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Trending kitchen worktop ideas 2024

A kitchen worktop that can handle the wear and tear of busy families and wanna-be chefs is a keeper. If your kitchen worktops need to be practical and stylish, check out these trending kitchen worktop ideas.

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Our kitchen worktops are at the heart of our kitchens, and we put them through a lot. When renovating your kitchen, choose practical and durable worktops that are also an eye-catching focal point.

If you’re looking for budget kitchen worktops, cover kitchen worktops, oak kitchen worktops, and more, this article is for you.

Consider updating your worktops to match your current or new kitchen plans with these popular kitchen worktop ideas.

white kitchen worktop ideas

How to choose kitchen worktops?

People often think a kitchen’s style comes from the cabinets, but the kitchen worktops are just as vital. At eye level, our kitchen countertops stand out. Pick something that deserves this attention.

When choosing from kitchen worktop ideas, carefully consider what you need from your worktop surfaces.

Are your kitchen renovations complete, meaning your kitchen worktops must last for decades?

Or is your kitchen’s interior design more important?

Are your worktops at risk of spills, stains and scratches from little hands? If so, choose a hardwearing work surface for your kitchen.

Luckily, the kitchen worktop ideas below are stylish and have a high level of durability.

Solid kitchen countertops

1. Granite worktops

Granite worktops are top of the list of popular choices for kitchen worktops because they are highly durable, boasting a whopping score of seven on the Mohs scale (scale of hardness).

It’s this hardness that makes granite so scratch-resistant. Granite is also heat, water, and stain resistant. Choosing granite for kitchens will extend your kitchen worktop life, an essential factor for busy families.

Because of its natural composition, granite worktops sport individual patterns in various shades and styles, so you can make your dream bespoke kitchen a reality.

Granite kitchen worktop ideas

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2. Quartz worktops

Quartz kitchen worktops are a popular, cheaper alternative to granite but with a similar hardness level (seven on the Mohs scale). Quartz is also scratch-resistant and non-porous, making it one of the most hygienic and easy-to-clean kitchen ideas.

Homeowners also love quartz for its sophisticated and high-quality finish. This faux stone kitchen worktop comes in various shades and patterns to suit any modern or traditional kitchen.

Wondering ‘how on earth is quartz made?’  the manufacturing process involves mixing quartz grains, pigments, and resins via vibro-compression into slabs.

Quartz worktop kitchens counterops

3. Solid wood worktop

Solid wood kitchen worktops are incredibly versatile. Wood, like oak kitchen worktops, is available in various grains and colours that can be washed, oiled or stained.

They also age exceptionally well when properly maintained and wow in contemporary or heritage-style kitchens, like old farmhouses and cottages. Oak kitchen worktops provide warmth and charm to any kitchen.

However, solid wood worktops are not scratch, stain, water or humidity resistant and need more TLC than quartz or granite. For a long-lasting kitchen worktop, you can sand down and refresh it with oils and varnishes for a sustainable worktop option.

Because wood and water aren’t friends, combine them with a stone or quartz sink area to avoid water damage.

Moroccan wall tiles for kitchens

4. Marble kitchen worktops

Some may think that marble is outdated, but it’s making a comeback. Not only does marble look good in modern kitchens, it is also incredibly durable.

The natural composition of marble also makes it cool to the touch and heat-resistant, which is great for baking in a heatwave.

Like any other natural stone surface, marble is unique and can aid in creating a bespoke kitchen. However, marble is naturally porous and easy to stain, so you must maintain your marbled kitchen countertops.

Before having a tradesperson install your marble or other stone kitchen worktop, ensure you are happy with your stone piece. Most stone yards or stone merchants allow you to select your piece in advance.

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Marble kitchens countertops

Budget-friendly kitchen countertops

A kitchen renovation or upgrade doesn’t need to empty your bank account. Here are some budget-friendly kitchen worktop ideas to consider.

