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22 Log store ideas: Stylish wood storage solutions

Looking for a stylish and sensible way to keep your firewood tidy and protected from the wet of winter? Check out the best homeowner inspired log store ideas here.

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Log burners and open fires are extremely popular with UK homeowners. With rising energy costs, it’s no wonder log burners and real fireplaces are swiftly becoming the go-to choice for cost-effective, efficient and cosy heating methods.

If you use sustainably sourced timber, it’s also an environmentally friendly heating method.

But it’s essential to keep your firewood dry and off the ground to keep it functional. As the colder months roll in, it’s worth investing some time and energy into keeping your wood dry via an outdoor or indoor log store.

Get comfy and peruse our favourite log store ideas before chatting to a carpenter to help you build it. 

Log store indoor ideas

What are the best log store ideas?

Burning wet logs produces extra smoke and pollutants, making poorly stored wood terrible for the environment. Also, keeping logs tidy stops them from being a trip hazard or blowing/rolling away in the wind.

So, outdoor log stores are great for keeping your wood dry and ventilated by protecting it from the wind, rain and snow. Look for sturdy, slatted log storage like purpose-built shelters, sheds, or sturdy metal units.

Log stores are available in many shapes and sizes to suit any style and budget; check out our top picks below!

1. Triangular overlap log store

Who needs to conform to traditional square and rectangular storage units? These tipi log stores are simultaneously a feature, compact and robust enough to withstand all types of weather. You can rest easy knowing your logs are, no matter what Mother Nature is up to.

The distinctive design of these triangular overlap log store is available in various sizes and is relatively easy to build. You can’t go wrong when you want a convenient and less bulky log store for small outdoor spaces.

Log storage outdoor

2. Circular log store

Choose a circular log store to create an impressive but practical statement piece in your garden. A circular log store is also an effective way to store wooden logs, as they can be kept from any angle and usually come with multiple shelves.

You can choose from many timber and metal styles, designs and sizes, plus easy-to-assemble flat-pack designs.

3. Natural timber log store

For a natural look, a simple but effective wooden log store in new timber or reclaimed wood is ideal for keeping your logs dry.

When you stock up on logs for the winter, go all out and create a vast log store like the impressive natural timber log store below. Although the owners of this log store might have needed a bigger outdoor log store to house their massive amount of logs, the design itself is sturdy and robust. Adding a slate roof that slopes down from the wall keeps the logs dry and usable.

Did you know you can hire one of our carpenters to help build a bespoke log store to fit your garden perfectly?

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Log store ideas natural timber

4. Log shed extension ideas

Extensions aren’t just for homes. If your shed is otherwise occupied, adding a mini extension lets you keep your logs dry without taking up precious garden space.

This timber is treated to withstand wet and cold conditions, while the slanted roof ensures rain runs off and doesn’t cause damp or wood rot.

We love this stylish and convenient log shed idea. Don’t you think the hanging and potted plants finish it off nicely?

Log shed design ideas

5. Choose a log chest

Choose an enclosed log/outdoor storage chest to protect your firewood from the elements. These log stores are handy to keep your logs super tidy and out of sight.

Log storage chest

6. Love a log store with seating

Choosing a log store with seating is a simple way to add a rustic and cosy feel to your garden. You can purchase or build a log store with built-in, comfortable seating and a practical space to store your logs.

This type of log store is perfect for small areas like a small courtyard, garden, or even balconies.

Not your thing? We have many bespoke furniture makers who could design and build a unique log storage just for you.

7. Tall and narrow wood store

Why not opt for a tall and narrow log store that slots nicely next to your small garden shed, just like the one below?

Choose a tall, narrow wood store with a raised, slatted base to keep the logs off the ground and protected from everything winter has to throw at it. Be inspired by this clever homeowner and slot it between your fence and shed for extra weather protection.

Tall and narrow log store ideas

8. Felted roof log store ideas

Choose an outside log store with a felted roof to keep your firewood tidy and protected. This storage unit is housed beneath some trees for extra protection, but the tiled and felted roof will do most of the work when it comes to keeping these logs free from the elements.

As this design is slatted and more vulnerable to side winds and rain, it’s more suitable for sunnier climates or areas with fewer downpours!

Logs being stored outside

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9. Make use of any available space for log storage

These homeowners have been incredibly resourceful with their log storage. Without wasting any precious real estate, they’ve built theirs in the gap between the stairs leading to the house and the ground. The result is a log store, which is efficient and looks great, too.

Of course, this log store idea works well because they live on an incline; there’s a natural gap when building and levelling their house.

Could it be worth taking note of your own home’s dimensions? Are there any nooks or crannies you can turn into a log store?

Underhouse log storage shelter

10. DIY pallet log store

A DIY pallet log store is an excellent option for those looking for budget-friendly log store ideas. If you’re a keen DIYer, you can make yourself a DIY pallet log store.

You only need basic tools and materials for this practical and creative firewood storage. If your talents are better suited to other things, you can contact one of our carpenters today to make one for you.

Check out this article to find a trusted carpenter near you.

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Log store ideas - log wall

11. Firewood rack with cover

A firewood rack with a waterproof vinyl cover (for outdoors) or a canvas cover (for indoors) is a small but mighty log store idea. Choosing a log rack with a cover is also a budget-friendly way to keep your firewood clean and dry.

If you have a firewood rack and want to waterproof it, a tarp and bungee cord is the cheapest option.

Log store ideas firewood rack with canvas

12. Iron firewood rack perfect for porches

Keep your firewood neat, and add a touch of class to your porch with a vintage-looking black iron firewood rack.

