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Avoiding hay fever at home

If you're reading this through itchy eyes and a tingly nose, you may just be about to find some solutions to stop your sneezing. Here are a few things you could do to help reduce your symptoms at home.

Hay fever seems to be back with a vengeance this year. Whether you have multiple sneezing fits a day or your eyes feel like there’s half a sandy beach in them, it’s time to take control of your home and escape the pollen.

There are small and bigger investments you can make to improve your quality of life over the next few months.

Keeping your home clean

First things first, keeping your home as clean as possible will help to keep the pollen at bay.

Keep bedding and other soft furnishings as clean as you can, and make sure you don’t hang the washing to dry outside on the line as pollen may stick to it.

Other cleaning jobs to keep on top of include:

  • General hoovering
  • Dusting (with a damp cloth to avoid allergens circulating the air)
  • Carpet cleaning
  • Cleaning windows and the seals
  • Cleaning hard floors

If you find that cleaning is too difficult during the pollen season, we recommend hiring a professional. Find out more about typical cleaning prices.

Ditch the carpets

Pollen can make its way into your home and nestle into the fibres of your carpet.

Although you can keep hoovering, one of the best ways to reduce pollen in your home is to have hard flooring. This is because you can keep it clean with a damp mop, meaning that the pollen particles aren’t floating about in the air.

Interested in switching up your flooring? Find out how much you could expect to budget for:

Wooden laminate flooring

Invest in air conditioning

Air conditioning comes in handy not just for keeping cool in the summer, but also when it comes to hay fever.

Closing all your windows and doors and instead using air con means that the air coming into your home will be filtered from the pollen particles. That means you can breathe easier.

Make sure you regularly get your air con serviced so that you know the filters are cleaned.

Find out how much to budget for air con in your home.

air conditioning unit

Air purifiers

If air con is out of your budget, why not consider investing in an air purifier.

Air purifying machines work by taking the air from your home, filtering it and removing the pollen particles, instead pumping out clean air. They’re particularly useful if your windows and doors need to be open during the day.

Air ventilation systems

Even with windows and doors closed, air is still trickling into your home. A good way to make sure the air is always clean is to have a positive input ventilation (PIV) system installed. PIV systems draw air from the outside, filter it to remove particles (such as pollen) and then release the fresh air through vents in your home. This creates improved air flow which is not only good for allergies, but also helps to stop damp/mould.

Typically, the unit will sit in your loft (meaning it’s not taking up much-needed space!) and draw in fresh air from the outside using a powered fan.

Find out more about ventilation systems.

Pollen screens

If you love having a breeze through your home in the summer and don’t want to keep an air purifier on all the time, another thing to consider is a pollen screen.

These can be installed on windows and doors and are designed to keep pollen (and insects!) out of your home. You’ll find that you can get them made to fit your dimensions, so it doesn’t matter if you have awkward-sized windows.

For the best results, it’s worth combining solutions to help keep the sneezes at bay!

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