornate brass taps will convey a similar feel.

“A ceramic pedestal basin is typical of a Victorian style bathroom, while neutral walls, vibrant patterned floor tiles, and exposed plumbing pipes from the tap, shower or radiator, can also help you achieve the look.” – Deirdre Mc Gettrick.

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