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Home office makeover on a budget: luxe ideas and inexpensive inspiration

On a budget? Why not enhance your WFH experience with our home office makeover ideas? Forget large-scale renovations – you don't need to blow your monthly wage making luxe enhancements. Just keep scrolling and we'll show you how.

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Yes, it’s possible to make a home office makeover on a budget look expensive. All you need is a little creative license and a dash of ingenuity.

Of course, we’re mainly talking about upcycling – social media’s answer to luxe enhancements on a shoestring budget.

And the best bit? You get to turn it into a room full of what inspires you – decorating it solely for your tastes, aesthetic preferences, and functional requirements.

Can’t wait to get started? Pop your postcode into the search bar below and we’ll give you a list of our top office transformation professionals, each ready to achieve your vision of the perfect WFH setup.

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Home office makeover ideas on a budget: inexpensive design tricks

Consider a U-shaped desk setup with adjustable furniture

Home office loft conversion idea

If you work from home, spending most of your time in your home office is a given. Consequently, creating a comfortable working space is good for productivity and helps you avoid repetitive strain injuries.

A U-shaped desk is a comfortable and reasonable investment that keeps everything you need close by. Nestle in the nook on a supportive office chair with adjustable height settings and additional arm support for ultimate luxury.

And don’t forget the little things such as a laptop/keyboard stand, footrest, or lung-loving plants – all of which will support you through your working day.

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Install simple storage solutions with a big design impact

home office storage

If you’re actively looking for home office makeover ideas, you’re likely keen to find simple solutions you can act on straight away. A small budget doesn’t need to hamper the immediate transformation of your office environment.

One quick and easy way is to build a floor-to-ceiling shelving unit using upcycling tricks or IKEA hacks. Fill it with storage boxes, tubs, cages, pots, and baskets.

Choose similar hues for a matching aesthetic or go for a full jumble sale with whatever storage solutions you manage to find in your local charity shop!

If you’re limited on space, choose a long desk for dual-working

How to build home office space

If you’re one part of a power couple who both enjoy working from home, a dual setup is the only way to avoid arguments.

A long desk with matching desktops, chairs, and accessories not only eradicates one-upmanship, but it offers a pleasing aesthetic too.

Also, as shared spaces easily become cluttered, consider purchasing matching pedestals, shelves, and filing cabinets to tidy away mess before it gets out of hand.

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These clutter-free home office makeover ideas will free up space

home office with traingular floating shelves on the wall - ideas for a clutter-free home office makeover

A cluttered desk is a surefire way to mentally exhaust you – long before your work does! On the contrary, a tidy working area will help you create a sense of calm, tranquillity, and a feeling of control. However, what if everything you need to do your job has to be within arm’s reach? What are your options?

Consider the following:

  • Desk trays and tidies
  • Floating shelves with storage boxes
  • Decorative storage pots
  • Under desk drawers or clip-on tidies
  • A pedestal on wheels
  • Wall pegboard/clipboard/whiteboard

Any one of these ideas will help you organise your work tools and access them without leaving your ergonomic chair!

You’ll only find trades who meet our high standards and pass our quality checks on Checkatrade.

Home office makeover ideas for comfort: plush and ready for anything

Luxe elements that don’t break the bank

Comfortable home office idea on a budget

Interior design is more about the placement and pairing of items than the amount they cost. For example, this plush office features a wooden acoustic wall panel (£60), charcoal wall paint (£36), an orange pouffe (£90), a grey tub chair (£160), hand-painted artwork (£20), and matching shelves (£80).

As you can see, by themselves, none of these elements are overly expensive. However, when they’re put together, they offer a plush and visually striking result. The lesson? Don’t spend loads on decorative items when you can combine cheaper alternatives for the same result.

Nothing says plush like a decorative feature wall

Home office storage ideas

Whether it’s inspirational quotes, your favourite band poster, pastel artwork of your children, or an IKEA peg board to store all your best ideas, framing your artwork in the same style and arranging it on a feature wall will instantly inject your office space with character.

Keep the supporting elements bright, light, and economical to make your home office the envy of your online colleagues. For example, plastic chairs, budget-friendly pedestals, swing shelves, and upcycled filing cabinets are all great finds. Hit your local charity shops to see if there’s anything you can transform.

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Industrial design for an effortlessly chic working environment

Garage to office conversion
Garage conversion concept image

When you spend most of your day in one place, you want it to be comfortable. However, you also want it to be stylish. Enter rustic meets industrial design!

In short, it’s where metal and wood meet to combine their cool and warm superpowers to create an aesthetic worth leaving your bedroom for.

We recommend finding the largest desk you can fit into your new office. It’s a power move for future-proofing your work zone and spreading your busy bee wings.

Also, we guarantee you’ll inadvertently gather office clutter around you, so add some floor-to-ceiling shelves to make the most of your vertical space and keep your work environment clean.

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Eco-friendly ideas for your home office makeover on a budget

Green home office makeover idea

Home office desk with plants on and around it - green home office makeover ideas

It’s easy to feel isolated when you work from home, which is why it’s essential to find innovative ways to boost your mood, creativity, and focus.

Studies show that surrounding yourself with plants encourages feelings of happiness and gratefulness. Plants are known to have a positive effect due to their air and mood-enhancing qualities. Also, watering, cleaning, and feeding them will give you a sense of purpose and pride when you see them flourish.

The easiest way to achieve this DIY home office makeover idea is to create an indoor garden using potted plants that don’t require a lot of direct sunlight (e.g., prayer plants, dracaenas, and ivy). Another thrifty trick is to take cuttings from friends’ or neighbours’ plants (with their permission, of course!). Alternatively, try realistic-looking fake plants for your desk, shelves, or macrame hanging ropes – you won’t get the same air-enhancing qualities but they’ll still look great!

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Eco-friendly lights for your home office makeover

Loft conversion stair storage
Loft staircase and home office design concept

Now you’ve created the perfect home office that’s comfortable and welcoming, there’s one final thing you need to take care of: the lights.

If you’ve set up your home office away from a window’s natural light, you’ll soon realise it gets dark and depressing quite quickly. Even if you’re near a window, there are far too few hours of natural light come the winter.

To add insult to injury, it’s well known that working under dim lights can tire you quickly and trigger SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder), which is why one of our top design tips for home office makeover ideas on a budget is to invest in proper lighting.

Whether you buy a portable desk lamp, put soft-hued strip lights under your shelves, or install light fittings over your desk, illuminating your workspace will inject it with warmth and good vibes.

Supportive flooring for an environmentally friendly home office makeover

Home office makeover on a budget – carpet beneath desk chair in light and airy room

Despite the fact you’ll be sitting down for most of the day, don’t ignore your feet! Being able to kick off your socks and snuggle your toes into a plush rug or thick carpet will boost your sense of well-being and comfort.

This is especially important in the colder months when your feet are at risk of chilblains after sitting on Zoom calls for longer than necessary. In short: toasty toes will help your body feel less tired!

Materials such as jute, hessian, bamboo, reclaimed wood, engineered wood, wool, and upcycled hardwood are all eco-friendly flooring options for your office. However, for a quick and low-cost home office makeover idea, consider an economical solution.

For example, you could make your own rugs from high-quality carpet offcuts and get the edges whipped to prevent fraying. Alternatively, you could add flooring tiles in a modern, warm, and budget-friendly option like cork flooring.

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Need help with your home office makeover? Find a professional who specialises in home offices to take your WFH space to the next level.

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