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She shed ideas: Some inspiration to nail your transformation

We're glad you're here. For far too long, she shed ideas have been overshadowed by man caves, garden junkyards, and glorified tool boxes. Well, today we say, no more! This guide is all about how to transform your garden shed into the perfect she-retreat. So, keep scrolling for our top tips and tricks.

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She shed ideas: A world away from your doorstep

If you’re blessed with a garden and a shed you’re not sure what to do with, we have a few ideas for you. Imagine having an enchanting little bolt hole within striking distance of your home?

Ever wanted to take a time out from the hustle and bustle of your household? Does a private sanctuary sound appealing? How about your very own reading room? An office? Art studio? Yoga retreat?

Wherever your imagination takes you, let’s explore the types of she-shed transformations waiting for you.

Pretty shed ideas: Botanical bliss a stone’s throw away

The entertainer’s cabin

Beautiful grey shed in sunny garden

Put your shed to work by turning it into an entertainment focal point. If you have the space, let it seamlessly transition to a perfectly paved patio surrounded by an assortment of topiary bushes and greenery.

By creating a clearly defined area, you separate it from your home for ultimate retreat-vibes. Whether you choose to add indoor furniture for stormier weather or an outdoor set for English summers, your guests are sure to want to hang out again and again.

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A bright bohemian hideaway

Pretty purple she shed idea with plants and brick border wall

If you’re looking to give your garden a bohemian embrace, choose vibrant colours and a mix of textures to add interest and ignite creativity.

For example, the light stone wall, bright border plants, and iris-coloured shed of the above example create a simple yet striking effect.

Whether you use your hideaway for crafts, crochet, singing bowls, or vino, consider what materials work best for your intentions and incorporate them into your design.

Vintage vibes for old school charm

Vintage she shed ideas for a whimsical aesthetic. Minto and white shed in back garden

Whether you’re the twee sort or just enjoy the simplicity of vintage vibes, you can’t go wrong with old school charm.

Consider adding a makeshift porch to your she shed, equipped with a lantern light, wooden chair, and stone border.

Pastel hues, wood panels, and recycled furniture are all quick wins, and if you suddenly want to write a letter, read a book, or play a vintage record, you’ve nailed the right aesthetic.

Quaint botanicals for ultimate bliss

Magical she shed idea with pitched roof and doll house vibes

To maximise the illusion of isolation, place your she shed as far away from your house as possible. You deserve a retreat that feels like you stepped into a storybook world, so still being able to see what’s going on with your kids isn’t ideal.

If you’re short on acres, surround your shed with tall and leafy greenery instead. The more of your view that’s obscured, the better.

When it comes to your she shed’s design, consider large framed windows with adjoining planters, up-cycled furniture, a log store, and a whimsical pitched roof (equipped with twinkly lights) for the ultimate cottage-chic aesthetic.

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Tread the tranquil coastal path

The Scandi style small shed with white walls and minimalist furniture

For those with smaller she sheds, consider opening them up with minimalist elements and lots of soft accents.

For example, windows that invite in lots of light, French doors that open onto your landscaped garden or patio, and muted sandy tones are easy ways to capture the coast in your backyard.

Now, imagine including some driftwood framed mirrors, seashell chandeliers, and reclaimed wood rocking chairs. Finish it with some cushions and throws and the serenity of the shore is yours.

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Scandi sanctuary ideas for your she shed’s interiors

Interior of she shed with storage solutions leading to the lush garden outside

Scandi is all about clean lines, minimalistic design elements, and neutral decor. Large windows for maximum light infiltration is key, as are light and natural woods (e.g., oak, birch, maple, beech).

To help a your shed feel open and spacious, keep your paint colours neutral and your accessories hygge. The aim is to create a space that’s clutter-free, so include plenty of storage solutions and think ‘build up, not out’ where possible.

You’ll only find trades who meet our high standards and pass our quality checks on Checkatrade.

Multipurpose she sheds: Create adaptable spaces

She shed hair salon

She shed hair salon with bright decor and colours (rendered image)

With remote working all the rage nowadays and home offices a burgeoning trend, why not turn your shed into a studio? Whether it’s a hair salon, beauty parlour, or a nail spa, transform your shed into a practical workstation.

Spruce it up with some potted plants, a bold splash of paint, matching artwork, and voila! – your very own headquarters.

The art studio of she shed interiors

Two images side by side that shows art studio supplies for a she shed in a homeowner's back garden

Adapt your shed into an art studio without losing its storage benefits. With some clever storage tricks and lots of bright and light decor, you can enjoy a creative retreat without losing your shed’s usefulness.

