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Garden storage ideas: Easy and innovative solutions

Considering some innovative garden storage ideas to beautify and free up your outdoor space? Let us dig out some design inspiration to make your gardening more efficient and aesthetics more appealing.

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It’s time to get organised and let our garden storage ideas inspire you. Thankfully, we have plenty of smart tricks, hacks, and design solutions to help kick-start your clean-up operation.

However, no one said you couldn’t add a touch of style with some landscaping elements to enhance the visual appeal of your outdoor space.

Why not check out our garden landscaping cost guide and shed conversion cost guide to help price up your project?

What are the benefits of garden storage?

There are several worthy reasons to improve the functionality of your garden with storage ideas. For example:

  • Security for your tools and gardening equipment
  • Keeps your electrical equipment dry and free from rust
  • Helps to organise your belongings
  • Practical and durable
  • Frees up space in your home
  • Extra storage can improve the value of your property
  • You can transform a shed into a workshop/playhouse/gym etc.

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Organise and beautify your space with these small garden storage ideas

Botanical decor for a well-maintained garden

Garden storage shed designs

This lovely and compact shed is a wonderful example of how to blend your garden storage with your surroundings. The sage green paint, white chords, and dark finial match the garden’s greenery, while the log shed fits snugly in the corner.

Using up space like this is a great way to maximise the rest of your garden’s square footage. These homeowners have used stone and gravel to create two distinct areas, then filled the space with lots of plants and shrubs to add character. It’s simple yet effective.

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Budget-friendly garden storage ideas for the rainy UK weather

Neat garden storage ideas

Turning a shed or small stable into a storage shelter is a great way to keep your belongings safe and dry. It’s also perfect if you’re looking for a private bolt-hole to escape now and then.

We love how this homeowner has placed a chair in this red-and-white shed design to get closer to nature. (The view must be something special too!)

The clutter is confined to the layered shelves at the back, while the taller garden tools are given hooks of their own to hang on. All it needs to finish the look is a warm rug and a mini coffee table.

Simple and cheap garden storage ideas to declutter your space

Cheap and compact garden storage

Sometimes, simple and unassuming is best, especially for smaller gardens. For example, this wooden utility shed is perfect for storing items like lawnmowers, toys, toolboxes, strimmers and other gardening equipment.

For ease, the front doors open wide, giving you plenty of space to remove and replace the items you need. We also like the slanted roof that ensures rainwater runoff, which stops the unit from flooding and ruining or rusting your belongings.

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Tidy away your logs with a tipi or two

Log storage outdoor

For those with a cosy fireplace to keep topped up, a log store is essential. However, why not use it as an opportunity to give your garden a design makeover?

These tipi-styled log stores are both visually appealing and functional. Come rain, shine, snow or sleet, they’ll give your outdoor space the gift of character and tranquillity.

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A classic and secluded shed for a botanical rendezvous

Pale blue and white shed ideas

Is it a classic shed, a workspace, a secret storage unit, or all three? Whatever you use it for, a shed doesn’t have to be your basic garden variety. They offer plenty of space for anything you want to hide away, meaning they’re full of untapped potential.

For example, why not turn it into a fantasy dreamhouse fit for Barbie, a playroom for your children, or a retreat for you and your hobbies?

Just make sure it’s strong, sturdy, and blends seamlessly with the rest of your garden decor. Consider a professional shed conversion to make sure you’ve covered all your bases.

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Consider a summerhouse for furniture storage and shelter

summerhouse garden screening idea

The UK weather isn’t exactly reliable. One minute you’re flipping burgers and the next you’re engulfed in smoke as the rain puts out your BBQ. This is when building a structure that lets you enjoy your garden all year round is ideal.

Whether it’s a pergola, shed, summerhouse, or garden room, somewhere you’re able to feel the sun on your face and shelter from the rain will eliminate the potential for soggy burgers.

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Garden tool storage ideas and creative solutions

Tidy away your tools for a non-rainy day

Hanging tools in wooden shed

Hanging up your garden tools is a great way to keep them safe, organised, and free from damage. As pictured, this keen gardener has upcycled all their tool storage ideas from reclaimed wood, all-purpose cement, and pre-loved furniture.

A do-it-yourself solution like this requires savvy detective work to find the right items and handy skills to transform them into something useful. You’ll also need to measure the available space to work out what can fit and where to put it.

It also helps to understand how much you have/want to store. This will help you decide on the type of storage you need. Some examples include shelving units, potting benches, door hooks, concrete backboards, and vintage trunks. Thankfully, a shed is the perfect home for mismatched items!

Just give it all a lick of paint with weatherproof emulsions, and voila! Designer storage is yours.

Include jars in your garden storage

Garden storage ideas for bits and bobs

Hanging pots and holders are your best friends when it comes to tidying away all those bits and bobs you use to transform your garden. It also proves how well organised you are when items like nails, screws, hinges, elastic bands, hex keys, and more have their own homes.

Consider a pegboard with matching pots for an industrial design aesthetic. Alternatively, upcycle some old pallets for a rustic finish. Better yet, collect glass jars, pots, and tins to use as budget-friendly storage alternatives. It’s also worth building floating shelves to keep everything tidied away but within reach.

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Simple outdoor garden tool storage ideas

Tool storage ideas for garden

This large outdoor garden shed sits atop some paving slabs to ensure stability and waterproofing. Much like its utility shed cousin, it’s perfect for storing items like lawnmowers, toys, toolboxes, and strimmers. Larger examples like this might even be able to house a pushbike or two.

A lock keeps your items secure, while the dark wood matches the barrel plant pots and natural stone gravel for a clean and sturdy finish.

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Rustic and simplistic garden tools storage ideas

Garden storage outhouse

Organise your work area with lots of natural storage. For example, this shed has horizontal pieces of wood that run the entire length of the shed, which offers a load-bearing foundation that can withstand the numerous hooks – installed to keep items off the floor and neatly tidied away.

Creating storage like this means you can free up your floor space for items not easily hung. In this instance, pots, wellington boots, and watering cans are tucked neatly against the wall while shovels and baskets loom above them.

What’s more, this is an easy design to install yourself. All you need is some sturdy wood planks and lots of nails! Read our guide on how to build a shed for more information.

DIY garden tool storage ideas

Build your own garden storage

The humble pegboard is a great way to keep intricate items out of the way, such as keys, nails, screwdrivers or gardening equipment. When creating your bespoke storage solution, look at what you have and then mark out the areas that will house your items.

For example, if you want to put tools on a shelving unit, measure the height of those items before hanging your shelf. If you want to hang tools from a pegboard or loose wall nails, work out how many you need and be sure they’re a good fit before nailing them in.

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Rustic storage ideas for garden tools

Small greenhouse for plants and tool storage

Repurpose old household cabinets or display shelves to create some DIY garden storage. For example, this homeowner has upcycled an old bookcase to show off their gardening equipment. They’ve also added hooks to the side of the bookcase to house spades, scissors, brushes, and other tools.

What’s great about this design is how the shelves are deep enough for storage items like toolboxes, terrariums, tool racks, wellingtons, watering cans (and anything else you can think of!), which means less floor clutter and easier access to your belongings.

Like what you see? There’s more where this came from. Check out Checkatrade’s blog for more tips, ideas, how-tos, and inspiration.

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