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Stair carpet ideas

Make your stair carpet feel like your own red carpet with a little celebrity treatment. Whether you’re into a full carpet, edgy runners, bright patterns, or neutral charm, you'll love these stair carpet ideas.

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Most two-storey homes will greet guests with a tired or stunning statement staircase and adjoining hallway. This could be your first and perhaps only chance to impress your guests, so you may be looking for new stair carpet ideas.

You can easily update a dull, drab carpet with a warm, welcoming, royalty-worthy stair carpet that is also soft and durable. Choose a new stair runner or entire carpet from various stair carpet designs and colours.

Read on if you want to revamp your carpet with some Pinterest-worthy stair carpet ideas.

What is the best carpet for stairs?

Trending stair carpet ideas for every home

Whether you opt for a full-stair carpet or an elegant runner, there is a massive range of staircase carpet designs to choose from, each with varying levels of durability. Choose from bold or pastel block colours or stripes, zigzags, animal prints, florals, polka dots, and even tribal designs.

Check out our favourite stair carpet ideas below.

Seamless stripes

Choosing a striped carpet is perfect for a staircase connected to a hallway because you can blend both spaces for a stunning finish.

Lead the eye upstairs with statement-making colourful vertical stripes, like the striking stairs on the left. Or, add interest to your stair carpet without overdoing it with flat-weave runners in neutral stripes banded with a single statement colour.

Two pictures of striped carpets on a staircase for a trendy home upgrade
Concept image of striped staircases

Or, go for complementary neutral stripes for a classic look. Neutral colours complement medium wood stairs and darker framed edges (closed stringers) for a stylish finish.

Neutral stiped stair carpet

Finesse with floral carpets

Who said floral decor died in the 1960s? For a fun stair carpet design, choose a blossoming carpet in a bright and bold print, like the two examples below.

Cottagecore elegance meets whimsical in these carpets, which are anything but dowdy.

Floral patterned stair carpet ideas
Concept image of floral staircases

Try the tartan royal treatment

Add some grandeur to your staircase with a tartan runner. This opulent design is a show-stopping addition to any Scottish-loving home.

No matter your ancestry, choose a tartan runner to add cultural flair to any decor. Pair with deep woods and a neutral colour scheme for a classic but stunning finish, just like the staircase below.

Tartan stair runners are also easy to maintain as they hide dirt and hardy enough to cope with busy, stomp-heavy households.

Geometric patterned stair runner ideas

Release your wild side with animal print

Let your inner adventurer loose with an animal print staircase that adds a dash of drama to a neutral home. But keep the colours neutral to let the pattern do the talking.

Why not hang some wall accessories, decals or photos from your safari adventures to finish the look?

Check out our hallway wallpaper ideas for some extra inspiration.

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Get sophisticated with geometric staircase runners

This opulent and moody geometric gem staircase carpet is a show-home showstopper. We love the smoky wooden laminate and matching newel, bolsters and handrail. In addition, the white risers and stringers contrast with the runner for a striking finish.

But you can use similar, complementary colours and geometric styles to create a seamless, cohesive transition between a staircase and hallway.

Stair carpet ideas

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Minimalist stair carpet ideas

Keep your home decor classically simple with a neutral, plush carpet that exudes luxury and charm while acting as a minimalist interior base. Call this the little black dress of home decorating ideas; it goes with everything.

This open-plan staircase and adjoining dining room look professionally designed with cream carpet, matching decor, warm accents and a sophisticated wrought iron bannister.

Consider playing with textures (like velvet, rattan or knit) and colours (like grey, beige, taupe or brown) for extra depth and texture in your design. Go for layers.

Luxury stair carpet ideas - cream stairs

Opt for opulence with luxury staircase runners

Combine neutral colours with black or white (or both) for a stunning contrast that boasts luxury.

Luxurious carpet ideas

This stunning stair carpet by B&H Carpets (BNH Carpets) is a beautiful example of how stair runners can transform a staircase.