1. Laminate kitchen worktop

When oak or stone kitchen worktops aren’t in your budget, laminate kitchen worktops are an attractive alternative at a budget-friendly price. This versatile kitchen surface mimics the appearance of wood, granite, quartz and more.

Laminate kitchen worktops can look just like the real thing with various patterns, colours, designs, and finishes.

Even concrete copy laminate worktops are a popular option for contemporary industrial kitchen designs on a budget.

Laminate worktops are also more durable than solid wood worktops, making them a smart choice for busy families.

laminate kitchen worktops

2. Compact worktops

Compact kitchen worktops are a newer type of laminate kitchen worktop that is increasing in popularity. This modern kitchen work surface is different to natural stone and incredibly versatile.

Compact worktops can be cut as thin as 12.5mm and will impress any guest to a home with its sleek and contemporary look.

Compact laminate kitchen worktops look great in minimalist and ultra-modern kitchens but are also highly heat, scratch and impact-resistant.

Their double-sided design makes compact worktops an excellent option for statement splashbacks or waterfall islands.

Compact kitchen worktop

3. Paint kitchen worktops

If your kitchen worktops are in good working order minus a few stains, you can upgrade them with painted kitchen worktops.

Paint kitchen worktops are a cheaper alternative to refitting your kitchen with new worktops.

Go with the current trend and paint your kitchen worktops in the same colour as the cabinets for a cohesive look. Or, try a light or bold colour for contrast (depending on the colour of your cabinets).

Painted kitchen worktop with contrasting cabinets

4. Cover kitchen worktops

If the foundations of your kitchen worktops are in good condition, but the work surface is heavily scratched or chipped, cover kitchen worktops are a cheaper solution.

It’s possible to upgrade your current kitchen worktops by placing a new surface over the everyday worktop surfaces, hiding all the imperfections that come with a well-used kitchen.

Some of the cover kitchen worktop materials include;

In addition, quartz is a popular option for overlay worktops because of its stylish, durable and non-porous nature. There’s no need to seal quartz overlay worktops, making them a low-maintenance kitchen worktops.

Cover kitchen worktops

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Alternative kitchen worktop surfaces

Mix it up

The newest kitchen interior design trend combines materials for a unique, eye-catching look. Moreover, mixing materials in your kitchen renovations allows for longer-lasting worktops.

For example, if you love the idea of an oak kitchen or laminate worktops, use an alternative kitchen worktop surface like marble or quartz around the sink to avoid water damage.

Kitchen worktop ideas mix

Zone it out

Another popular trend in kitchen design is zoning, which uses different materials in different kitchen areas to signify their uses. You could use stone on your kitchen island for food prep and wood for dining and storage areas?

Using oak kitchen counters with matching shelves makes for an impressive kitchen design. Combining different textures and hardy materials creates a versatile and long-lasting kitchen.

Try not to over-style your kitchen. Balancing a pale wood countertop with heavily veined marble kitchen islands is attractive. Avoid pairing dark granites with other dark, hard counters.

Oak work surface kitchen

Add Texture

Choosing textured kitchen worktop surfaces is becoming more common because of its modern brilliance. These textured kitchen worktop ideas add a sensory and multidimensional tone to your kitchen.

Textured kitchen worktops mimic the look and feel of authentic leather, timber, stone, and honed surfaces. They can be applied to various hardier materials, making them a versatile option for any contemporary kitchen.

Choose a honed finish if a matte-like finish suits your kitchen decor.

Stone textured kitchen worktop services

Match your kitchen worktops and surfaces

Complete cohesion is easily achieved using one kitchen worktop material across all surfaces.

For example, oak kitchen worktops that match an island, breakfast bar, and shelving look neat and stylish in small kitchens.

Modern black kitchens countertops

Whatever kitchen worktop ideas appeal to you most, always hire a trusted kitchen or fitter. The right tradesperson will ensure that your kitchen countertops sit perfectly in place.

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