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Last updated on March 31st, 2022

What’s the cost to replumb a gas supply?

Picking a new boiler that will need a new gas supply? Find out what the cost to replumb a gas supply is.

When it comes to boilers, combi boilers tend to be everyone’s first choice. This is because they are smaller and much more energy-efficient. If you have an old boiler that you want to replace, you may choose a combi boiler, which may mean that you will need to replumb your gas supply.

Why is that?

This is because older boilers, back in the day, were connected to the gas supply with pipes that were 15mm in diameter. However, combi boilers now need to have pipes that are at least 22mm. If they’re running over a longer distance, you may even have to upgrade them to 28mm or 35mm.

This means if you had an older boiler, you’d need to replumb the gas supply to meet the requirements.

Cost provided itemUnitRange - LowRange - HighAverage cost
Cost to replumb gas supply£150£800£375
Replumbing to relocate your boiler£400£600£500
Cost to get gas in your houseGas line connection£400£1,250£825
Cost to get gas in your houseInstall, fit a gas meter & traffic management£1,000

Our costs are ballpark averages – get a local tradesperson to quote now

Cost to replumb a gas supply

It costs between £150 – £800 to replumb your gas supply.

How much does it cost to replumb if you want to relocate your boiler?

You may need to pay between £400 – £600 to relocate your boiler. And one of the heftiest costs to move a boiler is the new pipework, including:

  • Flue – Adding an extension flue pipe so it reaches a safe area outside and creating a new hole for the flue. You must meet all Boiler flue regulations. This can cost between £75 – £125 per metre.
  • Pipework – Connecting the condensate pipe to a waste pipe, and connecting the boiler to existing pipework in your home. This can cost between £400 – £600.
  • Gas connections – Rerouting gas pipes isn’t cheap and if you’re moving to a room without a gas pipe (such as a garage), this will add to the expense. This can cost between £45 – £85 per metre.
  • Magnetic filters – These extract debris from the water in your pipes. This reduces rust and maintains the long-term health of your pipes. This will cost between £120 – £225.

Gas supply replumbing quotes

It’s best to get multiple quotes when getting a job done. To make this easier, use our request a quote feature. Simply fill in the form and we will send it to three gas central heating engineers near you.

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FAQsreplumb gas supply cost

Do I always need to replumb my gas supply for a new boiler?

You don’t always need to replumb your gas supply for a new boiler, as it depends on your existing pipework. Often, the current pipe already measures 22mm from the metre to the boiler, so it won’t require replumbing. That said, even if the pipe is 22mm, it may not show enough pressure at the boiler because of carbon deposits in the pipework.

If you’re unsure, speak to one of our local, recommended heating engineers who’ll be able to point this out to you when they give you a boiler quote.

Is getting a gas connection worth it?

Now you have an idea of costs, it’s up to you whether or not you think the gas connection will be worth it long term. Granted, forking out for a gas connection in the short term’s going to cost a lot – not only will you have to foot the bill for a gas connection, but you’ll also need to pay for a professional to fit the boiler, pipework, and radiators.

This entails fitting pipework that runs from the metre to the boiler plus extra pipework to ensure the heating comes through the underfloor heating or radiators.

Find out more about plumbing installation costs.

How much does it cost to put gas in a house in the UK?

To install a new gas connection in your house within 23 metres of the mains supply, you can expect to pay roughly £400. For more complicated, lengthier connections – more than 23 metres – you’re looking at a ballpark figure of £1,250.

How do you plumb a natural gas line?

We do not recommend attempting to do this yourself. You will need to contact a tradesperson who is on the Gas Safe Register – you can find one here.

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