The black frame and grey carpet runner line up beautifully with the white stairs, black metal handrail, and newel. Moreover, the wall lights illuminating the staircase are a gorgeous finishing touch.

If you like the idea of adding lighting to your staircases, check out more staircase lighting ideas here.

Hire BNH Carpets on Checkatrade to get the look!

Choose a blank canvas with stair carpets and laminate ideas

Contrasting soft and hard materials with carpet and laminate is a great way to add texture to your home. Here are some top design tips;

  • Maximise the small details to add texture and interest
  • Hang a few bright and bold artworks for a pop of colour
  • Try different light shades to help modernise a neutral space
  • Choose bold or colourful paint colours for bannisters, handrails and treads
  • A patterned stair runner will create a stylish contrast if the laminate is plain or tiled
  • Choose a solid colour for the stairs if your laminate is patterned like the one below

Modern stair carpet ideas

Choose understated semi-circle runners

Opt for a simplistic but stunning shape like these semi-circle runners if you want the safe and luxurious aesthetic of a stair runner without the overpowering design impact.

Sometimes, a low-key design choice is enough to add luxury to your staircase.

Be sure to pick a flat weave in a single colour or ombre with high durability to extend the life of your semi-circle runners.

Geometric stair runners - cheap stair runner ideas

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Stair colour carpet ideas

If the idea of a patterned carpet gives you double vision, opt for a block colour carpet instead. Create the wow factor by choosing a colour that doesn’t exist in your decor to contrast your colour scheme.

Choose from some of the most popular carpet colours like black, dark grey, pastel shades, and bolder shades like maroon, red and navy blue. 

Don’t forget the classic neutral colours that never go out of fashion, like creams, beiges, tans, pale greys and browns.

Before you begin, consider the aesthetic you are trying to achieve and find a carpet that best fits your space. Try these popular carpet colour ideas.

Stair and laminate transition in modern house

1. Black, charcoal or dark grey carpet

Choosing a dark carpet adds contrast to your colour scheme without being showy. Team up your black or grey carpet with an opposite colour for interest and contrast, like the pink bedroom below.

If your home is a family home, choosing a dark or patterned carpet will also help you hide stains and spills that come from sticky hands.

Black carpet colour ideas

2. Light grey carpet

If a black or dark grey carpet is too bold for you, choose a lighter shade of grey for your stairs, bedroom or living room carpet.

The cool undertones of grey can help create a calm and contemporary space by reducing the light contribution and the intensity of a bright and colourful room.

Light grey carpet for stairs and living rooms

3. Classic cream carpet

Cream will always be a classic carpet choice because it creates an open feel and illusion of space. Cream stair carpet ideas are also a perfect neutral base for any interior design trend.

Cream carpets require more maintenance and care, but with enough TLC and professional cleaning, you can keep your cream carpets beautiful for years.

If you have a cream carpet that has seen better days, find out how much professional cleaning might cost you.

Cream carpet colour ideas

4. Jealousy-inducing green carpet

Green carpet is a perfect idea if your home decor needs toning down. Green carpets in pastel shades like sage and deep forestry colours have a calming, relaxing effect.

Opt for a dark green carpet with patterning to hide stains and dirt. Just as you can see from the green and pink living room below, green goes with a surprising number of colours, including;

  • Tans
  • Pinks
  • Corals
  • Beiges
  • Light terracotta
  • Soft hues of green like basil, olive and mint.

Green and pink bedroom with olive green carpet

5. Pink carpet

Choose pink for your stair or living space carpets as a powerful interior design tool. Pink can be a surprisingly modern backdrop for other interior design accessories and themes.

Paired with a neutral colour scheme, a pink carpet below adds a pop of colour. A patterned pink carpet also adds texture and luxury in more opulent settings, like the pink and golden living room below.

