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Garage door painting ideas – from smart grey to pretty in pink

Revamp your garage door with a fresh lick of paint. Here’s how to upgrade the outside of your home with a rainbow of garage door painting ideas

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Whether your garage is made from metal or wood, there are so many different garage door painting ideas.

Maybe your garage door is looking a little shabby and could do with an overhaul. Or perhaps you just fancy a brand new look with a change of colour – either striking or subtle.

Painting your garage door will help extend its lifespan and withstand changing weather conditions too. It’ll also make your home stand out and give it masses of kerb appeal.

These garage door painting ideas will certainly get your creative juices flowing.

If you want to try your hand at painting a garage door read our handy blog. It’s packed with useful information on what tools and materials you will need for metal or wood garage doors.

For a professional finish, we recommend hiring the expertise of a painter and decorator who will transform your garage. Find out the average garage painting cost here.

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Garage door painting ideas

Garage door painting ideas

Garage doors come in many different shapes and sizes.

Whatever your garage door style, paint can play a big part. From sleek aluminium to traditional, barn-style garage doors, a new paint colour can be transformative.

Be inspired by our gorgeous garage door painting ideas and make first impressions count.

1. Freshen up with white

garage door painting ideas - classic white

Light coloured paint is a classic choice that remains fresh and timeless. Not only that, a white metal paint won’t fade as quickly as darker hues.

Metal garage doors are usually made from steel. They are a durable choice but can rust over time. Make sure you use a metal primer and suitable metal paint for garage door.

2. Try a wood effect paint

wood effect paint for garage door

If you wish you had a wood garage door, there are a few tricks to achieve this look.

Look out for steel garage doors with a wood effect laminate surface. They often come in a range of different timber effects from oak to dark mahogany and are really low maintenance.

You can also paint your metal or steel garage door to look like timber.

Clean, prepare and prime the garage door first. Then choose two different paint shades: a warm mid brown tone as the base and a darker brown paint for the top.

Once the base colour has dried, apply the dark brown paint and wipe it away slightly to create a faux wood finish.

Try a small section first to see if you are happy with the results.

Alternatively, look for a wood-look garage door paint kit. Or hire an experienced painter for a professional finish.

3. Double up with a rustic wood stain

rustic wood stain for garage doors

Traditional barn garage doors will add a charming mood to the outside of your home.

Wood garage door paint will give a more modern appearance. But you might choose to revitalise with a fresh timber stain that will retain the character of the wood.

Clean the door with a dry lint-free cloth and brush on the stain in even strokes. Choose from a variety of wood stain colours either to enhance the grain or cover it up.

Remember to replace any rotten panels of wood with new before you start.

4. Add a white trim

grey and white garage door paint

Grey garage door paint ideas are popular. From deep anthracite to pale pebble, grey paint is a classic and timeless choice.

Smarten up the overall look with a grey and white contrast. Try trimming the garage door with a pure white border. These carriage-style garage doors also have high top windows painted in white for a more decorative outlook.

The crisp contrast offsets the grey shade and will tie in with windows and doors in the rest of the house.

Finish off with antique style hardware – black metal hinges and handles – for garage doors with an elegant, craftsmanship appeal.

5. Stick to natural wood

natural wood garage door

Instil a charming, cosy look with cottage style garage doors.

Keep the wood panelling natural with a neutral finish timber stain. Instil a heritage mood by painting this style of garage door with a vintage-inspired shade.

Try soft sage green, pale teal or warm putty. You can use a brush and roller to apply primer and paint. Or spray both if you have a spray gun.

Applying a good quality wood primer is crucial in the first instance.

6. Make it modern with anthracite

anthracite grey garage door paint

Anthracite grey garage door paint will transform the outside of your home.

If you’re looking for a sleek, minimalist and striking look, this modern-style garage is for you. The pared-back, uncluttered garage door embraces an industrial aesthetic boosted by the dark anthracite paint.

The matching anthracite grey surround creates a colour-blocking design element that is simple, unembellished and low-maintenance.

Modernists, this one is for you!

7. Channel true blue

bold blue garage door paint

Make a bold design statement to your home’s exterior by painting your garage door in a bright blue hue.

Choose from an indigo, marine and cobalt blue palette and create a vibrant accent against white rendered or brick walls.

Bright blue shades also inject a sunny Mediterranean mood – time to paint your way to a sunny holiday state of mind.

8. Soothe with a sage green

sage green garage door paint

If you love vintage-inspired interior design, why not go for a heritage mood outside too. This way every element of your home will have a seamless and considered style tempo.

Painting your garage in a gorgeous sage green hue has so many other benefits too. It creates a high design yet subtle colour story and looks super fresh with white framing details.

Green hues also tie in seamlessly with the foliage and greenery in the great outdoors for a nod to the biophilia trend. The result is laid-back yet so well thought out.

9. Match your fence

garage door paint to match fence paint

This is such a simple yet effective idea.

Paint your garage door in the same colour as your gate or fence and treat visitors to a glimpse of your interior design personality before they’ve stepped through the front door.

For more inspiration for your fence read our garden fence ideas blog.

Garage paint door colours

Be brave with garage painting door ideas that go a little bit extra for your home.

Trim with a bold crimson: Paint your wooden garage door in a single bold shade and highlight with a vibrant trim.

bold garage door paint

Love lilac: Is there anything prettier than this deep lilac garage door with cascading greenery over the top? We think not.

pretty lilac garage door paint

Commission an artist: Budding artists might want to go all out on a graphic animation for their garage door. The very opposite of ordinary.

artwork garage door paint idea

Go upmarket with indigo: Blue and green should always be seen in this deep indigo coloured garage flanked by vibrant green trees.

indigo paint garage door idea

Make it monochrome: Take the chevron mood on to your garage door with this slick black and white paint job.

black and white garage door paint idea

Go for graffiti: Try your hand at a pop-art style graffiti art work. Or commission an artist to do a proper job.

pop art graffiti garage door paint

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