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Trending skirting board ideas for your 2024 project

Don’t let rotten or outdated skirting boards ruin a well-styled room. Whether classic, bold, contemporary or minimalist is your bag, we’ve got a skirting board for you.

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The TikTokers and Instagrammers of the world are ‘board’ of their old-fashioned, overly-glossed, bland white skirting boards of yesteryear and showing us how it’s done. It’s hard not to be impressed with these trending skirting board ideas.

You might not have the time, skill, or even interest to upcycle or replace your old skirting boards. But, a joiner or builder can definitely carry out your interior design vision for you.

Carry on reading to find the perfect skirting board design for your home.

Modern skirting board and grey wall combo

Should I replace my skirting boards?

Although skirting boards are usually the last thought in a house renovation, they should be on your home renovation list.

Updating your skirting boards to reflect your home’s interior design can make a big difference to the overall finish.

Whether you’re after a white, elaborate, and decorative skirting board for a period home or a slim, crisp-edged modern design – a new skirting board can add personality to any room.

If you suffer from rising or mould in your home, replacing your skirting boards should be priority.

Check out this skirting board fitting cost guide before you contact a tradesperson with your skirting board ideas.

New skirting boards

Modern skirting board ideas

1. Simple skirting boards

Discreet, simple skirting board blend in discreetly with a minimalist interior design scheme. Some of the most modern skirting board ideas are centred around;

  • Simple angles
  • Steps
  • Rounds or lines
  • Grooved skirting

Different skirting board designs

Although white can be considered an outdated skirting board colour, it never fails when paired with white walls in a clean and contemporary home.

White skirting board hallway

2. Short skirting boards

Choose shorter, uncomplicated skirting boards for smaller homes with shorter ceilings. Overall, it gives the effect of a taller ceiling height.

Short skirting board idea

3. Shadow gaps

Shadow gaps are an architect’s obsession as they remove the need for skirting boards. This skirting board trend leaves tiny spaces between the base of the wall and the floor.

Because houses move, this gap is essential to allow the movement between walls and floors. Ideally, this style of skirting board needs to be planned in advance.

Shadow gap skirting boards look clean and impressive, and a lack of skirting boards is gaining popularity.

If you’re doing a renovation and can’t plan for this, you can have a professional builder install recessed skirting that lies flush with the wall for a clean, sleek look.

Shadow gap skirting board ideas

Painted Skirting Board Ideas

Plain white skirting boards that tend to yellow over time are soon becoming a thing of the past. The opportunities for painted skirting board ideas are endless.

Before you break open the paint, ensure you know how to paint skirting boards.

Try out some of these popular colour choices for painted skirting boards.

1. Go bold or go home

When exploring painted skirting board ideas, use a colour tone sympathetic to your walls. If your walls are dark, match this with the same or similar dark-coloured skirting board for a luxurious feel.

Dark painted skirting board ideas

2. Painted skirting for period homes

For sympathetically renovated period homes, don’t rip out any period-style skirting boards that are still in good or excellent condition. Or, perhaps your new home has white contemporary skirting boards that you want to brighten up.

Get creative and improve your skirting boards with a lick of paint.

Choose dark colours or black for skirting boards and door frames to add drama and intensity. Black also pairs well with most paint colours and wallpapers. Add some matching home décor pieces to intensify that period look.

Farmhouse bathroom dark green skirting board

3. Match your walls to your skirting

Make smaller rooms appear larger by creating cohesion between walls and skirting boards. Take your paint to the floor for a stunning effect like the wall below.

Painted skirting board

4. Keep it light

Instead of bold colours, some homeowners prefer blending their walls and skirting boards with lighter neutral or pastel shades. This works well for period properties like old farmhouses and cottages, where light is scarce.

White painted skirting boards

5. Colour drench your home

Colour drenching is a new skirting board trend. As the name suggests, you paint everything in the same colour. Colour drenches your walls, ceilings, skirting boards, door frames, doors, and even radiators for a stunning and bold effect.

Popular colour schemes for living rooms include yellow and blue for a bold effect. This might be out of your comfort zone, but the results can be mesmerising.

Colour drench yellow living room

6. Don’t forget your wall panelling

Wall panelling looks stunning in white, but choosing a bold colour wall panelling instead of skirting boards is an eye-catching interior design choice. Forest green, dark red, and violet look stunning paired with pale pink.

Most commonly, medium-density fibreboard (MDF) is used for wall panelling in hallways, living rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms and bathrooms because it creates an architectural, textured vibe.

If you’d like to know more, check out this wall panelling cost guide. 

Other skirting board ideas

Bathroom skirting boards

Matching tiled skirting to your bathroom’s aesthetic is the perfect finishing touch for a newly renovated bathroom. Pair marbled floor tiles with matching marbled skirting board tiles and white walls for a hotel luxury feel.

We always recommend having a professional tiler install your new tiles during a bathroom refit.

Bathroom skirting board ideas

For a smooth, continuous look, tile from the ceiling to the floor or from the middle of the wall down. Tiled skirting also won’t require any priming, painting, or waterproofing and isn’t as susceptible to damp mould.

If you’d like to discover other popular tiled skirting board trends, read the article here.


Porcelain or ceramic bathroom tiles?

Although porcelain and ceramic tiles are stylish skirting board options, porcelain tiles work better in bathrooms. Less porous than ceramic tiles, porcelain tiles are well-equipped to deal with the dampness of bathrooms and kitchens.

However, porcelain tiles are usually more expensive and heavier than ceramic, so you may prefer to choose a ceramic bathroom tile. Luckily, both porcelain and ceramic tiles are durable, with high-quality finishes that come in many designs to suit any bathroom.

Stair skirt board ideas

Turning skirting boards into a wall panelling feature is becoming an increasingly popular choice in modern and period homes. Wall panelling hides unsightly joins and protects your walls from scuffs and damage.

Try Wainscoting instead of skirt boards, a process that uses wood panelling fitted to the lower section of the wall. It can also be used to hide electrics, pipes or insulation.

Take inspiration from your wallpaper

When you’re drawing a blank over how to decorate your skirting boards, take inspiration from your wallpaper and paint your skirting board in a complementary colour.

Waller paper and grey skirting board

Match your flooring to your skirting

Another top modern design idea is choosing a skirting board that is sympathetic to your flooring. This technique works exceptionally well with medium to dark oak flooring.

But, you can match your skirting boards with any wooden flooring. Install matching door frames for a truly contemporary feel.

If you like the look below, this is skirting board tiles completed by a Checkatrade tradesperson, another trend that people are choosing instead of the typical wood skirting.

Wood effect tile: New trend - Tiled skirting boards

Skirting board heating – alternative to radiators

With underfloor heating and other alternative heating sources on the rise, planning a renovation is the perfect time to consider skirting board heating.

Underfloor heating can be expensive, whereas skirting board heating are much more affordable.

Wet and dry skirting heating systems are both popular choices. Wet skirting board heating uses pipes behind the skirting boards to heat a room. In contrast, ‘dry’ or electric skirting board heating uses cables feeding an electric thermostat.

If you’d like to learn more, check out our skirting board heating cost guide.

Wooden skirting board ideas

Before you dive in with your skirting board refit or upcycle, research as much as possible to choose a skirting board design that matches the overall aesthetic of your house.

Ensuring you choose the correct height of the skirting board is also essential to match the proportions of your home. If you’re unsure where to start, check out this handy article or click the link below to find a trusted tradesperson perfect for redesigning your skirting boards.

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