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The best colours for garage doors

From neutral tones to bolder hues, discover our top colours for garage doors. Time to make an entrance...

Choosing the right colours for garage doors is so important.

While you might spend time and money getting your garden, driveway and paths just perfect – don’t forget about your garage door.

Whether you opt for a classic neutral or a pretty pastel, the perfect garage door colour will enhance the exterior of your property.

A smart garage door colour is eye catching for sure. It will make a great first impression and add to the kerb appeal of your home.

Whether you’re looking to update an existing garage door or buy a brand new design, take your time to find the perfect colour.

Check out our blogs on garage designs and garage door painting ideas for a great starting point.

Colours for garage doors

You might have a gut instinct about colours for garage doors. It’s a personal decision whether you fancy a safe grey shade or a wow-factor lilac. You might be naturally drawn to a colour that you love.

If not, we recommend contacting a local builder or garage door supplier who can help out with your colour dilemma.

Search your postcode to find your local trade

There are so many different elements to consider before you take the plunge too: neighbourhood, architecture and function of garage, to name just a few.

Let’s take a look at the mix of practical and decorative elements that will create the best colours for garage doors.

1. Look at the local area

garage door colours - fit in with the street

Blending in with the local architecture and the rest of the properties on your street is a key factor.

That’s not to say that you can’t express personality with garage door colours, but you want a cohesive look to a point. A neon green garage door in a village of country cottages might not go down particularly well with the neighbours, for example.

Look at shifting style patterns and colour trends. Check whether there are any regulations on what colours you can choose – particularly if you live in a listed building.

2. What’s your house built from?

garage colours - look at local housing stock

Look at what materials your property is built from – both your main home and garage.

This will have a big influence on the colours you choose for your garage door.

Do you live in a new build development with pale stones? Or is your home in a street of red-brick Victorian terraces.

Detached homes with big surrounding gardens might give you a little more creative freedom. But, do consider the local housing stock.

Neutral hues will work effortlessly with most building materials, like brick, sandstone, timber or concrete. But don’t be afraid to pick out a muted pastel or heritage colour that suits the mood of your architecture.

3. Should it match my front door?

matching garage and front door

Matching your garage door colour with your front door is a smart idea. The result is a harmonious outlook that’s easy on the eye

It will tie your home together and appeal to potential buyers.

Before you match up your colours, just think if your front door will need replacing in the next couple of years. If it’s looking a little worn or shabby, why not splash out on both doors at the same time, for a longer lasting look?

4. Think about wear and tear

wood style garage door colour

Your choice of garage door colour shouldn’t just focus on looks and style. Functionality plus points are a deciding factor and this will largely depend how you use your garage.

Look for hardwearing metals and painted metal doors for garages used to park your car or as an extra storage hub.

Pick a colour too that’s good at disguising scratches, bumps and bashes. White might not be the best option here – so go for a mid to darker tone.

Garage conversions might be fitted with side-hinged doors made from timber or composite to make your garage feel more like a room.

Feel free to flex your colour palette but still think about materials, finish and locality.

5. White doesn’t have to be boring

garage door colours - white

Pure white garage doors are a classic choice that will freshen up your exterior. That doesn’t mean white is a dull option – far from it.

If you have painted render or rust coloured bricks, white garage doors offer the brightest accent.

And don’t forget – you can always try your hand at painting your garage door if you fancy a switch up. Read our blog here for more garage door painting ideas.

6. Don’t forget finish

look at garage door finish and colour

Consider the finish of your garage door as well as your colour.

Different finishes like powder coated aluminium, timber stains and exterior paints offer different looks, as well as practical plus points.

Gloss or semi-gloss paints are tough and protect your garage door from scratches, scuffs and the elements.

If you want a durable, steel sectional garage door, give it a twist with a faux woodgrain texture or trendy RAL colour of your choice.

7. Take in your garden mood

look at your garden when choosing garage colour

As well as considering your neighbourhood and style of house, look at your outside space.

Gardens abundant with foliage and plants will suit a natural garage door colour. Embrace any hard landscaping features such as dry stone walls, gravel driveways and modern block paving.

These fresh white walls match the exterior white of the house and let the green palette of the trees and plants take centre stage.

8. Pick a new neutral

try a blush pink garage door

White and black are no longer today’s only neutral options.

Pale pink is a modern and sophisticated alternative for a neutral garage door. Blush tones also work incredibly well with every type of building material, from off-white render to grey contemporary concrete.

9. Co-ordinate colour with design elements

contrasting period colour for garage doors

Look carefully at the other design features of your garage such as windows, frames, roof, cladding and trim.

Do you want to use a colour that will make your garage door meld invisibly into the background? Or, you could match up with window frames or have it stand out against framework.

Don’t expect an exact colour match if you need to use different types of exterior paint. If you plan to use a metal paint colour with say a wood paint or an exterior masonry paint, go for a tonal palette instead.

10. Create bold wow factor

Garage door colour ideas

Taking everything into consideration, the braver among us might just want to have fun with garage door colours!

Heritage properties and cottages can look fabulous with yellow, lilac, greens and blue hues. Try alternating stripes of black and white or grey tones for an architectural look.

Have a wander around your neighbourhood – it’s the perfect way to get masses of colour inspo.

5 of the best wooden garage door colours…and styles

Timber doors add their own palette of rich colour and finish.

Whether cool and contemporary or rustic heritage, be inspired by 5 wooden garage door colours.

panelled wood garage door

Panel beater: This double garage door crafted in timber panelling offers an air of unavoidable luxe.

slick modern wood garage door

Play with lines: Mix horizontal and vertical timber panels to create subtle pattern play.

faux timber garage door

Modern flair: Charcoal and deep timber panels create a striking contemporary silhouette.

dark brown garage doors

Naturally good: Offset dark timber garage doors with natural stone work in a wealth of different hues.

timber garage door colour

Barn doors: Instil a sense of rustic grandeur with arched barn doors in dark stained timber.

Remember, if you need professional advice on the matter, don’t hesitate to contact a local expert. Enter your postcode below to browse the best talent near you!

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