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9 spin studio design ideas: move with style

We've put together these spin studio design ideas to help you move with style. Whether you're designing a commercial studio or creating a space to spin at home, you'll find plenty of inspiration in this post.
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These spin studio design ideas will turbocharge your motivation to create your ideal workout space.

Spin classes are one of the most popular workout trends due to their low impact and high-reward nature. They offer multiple health benefits to devotees, regardless of fitness level or age bracket.

With credentials like that, it’s no wonder people are opting to open their own spin studios or build their own spin rooms at home. If you’re one of those people, we’re going to show you exactly how to do it with class.

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Considerations for commercial spin studio design ideas

Indoor cycling (or ‘spinning’) has become a global phenomenon.

With numerous specialist spin studios popping up, it’s important to create a spin studio design that’s individual to your brand.

Nuances in design will emerge depending on whether your spin studio will centre on rhythm cycling or performance cycling. This will then help to guide your decisions over key elements including:

  • Layout: bikes on one level or stadium seating?
  • Interactivity: TVs and projection screens to display stats?
  • Ventilation: ceiling and wall fans or air con?
  • Lighting: club-like LEDs or subdued lighting?
  • Personal touches: refrigerators for chilled drinks and towels?
  • Sociability: common areas for the community to hang out?

Of course, the strength of your sound system, your humidity control, and your anti-slip flooring are non-negotiables, but you can have fun with the other elements, creating a space that reflects your brand’s values.

An experienced interior designer and builder will listen to your plans to help create something unique to how you want your clients to feel when they’re in your studio. Enter your postcode below to find trusted and reliable professionals near you.

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Commercial spin studio design ideas

Without further ado, check out these exciting spin studio design ideas for all the inspiration you need.

1. Spin studio designs to create a party atmosphere

As we touched on earlier, the essence of your brand and its beliefs should resonate across your design choices to create the right atmosphere.

If your brand is about creating a fun, uplifting space for people to work out, opt for party LED lights that can be activated by the instructor as and when needed. Light up the studio in brand colours for extra points!

2. A fresh and invigorating spin studio

Not everyone wants to feel like they’re on a night out while working out, so ensure your spin studio design reflects the needs of your patrons.

Good lighting and plenty of soundproofed glazing will help to create a fresh, inviting space for your clients.

3. Performance cycling studio ideas

If your spin studio intends to focus on performance cycling as opposed to rhythm cycling, you may lean towards a more industrial design.

Stripped back ceilings to expose steel beams and rustic wall coverings will create a more ‘get down to business’ feel.

4. Bold and energising spin studio design ideas

Spin studio design ideas - red and black spin studio

Part of the popularity of spinning comes down to the decor and resulting atmosphere. It’s about how you want people to feel when they enter your studio.

Creating a studio that gets you ready to burn some calories is a matter of picking an aesthetic that makes you feel energised and pumped up.

For example, this spin room has picked the colour red as its base, which is known as the boldest and fieriest colour on the chart. Paired with black spin bikes for an assured yet stylish finish, you know that any class you attend in this studio is going to make you feel like Iron Man.

Check out our home gym ideas for more inspiration.

Home spin studio ideas

Living in the UK doesn’t lend itself to many fair-weather days. So, if you’re not going to a spin studio but want to stay on top of your exercise regime, you need to get creative. Check out these ideas to nail it.

5. Indoor cycling room design at home

spin studio design idea for the home - women cycling on a turbo trainer indoors

This homeowner has made the most of their spare room by adding a static bike to work out on.

This model is a turbo trainer, which allows you to use a bike you already own. All you need to do is fit it with a skewer that threads through the rear axle, allowing your wheel to rest on a cylinder, which spins when you pedal. And voila!

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6. Small spin room design ideas

Small spin room ideas

Not all of us have the luxury of a dedicated room to disappear into and work out on a whim. Consequently, we need to find an easy way to set up, take down, and store our exercise equipment.

Thankfully, a portable turbo trainer or runner is perfect for this very endeavour.

As you can see, this keen cyclist simply clips her bike onto the turbo trainer and positions it in front of her smart screen mounted to a collapsible stand. She then uses various cycling apps to smash her personal best every time (we assume).

What’s great about this setup, other than the speed and convenience of it all, is how quick and easy it is to collapse all the equipment down and store it out of the way, going from spin studio to living room at the drop of a hat. How’s that for compact living?

7. Indoor cycling studio design

Indoor spin studio design idea - woman on static bike doing a workout

If you do have the space to make an indoor cycling studio at home, you’ll need six key things:

  • Your preferred type of bike trainer (turbo, rollers, smart, indoor)
  • A strong fan or aircon to keep you cool
  • Enticing aesthetics
  • Water cooler/bottle holder
  • Smart screen and app with a stand
  • A training plan to keep you motivated

Check out our home gym cost guide to help you price up your project.

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8. Peloton-style bike room ideas

Peloton bike room ideas

The Peloton bike craze hit the headlines for being a smarter way to work out at home. For obvious reasons, its popularity spiked during lockdown measures by giving people an in-house experience without the out-of-house risk.

Essentially, Peloton offers a spin class and cycling competition rolled into one. Technology built into its bikes produces live-streaming events and on-demand classes, with users investing up to a whopping £2k. There’s even a leaderboard, where you can compete with fellow cyclists to stay motivated.

When it comes to putting one in your home, the best thing about it is how sleek and compact the design is. It’ll fit anywhere, but always be sure to put it on a hard surface such as wood flooring or short pile carpet for extra stability.

9. Peloton in bedroom design ideas

Peloton bike in bedroom. Bright pink bike for a fun aesthetic.

If your bedroom is the only place you can work out, the key is to make it as sweatproof as possible. This means floor mats if you have carpet, open windows, bottle holders, towel racks, a fan, and lots of wipes and air fresheners to keep your bedroom odour-free.

Next, consider dividing your room to separate the workout area from the exercise area. This is even possible with small square footage. Be sure to read our guide on how to divide a room, for more information.

Lastly, set the mood. Our bedrooms are our sanctuaries and the place we tend to relax, which doesn’t always inspire us to work out or get motivated. So, set your lighting appropriately, crank up the audio, and make it fun.

Also, opting for a bright pink bike design like this one can make all the difference.

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Inspired by these spin studio design ideas?

Whether you need a flooring specialist for your studio, bespoke storage for your bike, or an electrician to wire your smart technology, we can help.

Simply add your postcode to the search box below to find trusted and approved tradespeople to help convert your space into the ultimate spin studio.

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