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Four ways to improve your driveway

Increase the kerb appeal of your home by building an attractive driveway that's practical and durable.

When looking to make a change to your home, there are few better places to start than your driveway.

It’s one of the first areas that visitors see when they enter your property, so it’s important to make a good first impression.

We’ve pulled together some of the best ways you can upgrade your driveway design as well as how to keep it looking as good as new.

1) Kerbs and edging

Asphalt driveway

One of the best ways to make your driveway look better is by adding kerb and paver edging stones. Not only are these accessories stylish but they can help add a practical finishing touch.

You can get kerb and paver edging stones in a variety of materials, including concrete, sandstone and limestone. What’s more, these options are available in a variety of colours and patterns.

2) Lighting choices

driveway lighting

Lights are a great way to showcase your driveway and make it look bigger. Not only do lights help to make your home look more attractive, but they can also help to add another layer of security.

There are so many different styles and designs to choose from when it comes to lighting, and you can consider both solar and hardwired options depending on your driveway.

If you want a brighter lighting solution for your driveway it’s better to go for wired – and it’s important to bring in a qualified electrician to make sure all the wiring is safe.

3) Choose a pattern

brick paver driveway

A great way to make a big statement on your drive is to establish a pattern with your paving installation. There are a number of suppliers who now offer slabs, flags and pavers in a number of eye-catching patterns.

Take a look at our block paving cost guide for more information.

4) Add some plants

monoblock paving on a driveway

Adding some plants to your driveway can really make it look amazing. You could consider low maintenance grasses or shrubs that can be grown straight out of gravel or potted flowers that add some colour.

Adding plants doesn’t only look great but can have a number of additional benefits, including better drainage, more habitats for wildlife and also nice fragrance from plants such as lavender. You can also add plants to give you some privacy too.

There are so many design options on offer for homeowners looking to renovate their driveways. As such, before starting any project ensure that you’ve done a bit of reading to make sure you’re getting the most from the task. Not only are you able to bolster design, but by adding plants or adding lights you can make your driveway more functional.

Maintaining your driveway

It’s all very well making your driveway look amazing, but if you don’t keep on top of maintenance, it could all be wasted time and money.

One way to keep it looking fresh is to seal it. Sealing your driveway will help make sure it stands the test of time. Follow the steps we’ve outlined below to seal your driveway properly.

How to seal your driveway

Step 1: Remove weeds

If there are any weeds in your driveway, it’s important to remove these before sealing it.

Aggressive weeds should be tackled with weed killer. You can also use a weeding knife to get in between the cracks to remove any pesky weeds.

Use a broom to brush over your driveway to remove any weeds and debris that you’ve just dug up.

Step 2: Use a pressure washer

After clearing away any excess debris, it’s time to get out the pressure washer. We recommend wearing some protective footwear for this job.

It might sound straightforward forward, but try and angle your pressure washer so you are cleaning the gaps between your driveway without adding too much pressure that might disturb the slabs themselves.

Leave your driveway to fully dry before you move on to the next step. Don’t fancy doing it yourself? Take a look at our driveway cleaning cost guide.

Step 3: Fill gaps with sand

Be sure that the weather is set to be dry for the next 24-48 hours and fill the gaps in your driveway with sand.

We recommend using a stiff-bristled brush to push it in the gaps and to brush over it to make sure it’s nice and flat. Avoid filling them too much that the sand spills over.

Step 4: Seal

It’s now time to seal. It’s best to seal your driveway the same day that you filled the gaps with sand if possible.

There are many ways you can seal your driveway but the most popular is with a roller and tray. You can achieve an even coat and it doesn’t take up too much of your time.

Alternatively, you can use a sprayer if you want to be even more precise.

Leave to dry for a few hours and then apply a second coat. Avoid putting cars on your driveway for the next 24 hours.

Take a look at our driveway sealing cost guide to see how much hiring a professional could cost you.

The best driveway coatings

Solvent-based concrete and patio sealer

For a durable sealer that’ll be sure to keep your driveway intact, a solvent-based concrete sealer is the best option.

It’s a product that offers superior waterproofing qualities and will protect your driveway at all costs.

It can fight against harsh weather conditions and offers protection against mould and mildew growth.

driveway roller seal

Water-based concrete and patio sealer

A water-based sealant arguably isn’t as durable but it will certainly protect your driveway against everyday use. A major plus is that it is far more eco-friendly than other types of sealant.

This kind of sealant is perfect for use with paving slabs, concrete driveways and block paving. It will also prevent weed and moss growth.

Acrylic sealer

Acrylic sealant is the most expensive choice to effectively seal your driveway, however, it does offer some amazing benefits.

It is highly durable, weather resistant and even resistant against UV rays, which means your driveway is much less likely to fade. It’s also considered more environmentally friendly.

Wet-look sealer

A wet-look driveway sealer is designed to treat stone paving and bring it back to life.

If your driveway is looking a little worse for wear and the appearance is faded, then a wet-look sealer will give it a new lease of life and revitalise the surface.

Wet-look sealers are available in fast-drying solutions that won’t take days to dry, so look out for these on the market.

Matt finish sealer

A matt look sealant is great for driveways that need protection but for homeowners that want to create a subtle finish.

It will prevent weed and moss growth, general wear and tear as well protecting against oil stains.

Key takeaways

Adding lights, edging, plants and patterns can really increase the kerb appeal of your driveway, but in order to make it look better for longer, it’s important to invest in its maintenance.

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