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Home office makeover on a budget

If you’re planning to undertake your home office makeover on a budget, you’d be happy to learn that it doesn’t have to be a large-scale renovation project.

There are simple changes you can make to transform your space completely.

Home office makeover ideas on a budget

If you work from home, you must spend a lot of time in your home office. That’s why it’s essential that your working space not only be comfortable but also helps your productivity. Plus, you need to avoid repetitive strain injuries as well!

So if you are actively looking for home office makeover ideas, you will be keen to find simple solutions that you can act on straight away. A small budget does not need to hamper the immediate transformation of your office environment. Take a look to see how you can make remote working fun again!

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Home office makeover ideas for comfort

A home office set near a large window - home office makeover ideas for comfort

When you’re spending most of your day in one place, you want it to be comfortable. We recommend selecting the largest desk you can fit in. This one decision is a power move for future-proofing your work zone. We guarantee that you inadvertently will gather office clutter around you, so start as you mean to go on, make room to move!

If your home office is not comfortable, you won’t enjoy working there. You are also more likely to develop repetitive strain injuries that can potentially hamper your ability to work. Acute neck and shoulder discomfort, aching wrists, lower lumbar pain and other issues can all be triggered by an office setup that is not ergonomically designed for your body.

Invest in a comfortable office chair that supports your back and has adjustable height with additional arm support.

Even little things like a laptop stand or a keyboard stand will make a difference in getting yourself into a comfortable position that is truly sustainable for your normal working day.

Want a custom desk built for you? Search for a carpenter near you!


Supportive flooring for a home office makeover

A bright white home office with a rug under the chair and desk - home office makeover with supportive flooring

If you think home office comfort is only from the chair and above, you’d be wrong.

Don’t ignore your feet! Being able to kick off shoes and snuggle your feet into a plush rug or super thick carpet will boost your sense of well being. In the colder months, your feet will likely get cold when sitting for long periods; toasty toes will help your body feel less tired.

For a quick and low-cost home office makeover idea, go for economical solutions. For example, you could make your own rugs from high-quality carpet offcuts and get the edges whipped to prevent fraying or add flooring tiles. To get a modern, super warm feel without breaking the bank, you could explore comfortable, supportive flooring, like cork flooring.

Need someone to install your flooring or carpeting? Find one here!



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A green home office makeover idea

Home office desk with plants on and around it - green home office makeover ideas

When working from home, it’s easy to start feeling isolated. It is essential to find innovative ways to boost your mood, allowing you to be creative and focused whilst remaining at your desk for many hours.

Feelings of happiness and gratefulness can be encouraged if you surround yourself with plants. Plants are known to have a positive effect on people. Caring for them by watering, cleaning their leaves and feeding them will offer delight when you see them thrive and grow.

The easy way to achieve this inexpensive DIY home office makeover idea is to buy potted plants that are don’t require a lot of direct sunlight (or realistic-looking fake plants) and intersperse them on your desk and shelves. However, if you want to show off your thriftiness, take cuttings from friends or neighbours’ plants and then rejoice as you propagate your ‘freebies’  into full-size healthy plants.

If you really want to create a refuge from the outside world, go big, and create a jaw-dropping living wall!

Find an expert to help you create your own living wall!



Clutter-free home office makeover idea

home office with traingular floating shelves on the wall - ideas for a clutter-free home office makeover

A cluttered desk is a surefire way of mentally exhausting you long before your work does. A tidy desk will allow you to create a sense of calm, instilling a feeling of control. The organisation of items in itself will flow through to your work style, offering instant improvements in productivity.

But what do you do if you need everything you need for your work within arm’s reach?

We suggest investing in shelves and desk trays for a clutter-free office makeover idea. You’ll be able to organise everything you need, and access it all without leaving your work chair!

Trust us, with this home office makeover, and the before-and-after experience will be hugely satisfying.

Do you want shelves and don’t know how? Find an expert to do it for you!



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Wall art home office makeover on a budget

Wall art for a home office makeover

Along with plants, another home office makeover idea on a budget that is also great for your mental health is wall art.

Whether it is paintings of nature or pics of your family, wall art can provide you with magical little windows to escape work for a few moments. Wall art can be hugely uplifting, reminding you of inspiring locations and happy times, and the simplest addition can have surprising results to the overall feel of your workspace.

Stare at them when you’re feeling overwhelmed or pretend you’re outside while you work.





Home office makeover with lights

A brightly lit home office with lamps and natural light - home office makeover with lights

Now that you’ve made your home office space comfortable and welcoming, there’s one final thing you need to take care of. Lights.

If you’ve set up your home office away from a window for natural light, you’ll realise it gets dark and depressing quite easily. Even if you are near a window, you won’t have many hours of natural light in winter.

It is well known that working under dim lights can tire you quickly and is also quite depressing. That’s why one of our home office makeover ideas on a budget is to invest in proper lighting.

Whether you buy portable lamps or invest in light fittings over your desk, lighting up your workspace will give you a great makeover instantly!

Do you need light fittings installed in your home office? Find a tradesperson near you to do it.


Like what you see? There’s more where this came from. Check out Checkatrade’s blog for more tips, ideas, how-tos, and inspiration.

See the tradespeople we've checked and recommend for your job

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