Patterned pink carpet
Concept image of a pink living room with pink carpet

6. Beige carpet

As with other neutral colours, a beige carpet can help to make your living room, bedroom, or landing feel bigger.

Beige carpets work exceptionally well in children’s rooms when you want a safe and homely vibe. But, you might want to ban any snack as beige carpets will get dirtier quickly and need regular maintenance.

In addition, beige looks great with many colours, including black, grey, red, yellow, purple, green and taupe.

Beige carpet colour ideas

7. Brown carpet

If you’re after a warm, welcoming and easy-to-maintain carpet colour, brown is a perfect option. Not only do brown carpets hide marks and dirt, but deep-pile brown carpets can also look luxurious.

Brown is known for its practicality and versatility and there are plenty of light to dark shades of brown carpets to choose from.

Brown carpet colour ideas

8. Blue carpet

Choosing a blue carpet is a great way to add calm and quiet to any room. Blue carpets also come in a wide variety of light and dark shades, meaning there are many ways to style a blue carpet.

Light blue carpets are perfect for rooms without much sunlight as they don’t absorb as much light as darker carpets, keeping a room brighter.

Combine light blue carpets with bright blue or brighter colours to bring a room to life, as you can see below.

Blue bedroom carpet colour ideas


How do I choose the right carpet colour?

Always choose a carpet colour from the same colour family or with the same undertones as your decor. If your living room is adorned in taupes and tans, stick with a warm, earthy colour for your brown or beige carpet.

In contrast, choose a black or dark grey carpet if your space is covered in relaxed, contemporary greys or white.

Carpet colour ideas colour wheel

Should I pick a carpet stair runner or an entire stair carpet?

Choosing a stair runner or an entire carpet for your stairs depends on your needs. If any older adults or children live in your home, a stair carpet is necessary to reduce the chance of accidents from trips and falls. A full carpet can also be a more noise-reducing heat-retaining option.

But, a stair runner can be a stylish alternative to fully carpeted stairs. If you want to make your timber stairs a feature in your home but enjoy the benefits of carpet, then a stair-runner is a stylish and budget-friendly option.

How much does it cost to carpet stairs?

Hiring a professional for stair carpet installation is crucial for safety and longevity. Take a look at our carpet fitting cost guide for more information.

To help you find the right carpet fitter near you, check out our blog – ‘find a carpet fitter near me’.

Do stair carpets need underlay?

We recommend investing in high-quality padding or underlay to provide additional support and cushioning, no matter which stair carpet ideas you choose. It also helps to reduce noise, which is helpful if you have a squeaky step or two!

Find out how to fix your creaky stairs.

What is the best carpet for stairs?

This depends on your circumstances and preferences. Consider your household foot traffic, how much you’re willing to spend, and your design preferences before installing a new stair carpet.

Nylon, wool, polyester, olefin, natural sisal weaves and specific carpet blends are popular carpet material choices. Whatever you choose, consider the durability, texture, colour, pattern, and pile height before deciding.

What are some alternatives to carpets?

Sometimes, there won’t be any stair carpet ideas that are suitable for you, and you might need to renovate your stairs, hallway and landing with another material. Perhaps you have pets stubbornly resistant to toilet training who frequently shed hair or children who love muddy puddles.

Carpets are the comfiest, cosiest stair carpet idea. But we’ve compiled some alternatives for sleek flooring that is easier to clean and maintain.

Alternative to stair carpet large grey tiles

Alternative to stair carpet hardwood floor and stairs

Laminate hallway alternative to carpet

Alternative stair carpet ideas vinyl flooring

Polished concrete hallway alternative to carpet

Alternatives to stair carpet ceramic tiles

Alternatives to stair carpet patterned risers

Whichever stair carpet ideas, carpet colours or other rigid materials you choose for your staircase, we have a wide range of quality tradespeople who can assist with the installation.

Whether you need a new staircase, carpet, or carpet cleaning, we have someone to help. Pop your postcode into the box to get started today.

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