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10 appliance garage ideas (and why you need one)

Looking for a way to conveniently store bulky kitchen appliances and achieve that streamlined look? We've got some exciting solutions for you.

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With modern kitchens trending towards sleek and minimalist aesthetics, many homeowners are looking for ways to declutter for maximum space and efficiency.

Appliance garages are the perfect solution to this problem, as they keep your everyday appliances within reach but out of sight.

This article dives into the world of appliance garages to help you understand what they are, why you need one and give you some ideas for inspiration.

What is an appliance garage?

Every homeowner has a vision of the ideal kitchen in their mind, whether it’s something traditional, modern or eclectic. Whatever your preferred style, cluttered worktops surely don’t feature!

Appliance garages help to make your kitchen more functional and visually appealing by housing everyday appliances, keeping them out of sight, but readily accessible.

They’re essentially modified cabinets or designated spaces within your kitchen that typically blend in with the rest of the environment and allow you to store things like toasters, coffee makers and blenders.

Whichever kitchen items you use frequently, you can store in an appliance garage for quick and easy access, while also improving your kitchen’s appearance and space efficiency.

Why are appliance garages in the kitchen so popular?

Appliance garages have soared in demand recently, reflecting modern preferences for clean, minimalist visuals combined with maximum functionality.

Their popularity centres on several factors, including:

  • Aesthetic appeal. First and foremost, appliance garages make your kitchen appeal tidier and more organised
  • Decluttering. By storing bulky items out of the way, you can increase the amount of workspace in your kitchen
  • Time saving. Appliance garages save you time and effort by keeping everyday items handy but not constantly visible
  • Value adding. Because these innovations contribute to a better kitchen experience, they can add value to your home
  • Tech integration. You can integrate various technologies with your garage, such as a charging station, to make it a sophisticated hub

Being completely customisable, appliance garages represent great solutions for homeowners with varying preferences and requirements.

Appliance garage ideas

Appliance garages come in a range of configurations, and you can modify them to suit your needs and design tastes. Here are some ideas to stir your imagination:

1. Coffee station

Consolidate your coffee paraphernalia with a dedicated coffee station. This is one of the most popular appliance garage designs, as it caters to the love of coffee shared by most homeowners.

With all your coffee-making equipment in one place, you can effortlessly brew your morning coffee without having to buzz around the kitchen with half-open eyes.

It’s a unique, convenient and very cool idea that’s sure to impress guests and prospective buyers.

2. Microwave garage in the kitchen

Microwaves are fairly bulky and unsightly kitchen appliances, so it’s no wonder many homeowners have appliance garages built to house them in particular.

You can have an entire garage dedicated to storing your microwave, or you can include space for other items, too. It’s important to pick the right spot for microwave garages, as you’ll be using it directly from the garage without pulling it out.

3. Corner appliance garage

Corner appliance garage idea
Image credit: DG Kitchens Ltd

For those with modestly sized kitchens, corner appliance garages are a great way to get some extra storage space and declutter your worktops. Corners are also typically unused, so you gain space without sacrificing anything.

As with most appliance garages, you can decide what kind of doors you want, such as roll-up or bi-fold doors. Corner garages are also uniquely suited to L-shaped configurations that wrap around the corner, providing an opportunity to create an interesting architectural feature.

4. Wine garage

Appliance garage for wine
Image credit: DG Kitchens Ltd

Fancy a tipple? Do it in style with a specialised wine garage. This luxurious design idea is guaranteed to impress your friends and family, whilst also serving as the perfect place to store items like bottles, glasses and wine-related accessories.

They typically feature hanging racks for glasses, wine racks for bottles and shelves for corkscrews and other items. Some designs go far beyond the basics though, incorporating features like temperature control, lighting and various decorative elements.

If you’re not much of a wine enthusiast, perhaps you’d prefer a cocktail station, in which case you can pretend you’re James Bond as you slide open your concealed martini cabinet. Shaken, not stirred!

5. Tech-integrated garage

If you’re looking for something a bit more futuristic, you might be interested in a tech-integrated appliance garage. There are many options available nowadays when it comes to tech integrations, like charging stations, power outlets or remotely controllable appliances.

You could also include LED lighting and touch-operated doors to add another level of style and functionality. If you have a modern, tech-adapted kitchen already, such as one with smart controls and appliances, this garage type would definitely work well.

6. Lighting inside appliance garage

Kitchen appliance garage

This is a fairly basic design idea, but one that’s achievable for virtually everyone and that produces great results, both aesthetically and functionally.

A light can help you see inside the garage, which helps with cleaning and selecting items, but it can also create an interesting visual effect if you make it a focal point.

7. Multi-level garage

A multi-level appliance garage is exactly what the name suggests – an appliance garage with multiple levels. These are great if you have fairly substantial storage requirements, as they’re built to hold many items.

They’re also perfect for families who may have different preferences, as you could dedicate one or two levels to breakfast-making and another couple of levels to baking, for example.

Interested in getting your own appliance garage?

If you’re currently working out how to free up space on your kitchen worktops, or how to create more storage in your kitchen, a bespoke appliance garage could be just what you need.

As appliance garages are tailored to your kitchen, you’ll need to speak with a carpenter or cabinet maker/manufacturer. They’ll be able to come to your kitchen, advise you on what appliance garage you could have, and quote for the job. Best of all, they’ll do an awesome job!

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