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How to design a bathroom like a pro

Want to know how to design a bathroom? Ever asked yourself how to design a bathroom layout or remodel? Well, we have a few tricks up our sleeves that we want to share with you. We aim to take the pressure off when it comes to designing your bathroom, which is why we’re giving you the best planning and layout tools that will help you make the most of your space.

Want to know how to design a bathroom?

Well, we have a few tricks up our sleeves that we want to share with you. We aim to take the pressure off when it comes to designing your bathroom remodel, so we’ve got the best planning and layout tools that will help you make the most of your space.

Read on for advice from our tradespeople.

How to design a bathroom

It all starts with a list. There’s no point going in blind when it comes to interior design. As bathrooms are trickier rooms to renovate, you’ll need to keep track of the different tradespeople you need, such as a plumber, plasterer and flooring installer, and the constraints around the, often smaller, square footage you have to play with.

Before you get started:

  • Measure your space. This includes the square footage, the current size of your white goods, and the height of your walls
  • Sketch out your desired layout using a ruler and pencil to see what works
  • Think about your desired decor and design scheme must-haves
  • Consider your fixtures and faucets. We recommend choosing some that are either simple and contemporary or hidden

If you’re already overwhelmed, you might benefit from hiring a local professional who’s already helped out your neighbours. Otherwise, keep reading to see what else goes into designing a bathroom.

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How to design a bathroom layout

Before you decide on your layout, you need to work out what it can accommodate. For example, do you want a bath, walk-in shower, splashproof surfaces, plenty of storage or all of these things? If so, will they fit or will you have to forgo a large bath in order to fit a smaller one in? How about a shower and bath combo instead?

Once you know what you want and what you can practically have, it’s time to think like an interior designer. To get yourself in the mindset, follow these steps:

  1. How to design a small bathroom. Image: Render of a drawing of bathroom with a hand holding a pencil over the pictureWhat do you want your immediate impression to be? For example, do you really want your guests to see your loo first?
  2. Where is your current piping and how easy is it to relocate?
  3. Do you need to add a shower tray or dip your floor to accommodate a walk-in shower?
  4. Do you have a design feature in mind? Is your sink and mirror combo going to shine? Or perhaps your slipper tub should steal the show?
  5. Although it’s tempting to use up floor space, try maximising it with floating furniture, corner/inset shelves, tallboys, and hidden faucets.
  6. Keep the decor neutral but make a statement with dynamic pieces, key features and striking accents.
  7. Does everything work well together? For example, is your towel rack next to your shower or bath for easy access?

Keep these things in mind when planning your layout to avoid having to change anything halfway through your renovation.

Check out our new bathroom cost guide to get an idea of how much a renovation might set you back. 

How to design a small bathroom

As our homes get smaller and space becomes a commodity, our bathrooms often take the brunt of limited square footage. That’s why smart features and clever designs ensure your bathroom experience is as comfortable and aesthetically pleasing as possible.

Once you’ve decided on the realities of your layout, it’s time to think like a pro. This includes incorporating design elements that maximise your square footage without overpowering the space.

So, plan your bathroom with the following design tricks in mind:

  1. Plan a bathroom design and remodelMake small and simple spaces feel bigger by defining zones. This can be as simple as adding wood panels above your sink or clashing tiles above your bath or shower. This creates distance between areas and gives the illusion of greater square footage.
  2. Stick to one or two colours but add clashing textures to create interest. For example, white victorian floor tiles with a white marble feature wall.
  3. Keep it simple. For example, use hooks and bars to hang towels, accessories and mirrors. Also, wall-mounted units vs. vanity units will increase the feeling of spaciousness in your bathroom.
  4. Open up the space with mirrors, glass screens and plenty of bright decor choices.
  5. Use up wall space to avoid overcrowding your floors. For example, hang your towel rack higher up over your bath or toilet.
  6. Utilise any awkward corners by installing cabinets, shelves or a free-standing tub. For bathrooms with slanted ceilings, this is particularly beneficial.
  7. Consider walk-in showers or wet rooms to make the most of awkwardly shaped and smaller spaces.

For more inspiration like this, design your bathroom using the following ideas guide.

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How to design a bathroom remodel

If you want to design a bathroom that’s already been fitted, you’re likely limited when it comes to your options. That said, a revamp can be just as transformative as designing your bathroom from scratch.

To plan your bathroom remodel, you need to understand what you don’t like about your current setup. Maybe the decor is dull and dated? Perhaps your shower needs a retrofit? Do you want to move/upgrade/replace the current plumbing with more contemporary alternatives?

Sometimes, it’s a matter of vision. Other times, it’s a matter of layout. Whatever the reason, our professionals are here to help you fall in love with your bathroom again. Check out how to pick the perfect bathroom remodelling expert here. And find inspiration for your remodelling project here.

Small walk-in shower roomsIn the meantime, ask yourself the following questions when planning how to design a bathroom remodel:

  1. What elements are missing in your current bathroom? This can be storage, a shower/bath, sinks, vanity units, lighting, tiles etc. When you know what you’re missing, you can plan how to incorporate those elements.
  2. Can you create more space with a more dynamic flow? For example, will moving your shower or bath free up space to create a more cohesive living space?
  3. What aesthetic are you hoping for? Do you want a spa feel, a contemporary upgrade or a traditional installation? Does this tie in with the rest of your home?
  4. How much are you willing to spend on your remodel? Your budget will determine your options.

If you want to know how much a bathroom remodel might set you back, our new bathroom cost guide breaks it all down for you.


  • Measure your space and sketch out some layout ideas
  • Choose your faucets, fixtures and accessories in advance
  • Stick to your design scheme
  • Consider clashing textures, not clashing colours
  • Hire the bathroom fitter your neighbours love to help you make the right design choices

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