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Boot room ideas: Decluttering your halls with smart storage

Get your shoes organised with our boot room storage ideas. We have the latest designs and trends to help you think neater and store smarter.

There’s no shortage of storage solutions available on the market. Benches, console tables, bespoke shelving, baskets, and a host of other options are all waiting for you.

However, to help you along, we’ve put together our top picks and favourite boot room ideas in the UK that keep your home clutter-free.

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Ideas for a boot roomInteresting ideas for a boot room

For those with less space, consider building upwards not outwards when it comes to your boot storage. That way, you maintain a healthy square footage without overcrowding the room.

One of our top tips for keeping your home mud-free is to utilise plastic boxes and tubs. These examples are easy to clean, open at the front, and also keep odours at bay.

As you can see, they’re also stackable! It’s a win-win. The fact they’re a clear material also allows you to see exactly where you’ve put your favourite pair of boots. And they come in a range of shapes, sizes and designs, which means there’s something for everyone.

Shoe rack to keep boot storage neat and tidySimple boot room storage ideas

Sometimes the classic solutions are the best solutions. For those with spare wall space, add a shoe rack (or two) to help keep your boots neatly paired away.

What’s great about this type of storage is how racks come in extendable, stackable, tiered, and various design options. Pick one that’s easy to clean or finished with a waterproof coating to make sure it doesn’t need replacing any time soon.

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Boot room design ideasInterchangeable boot room design ideas

Ah, to have a walk-in wardrobe! That’s the dream for most of us. Sadly, with house prices on the rise and square footage on the drop, we’re having to resort to smart solutions to achieve a similar result.

Enter: the interchangeable design! Instead of buying ready-made storage solutions that might not suit your needs, you can opt for a design that fits your exact requirements. All you need to do is work out precisely what you need in terms of shelving. Then work out the height, width and length of your design before buying the perfect storage solution.

Why not read all about our cunning cupboard storage ideas for some expert advice?

Small boot room storage ideasClever small boot room ideas

At Checkatrade, we love a clever feat of engineering, no matter how big or small it may be. So, when we happened upon this clever design, we couldn’t resist adding it to our smart storage hall of fame.

There are various elements that make this simple yet effective design so good. The first is that it’s made from an easy-to-clean polymer. The second is that it has a lid that opens up to allow the boots to drop down into the bottom (and save on mud calamities). The third is the fact it’s open-faced for easy boot removal. And the fourth is that it doubles up a seat for your little ones, or a boot bench to help you pull on those wellies!


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Shelving to store boots in utility cupboardPractical boot room utility ideas

If you’re blessed with a utility cupboard, then making the most of that extra storage room is a must.

Shelving is often underrated. However, building shelves against a wall, either open or tucked behind a door, is one of the best ways to keep your boots neatly stored away.

Consider stacking your boots upwards on tiered shelves to make the most of your space. Include items like pegs, air fresheners, baskets, racks and other helpful items to suit your specific needs.

Read our Shelving ideas: stylish shelf designs to boost storage for some alternative inspiration.

Cupboard storage in a boot roomBoot room cupboard ideas

Drawing on the stackable, interchangeable and bespoke ideals of the storage world, here’s another great example of how to keep your boots tidily tucked away.

Don’t be afraid to make your storage a feature. For example, adding a seating bench or cushion to the top of these boot storage boxes will enhance the look and inject a little extra interest. However, if your storage is in a cupboard, then add a pegboard above it to hang hats, coats, bags and air fresheners.

Why not hire one of our professionals to help you get the look?

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Boot storage for outdoorsOutdoor boot room ideas

Contrary to popular belief, your boot room doesn’t have to only include boots. You can use it to store other items such as coats, hats, tools, umbrellas, trinket boxes, bikes, skates etc. – anything that doesn’t have a natural home in your house.

For those with muddier lifestyles, consider keeping your boots outside. Shed storage, shelves, trunks or outdoor storage boxes are all great ways to store your wellies, keeping them away from your home but safe from the elements and potential weather damage.

You can even build your own DIY boot storage using reclaimed wood and a sloped felt-topped roof to encourage rainwater runoff. Read our garden storage ideas for extra inspiration.

Modern boot storage design ideasClassic and modern boot room ideas

When it comes to designing your boot room, consider taking a trip back in time. Draw inspiration from your trunk wielding, suitcase packing, satchel wearing, briefcase swinging ancestors.

Boot storage doesn’t have to be boring. There are lots of things you can do with a little imagination and a heap of design prowess.

Style your boot room like a dressing room and don’t let it become a dead space that quickly gets cluttered and neglected. Make your ancestors proud.

Like what you see? There’s more where this came from. Check out Checkatrade’s blog for more tips, ideas, how-tos, and inspiration.

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