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8 beautiful small ensuite ideas

Ensuite bathrooms are a luxury many homeowners dream of. Imagine having a space that is truly yours, where you can escape from the kids or the stresses of modern life. Lacking space? No problem, this guide is bursting with small ensuite ideas perfect for any home.

Whether you want to make a small ensuite more spacious or struggle with layout and design ideas, we have you covered. This guide is a great first step to creating your ideal ensuite bathroom with tips for modern ensuites, storage solutions, and more.

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Modern small ensuite ideasSmall bathroom ideas that maximise storage

One of the best small ensuite bathroom design ideas is to invest in clever storage solutions.

Choose from shelves, boxes and cabinets to make the most of a small bathroom. Try to choose options that fit your design scheme to create a cohesive look. Plus, consider adding storage vertically to save on floor space.

Experiment with these clever hacks to add tons more useful storage in the smallest of ensuites:

  • Use wall-mounted rack or storage unit with individual open.
  • Add magnetic storage to the outside of the medicine cabinet.
  • Mount a set of baskets on your bathroom wall.
  • Add a tiered organizer in under sink storage to make use of vertical space.


Efficient wet room ensuite bathroomSmall ensuite wet room ideas

Wet rooms are practical and can be visually stunning.

A great way to save space, small ensuite wet room ideas include:

  • Using slimline storage options, from cabinets to shelves. It is always possible to find solutions that offer the same width as normal types of storage but with less depth. This saves physical space but also keeps your ensuite looking more spacious.
  • Installing a floating toilet or basin. These fixtures are attached to a wall and add more floor space than traditional options.
  • Using a single pane of glass for your wet room shower. This allows light to flow freely and throughout the room, with a bright and airy finish.


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Small ensuite layout ideasBest ensuite layout ideas

The layout of your ensuite is crucial to making the most of limited space.

Consider the below small ensuite layout ideas when designing your perfect bathroom:

  • Create a coordinated space by using matching fittings and fixtures. For example, choose a toilet, sink and shower from the same range, or choose matching accessories.
  • Pick a freestanding bathtub to create the illusion of space compared to standard-fitted baths.
  • Choose a wet room with a shower over a normal ensuite with a bath.
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Tiny ensuite bathroomTiny bathrooms ideas

Concerned you don’t have the space for an ensuite? Think again; our very small ensuite ideas can help you design an ensuite in the smallest of spaces.

  • You can really maximise ensuite space with matching floor and wall tiles.
  • Larger tiles make any small bathroom feel much more spacious.
  • It is possible to purchase a compact bathtub or shower for tiny spaces.
  • Choose a corner shower to use a small awkward area.
  • Use lighting to brighten up small ensuites.
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Modern and stylish ensuite ideasModern small bathroom design ideas

Many homeowners choose to use a modern design scheme throughout homes today. This can extend to your bathrooms, creating a clean, simplistic space. If you are looking for modern small ensuite ideas, consider the following tips:

  • Embrace minimalism by keeping the room tidy and clean.
  • Floating toilets and sinks can also make a bathroom look modern.
  • Add extra storage to give everything its own place and prevent clutter.
  • Use monochromatic colours like grey, white, black and silver.
  • Choose simple, sleek and streamlined fixtures to make the ensuite look more spacious and fresh.


Find the right colour schemes for your small bathroom.

Opting for a simple bright white paint can transform small bathrooms, making them feel light, airy and open. You should avoid dark colours and if you wish to be more adventurous maybe try brighter tones, pastels with blue and soft green hints, they are warming colours. Colour selection is crucial. If you get it right, your limited space can be magically increased by tricking the eye.

Beige and brown bathroom tiles Picking the right tiles to create a light backdrop

The simplicity of pairing neutral shades and diluted pastels in different tile choices helps to add interest while allowing the scheme to remain fresh and calming.

Add real wood cabinetry and sprinkle in some greenery with vibrant leafy indoor plants to take the concept back to nature. Remember that a fresh colour scheme can be perfectly finished by installing sparking new chrome fixtures, completing that new luxury bathroom look.

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What should I consider installing in my ensuite?

From functional to decorative, the fixtures you choose for your ensuite all play a part in creating the perfect bathroom.

Below are a few great small ensuite design ideas to consider:

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