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Last updated on February 15th, 2024

National Pet Month: Creating the purrfect pet palace

There's Love Your Pet Day, National Pup Day, National Pet Day, and National Pet Month, just to name a few. We're a nation of pet lovers. Scroll through our selection of ideas to help cost up some of the best pet home improvement projects around.

Anyone with pets will tell you that their pets are their pride and joy. They get the best of everything and often end up with a more pampered life than their humans. And why shouldn’t they? Pets are super cute and make the perfect companion!

In honour of National Pet Month, we’ve rounded up some of the top things you can do to your home to make it your pet’s purrfect home too. There are ideas for current and soon-to-be pet parents.

Cat flap installation

Cat passing through a cat flap

Cat flaps are the ultimate accessory for cat independence.

There are so many different styles to suit your cat, and of course, your home. From a standard classic cat flap to the more advanced infrared, magnetic, and microchip flaps, a cat flap will provide your cat with the freedom to come and go as it pleases. Plus, it will offer you peace of mind that once they’re home at night, they’re safe.

To determine your cat flap installation cost, you must consider the size, type, and complexity of the job to install. A cat flap installation project will typically cost somewhere between £100 - £450.

Dog flap installation

Size of dog flapRange - LowRange - HighAverage cost
Small (up to 20cm x 15cm)£80£240£160
Medium (up to 30cm x 20cm)£100£375£240
Large (30cm+)£120£450£280

Our costs are ballpark averages – get a local tradesperson to quote now

Of course, dogs can get in on the independent action too!

If you have a small or medium-sized dog, you might be considering installing a dog flap in your home to give them some extra freedom.

Like cat flaps, there is a wide range of flaps available, from basic flaps that you can lock manually to modern microchip-detecting dog flaps. Installing a microchip dog flap will take away the worry of other unwanted animals getting into your home.

Dog flap costs

The cost of installing a dog flap will depend on the size you need. Ideally, the dog flap should be about two inches larger than the height and width of your dog to ensure they have easy access.

Installation of a small dog flap (up to 20cm x 15cm) will cost around £160. Fitting a medium dog flap (up to 30cm x 20cm) will cost an average of £240. And for a large dog flap, the price of installation is in the region of £280.

The benefits of a dog flap

There are several reasons to install a dog flap, including:

  • Convenience – especially if you’re working from home and have to get up and down to let the dog out
  • Stimulation – your dog can freely explore the inside and outside
  • Less door damage – with a dog flap, your pooch is less likely to scratch at the door to be let out
  • Fewer accidents – they can go outside to the toilet as they please
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Dog shower installation

Make your dog the most pampered pet in town by fitting a dog shower.

Dog showers have become a popular addition to utility rooms, mostly thanks to several Instagram influencers.

Dog shower costs

It’s important to think about the size and nature of your dog when installing your dog shower. There are so many different styles to choose from, and this will affect your total cost.

If you have a big dog, why not opt for a step-in shower? Or, if you have a small dog that can be easily lifted, perhaps an elevated tub would be more practical.

If you really want to pamper your pooch (or make your life that little bit easier) we love the idea of building stairs or a ramp to help your dog make their own way up. The options are endless!

As you can see, it’s difficult to estimate the cost of your dog shower without knowing some specifics about you and your dog. However, you’ll usually need the help of a:

  • Joiner at around £31.25 per hour
  • Plumber at around £33.75 per hour
  • Tiler at around £40 per hour

Plus, you’ll need to factor in the cost of materials like tiles, wood and the shower itself.

Find out more about dog shower installation costs in our handy guide.

Are dog showers worth it?

Dog showers aren’t only a nice feature for your furry friend. They also make your life easier – have you ever tried carrying your dirty, soaked pup upstairs after a walk?

It’s soggy work stopping them from shaking when they step in the front door and then carrying them upstairs to plop them into the bath!

A dog shower means you can keep the mud and muck contained in a single area. Minimal hassle to you and no more sharing your nice bath or shower with a muddy pooch.

Building a dog house

Size of dog houseAverage UK costTimescale
Small£1203-5 hours
Medium£1804-6 hours
Large£2206-8 hours
Extra large£3001-2 days

Our costs are ballpark averages – get a local tradesperson to quote now

We’re not talking about a dog house for your other half but for your pooch!

Building a dog house gives your dog a special place to rest on their own, sheltered from the elements and the hecticness of the home.

You can hire a professional to build a dog house based on the size of your dog and what comforts would match their personality.

Related content: Make your outdoor space safe and enjoyable for your pooch with our guide to designing a dog-friendly garden.

Dog house cost

The cost of building a dog house will depend on how big your pooch is, but whatever the size, your four-legged friend will love their independent space.

The average cost to build a dog house in the UK ranges from around £120 for a small dog house, up to about £300 for an extra-large dog house.

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Bespoke doggy designs

Create some bespoke barkitectural features in your home to create specific spaces for your cat or dog.

Think we’ve gone barking mad? There’s a growing trend for pet parents who want to fully pamper their pets with luxury, animal-first interior design. Some of the most popular ideas include:

  • The best ‘table’ in the house: a floor-level, pull-out drawer within your kitchen unit to house your pet feeding station
  • Desert island dreaming: a dedicated nook within your kitchen island for a bespoke pet bed
  • Next-level pet houses: a mini apartment or pet palace built into your understairs area
  • Built-in dog bed: Do away with the dog crate and have a bespoke bed built into your boot room or utility space

Contact an experienced local carpenter to create bespoke, pet-centric features in your home. A carpenter typically charges around £37.50 per hour.

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Flooring fit for your furry friend

Muddy paws, accidents, and pet hair shedding; as a pet owner, there are many arguments for having hard flooring in your home.

The following options are durable, waterproof, scratch-resistant, and easy to clean:

  • Vinyl flooring will set you back around £20 per m²
  • LVT flooring ranges from £20 per m² for low-end quality to £50 per m² for high-end styles
  • Engineered wood flooring costs in the region of £35 per m²
  • Laminate flooring costs around £47.50 per m²
  • Tiles tend to be more expensive at around £10 - £40 per m²

Key takeaways for National Pet Month

  • Do your research before getting a pet and make sure the environment is right for them
  • Take the time to see how your pet behaves in your home and garden before deciding on your pet home improvements
  • When adding pet-friendly features to your home, consider the needs of your pet, you, and your family to keep everyone happy
  • If you’re not a DIY expert, hire a professional tradesperson for your project to ensure a top-quality, safe, and secure result
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