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How much do tree surgeons earn?

Tree surgery is a growing trade in the UK and local tree surgeons are often in demand. But, how much do tree surgeons earn? In this guide we look at average tree surgeon earnings.

Whether you’re starting out as an apprentice tree surgeon, thinking about setting yourself up as a self-employed tree surgeon or you run a tree surgery company – this guide is for you.

How much can a tree surgeon earn? Keep reading to find out.

How much can a tree surgeon earn in the UK?

When it comes to average earnings, as a UK tree surgeon you can expect to earn anywhere from around £11,063 as an apprentice, up to about £57,779 as a tree surgery limited company owner.

Your exact earnings will depend on your qualifications, skills and experience – as well as the type of tree surgery jobs you do and where you’re based.

There’s no doubt that, if you start your own tree surgery business (whether that’s as a sole trader or a limited company), you’ll have the potential to earn a lot more than being employed.

LevelPer hourPer dayPer year Approx take-home salary (per year)
Newly qualified£12£96£21,072£17,823
Sole trader£37.50£300£48,400£37,010
Limited company owner£47.50£380£57,779£45,455

How much does a tree surgeon earn a year?

As an annual income, here are the average salaries for tree surgeons in the UK:

  • Apprentice tree surgeon – £11,063 (£10,715 take home)
  • Newly qualified tree surgeon – £21,072 (£17,823 take home)
  • Employed tree surgeon – £32,282 (£25,445 take home)
  • Sole trader tree surgeon – £48,400 (£37,010 take home)
  • Tree surgery company owner – £57,779 (£45,455 take home)

How much do tree surgeons earn a month?

Based on the tree surgeon salaries above, we’ve put together the average take-home figures (after tax) for how much tree surgeons earn a month in the UK:

  • Apprentice – £893 per month
  • Newly qualified – £1,485 per month
  • Employed – £2,120 per month
  • Sole trader – £3,084 per month
  • Tree surgery limited company owner – £3,788 per month

How much can a tree surgeon earn

How much does a UK tree surgeon earn a week?

As a breakdown per week, here are some of the average figures for how much a UK tree surgeon earns a week:

  • Apprentice – £252 per week
  • Newly qualified – £480 per week
  • Employed – £621 per week
  • Sole trader – £1,500 per week
  • Tree surgery limited company owner – £1,899 per week

How much does a tree surgeon earn in a day?

A lot of tree surgery jobs are charged using a day rate, so it’s useful to know how much you can earn a day as a tree surgeon. Here are the average tree surgeon day rates in the UK:

  • Apprentice – £50 per day
  • Newly qualified – £96 per day
  • Employed – £124 per day
  • Sole trader – £300 per day
  • Tree surgery limited company owner – £380 per day

Do tree surgeons make good money per hour?

The average hourly rate for tree surgeons in the UK varies depending on your skills and experience, and whether you’re employed or a business owner.

So, do tree surgeons make good money per hour? Here’s a guide to the average tree surgeon hourly rates in the UK:

  • Apprentice – £6.30 per hour
  • Newly qualified – £12 per hour
  • Employed – £15.50 per hour
  • Sole trader – £37.50 per hour
  • Tree surgery limited company owner – £47.50 per hour

How much does a tree surgeon earn near Nottingham?

Cities like Nottingham have a constant demand for tree surgeons and the earnings are in line with the national averages. So, if you’re a tree surgeon near Nottingham, you can expect to earn around £32,282 per year as a qualified tree surgery employee.

How to become a tree surgeon

How much does a self-employed tree surgeon earn in the UK?

When looking at earning potential, starting your own tree surgery business as a self-employed tree surgeon can massively boost much money you can make compared to being an employed tree surgeon.

Below are the average earnings for a self-employed tree surgeon in the UK:

  • Hourly rate – £37.50 per hour
  • Day rate – £300 per day
  • Yearly salary – £48,400 per year
  • Annual take-home pay – £37,010 per year

It’s worth noting that, as a self-employed tree surgeon, your take-home pay above reflects the deduction of tax, as well as the costs for running your business – such as your work vehicle, fuel, tools and insurance, etc.

How much does a tree surgeon earn a year

How much do tree surgeons earn in profit as a business?

Many tree surgeons in the UK will set themselves up as an independent tree surgery business, either as a sole trader or a limited company.

The nature of your tree surgery business will affect how much profit you make, after you deduct tax and business running costs.

On average, a self-employed tree surgeon can expect to earn an average take-home salary of £37,010 per year as a sole trader. While, as a tree surgery limited company owner, you’re looking at an average take-home pay of around £45,455 per year.

Want tips to expand your tree surgery business? Check out our guide on how to grow your business:

How to grow your trade business in 2023 – Free guide included

How to make your tree surgery business more profitable

Ensuring that your jobs are profitable is key to running a successful tree surgery business. At the end of the day, you want to make sure that all the tree surgery work you’re doing is making you money.

To help you boost your profits, we’ve put together our top tips to make your tree surgery business more profitable:

  • Make sure you’re charging enough to cover your outgoings (including tools, materials, insurance, marketing, wages, fuel etc).
  • Focus on the jobs that make you the most money and require you to spend the least (for tools, materials, etc).
  • Limit how far you travel to avoid vehicle and fuel costs eating into your profits.
  • Minimise your outgoings by trying to have no or as little debt as possible.
  • Shop around for the best deals (like our member partnerships) on tools, equipment, materials and workwear.
  • Get your business name out there through marketing (your website, customer reviews and SEO).
  • Provide the best customer experience to all your customers to build a strong reputation and win more work through word of mouth.
  • Join a trade directory like Checkatrade to build your reviews and online reputation.

Expert tips to increase profits as a tradesperson

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