An iron log store is also a top option if you’re looking for a sturdy and long-lasting log storage that can hold a surprising amount of logs. Pop your iron log store on your porch for easy access!

Iron firewood rack log storage

Indoor log storage ideas for homeowners with open fires and log burners

Don’t brave the cold every time you need to fuel your fire. Instead, keep some of your logs and kindling inside and the rest in your outdoor log store. Seasoned and green firewood must be kept outside, but kiln-dried firewood is safe to store indoors.

Do like the Norwegians and display your logs almost like an art form, just like these homeowners have.

1. Build your storage into the surroundings

You can build a long log store right to the ceiling in a dividing wall for an ultra-modern look. Or, add a small log store in a plain brick fireplace alcove for a rustic feel, just like the log store below.

You can also build an underneath-the-log stove in the wall by adding alcove cupboards and shelving.

Log store indoor ideas

2. Add some symmetrical storage

There’s something utterly charming about a period fireplace with symmetrical log storage on either side. Add fully enclosed storage to neatly store your firewood or a stunning bench for sitting or displaying photos and ornaments.

Paint the shelving into a similar tone to the walls to create a stunning, seamless blend. Or, paint in a bold colour or dark varnish with neutral walls for a dramatic contrast, just like this lovely modern and traditional combo below.

Alcove log store ideas

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3. Find some vintage pieces

Hit your nearest charity shop or car boot sale on the hunt for vintage furniture and accessories to store your logs and add character to your home. Magazine holders, log crates and metal log baskets are great choices.

As you can see below, classic firewood carriers are a lovely way to store your logs inside. Elegant and timeless, these designs have been used for centuries to carry logs to and from the home.

We love this bronze metal example, which is fashioned with the traditional curved lips and handle for both ornamental and practical use. It also perfectly complements a wooden floor, giving us woodland cabin vibes!

Vintage log storage

4. Lob your logs in a log basket

Choosing a log basket for indoor storage is a traditional but stylish way to store your winter logs. Log baskets are budget-friendly, flexible-freestanding log store ideas and come in many sizes, styles and designs.

Natural, earthy textiles, like rustic rattan and wicker, are a tremendous rustic choice.

Wicker basket log storage

5. Choose furniture that can double up as a log store

All you need to find a practical and pretty indoor log store is a little imagination. Take this white, modern cupboard below; it is an excellently stylish freestanding log store.

Choose a stylish piece of furniture with some exposed shelving for an interesting contrast between old and new, just like these clever homeowners have.

Indoor log store ideas

6. Combine your indoor log stores

Storing your logs via two or three different methods can be a stunning and practical way to maximise your space.

We love this modern, open-plan set-up with a rustic brick fireplace and traditional, intricate iron log store.

Indoor log storage

7. Buy a log burner with built-in storage

If you’re looking for a new log burner, now is a great time to buy one with built-in storage. It’s a simple way to add extra log storage to your home, plus some cosy ambience.

If you only occasionally use your wood-burning stove, then keeping your logs inside might be easier. This homeowner has used a large wicker basket to store their firewood, while the logs beneath the stove are kept warm, dry and ready to burn.

If you’re considering installing a wood-burning stove, we can help you find a HETAS-certified engineer to install your new log burner today. Get help finding a trusted tradesperson here.

Log burner with built in storage

8. Try a shelving unit

Storing your firewood on an everyday shelving unit, either wood or the metal one below. This is a great budget-friendly way to keep your firewood tidy and off the ground.

This type of log store looks great in a living room or can be handy in a shed or outbuilding to keep logs off the ground.

Metal firewood storage

9. Go sleek and classic

We can’t forget the simple but stylish, tall, black firewood log storage. Popular with homeowners for its sleek and contemporary design, this is an easy way to keep your logs at hand in minimalist homes.

Tall black firewood holder

10. Use your available space

For those who live in wetter areas, keeping your logs underground, inside, or in your basement is a great way to ensure they stay dry and ready to keep you toasty.

We love this cellar log store idea because the cellar uses the space effectively. However, even if you don’t live above an ancient crypt (not many of us do!), piling your logs in the corner of your underground bunker or small basement is an excellent way to keep them neatly stacked away.

Cellar log storage ideas

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Do you need planning permission for a log store?

No, in almost all cases, you don’t need planning permission for a log store unless you intend to use the log store as a habitable space.

However, if your log store is large enough to infringe on your neighbour’s property, you may require planning permission.

What is the best way to store logs?

Whether indoors or outdoors, always store your logs off the ground to ensure proper ventilation and avoid mouldy logs.

Ideally, find or build a log store from pressure-treated timber, with a shelf to separate your kindling and logs and a good drainage/slanted roof to cover the logs and let rainwater run off it. But you can also use a wooden pallet.

Does a log store need a roof?

Many homeowners often ask, ‘Does a log store need a roof?’ Yes, if you want to keep the rain and ensuing mould from your logs so they will burn efficiently, your log store should have a roof of some kind.

Can I store my logs in a garage?

If you’re wondering if you can store your logs in a garage, you can as long as they are already dry. The main thing is to keep your logs warm and dry through the winter.

Should log stores have doors on?

Doors on an outdoor log store can be a good idea because they protect your logs from exposure to the elements. However, doors on a log store may create a greenhouse effect, causing the logs to become damp.

The best solution is to have an open-fronted log store positioned so that the logs are away from the prevailing wind and protected from driving rain.

Are you ready for winter?

Are you inspired and want to get yourself and your logs cosy for winter? If so, we have many certified tradespeople who can help build a log store, install a log burner, or open up a fireplace.

Pop your postcode into the box below to check out our vast Checkatrade directory of trusted tradespeople today, 

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