She shed with hot tub

Rendered image of a hot tub for small she shed ideas

Throw tradition out the window and turn your she shed into a mini-spa. If you’ve always wanted a hot tub but didn’t want to leave it vulnerable to the UK elements, shelter it under a sturdy shed and enjoy the bubbles come rain or shine!

Bring the fun to your doorstep with a she shed cocktail bar

Bar with neon lights in a she shed for interior ideas

Need we say more?

Office she shed ideas for work/life separation

Office she shed ideas - side by side rendered images

Although working from home is a new normal for some and a necessity for others, having a separate office area helps draw a line between your working day and your home life. It can also double up as a second lounge or entertainment space.

Furthermore, if you’re the type who’s easily distracted by life admin, pets, or kids, a home office in your she shed will help you stay productive.

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Building a she shed: How to do it yourself

Although we always recommend hiring a professional tradesperson to ensure a good job, if you’re adept at DIY and want to give it a go yourself, follow our steps below.

How to build a she shed. Breeze block foundations on plot of garden.

Work out your she shed plans

Decide how you’ll use your she shed. For example, is it for crafting, reading, gardening, or something completely obscure? Whatever it is, the reasons you want to build a she shed will dictate what design and layout you need.

Choose where it’s going to go

There’s a perfect spot in your garden. You just have to find it. Consider factors like where the sun hits, any accessibility needs, and its proximity to utilities.

Work out your she-shed’s dimensions

Why not sketch out your She Shed’s layout? Include any known dimensions and its key features. You also need to consider its windows, doors, and any other amenities you’d like.

Check your local regulations

There’s nothing worse than having to destroy something you’ve built. So, before you start any works, check your local regulations; for example, permitted development and current building codes. Compliance is crucial.

Purchase the right materials and tools

Make a list of all the materials and tools you’ll need to complete the job. For example, wood, insulation, roofing materials, doors and windows. You’ll also need basic tools like a saw, hammer, and nails.

Create your foundation

Decide on the type of foundation you’d like. For example, concrete slab, piers, or skids. You then need to make sure it’s level and stable.

Build your framing

Shed builders near me

Follow your design plans and start framing the walls. Make sure they’re square and level.

Add the roof

Install the roof structure and add sheathing, roofing felt, and shingles. Proper roofing is essential for keeping your she shed happy and dry (aka, weatherproof).

Make sure it’s insulated

Us you live in an unpredictable climate, we recommend you insulate the walls and roof to keep your shed comfortable all year long.

Install your windows and doors

Install windows and doors as per your design guide. Without them, you won’t have a well ventilated shed or any natural light, which makes it more of a box jail than a sanctuary.

Decorate your interiors

Personalise your shed with your chosen décor, furnishings, and any extras (e.g., shelving, storage, workbenchs etc.)

Add the exterior finishes

Paint or stain your shed’s exterior walls to protect it from the elements. It’s also a good time to add your personal touches re: colours and accessories.

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The best she shed kits

Building a she shed from scratch isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. So, if you prefer an easier installation option, consider the following UK she shed kits.

Shire Bute 8×7 Garden Shed with Veranda

This charming kit features a stylish veranda and large windows for oodles of natural light. It’s versatile too, regardless of whether you enjoy gardening or crafting.

BillyOh Devon Log Cabin Garden Office

If you’re looking for a she shed that doubles as a home office, this log cabin kit is an excellent choice for both space and cosiness.

Rowlinson Garden Office Log Cabin

Designed for year-round use, this kit provides a sturdy and well-insulated space, which is perfect for a home office or creative studio. Stay comfortable no matter what the weather is doing.

Waltons 7 x 7 Helios Summer House

This elegant summerhouse kit offers a bright and airy option that’s perfect for relaxation, reading, or enjoying your perennial views. It also has large, double doors for easy access.

Mercia Helios Summerhouse

Similar to the Waltons Helios, this Mercia kit features a spacious summerhouse design with large windows. Perfect for a yoga retreat, reading room, or home office.

Forest Garden Oakley Overlap Pressure Treated 7 x 5 Apex Double Door Shed

Ideal for garden enthusiasts, this shed kit is a functional option with ample storage space for gardening tools and equipment.

Rowlinson Coniston Garden Arbour

This smaller and budget-friendly she shed kit offers a cosy nook for RnR.

How much is a she shed in the UK?

Depending on the size, features, location, and quality of your she shed, expect to pay as little as £500 for a basic DIY kit or arbours to £5,000 for a mid-sized office conversion. However, note that the cost of labour (builder) and any wiring, plumbing and/r insulation are all additions and will incur an extra cost.

We recommend contacting our trusted tradespeople and getting 3 – 5 quotes to ascertain a fair comparison.

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